Public Sector Body Compensation Disclosure - Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd.

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act requires public sector bodies to publicly disclose all remuneration paid to members and the remuneration paid to employees earning more than $126,375 in a calendar year (as adjusted according to the Act). This disclosure is done by publishing a statement of remuneration, which sets out the required information for each employee over the threshold, and for each member.

As there is no threshold for members, all amounts of compensation for members must be included on the statement of remuneration.

The statement of remuneration must be published by June 30 each year for compensation paid in the previous calendar year. The first year being June 30, 2016.

  • Link for ALMA Remuneration csv file

For any questions please contact, Executive Director, Human Resources Services, Heather K. M. Behman at 780-427-2430 or via email at

Pursuant to Order in Council 335/2016 the Agency was dissolved on October 31, 2016.

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