Common Plants of the Western Rangelands - Volume 3: Forbs

This book is a must for anyone who wants to identify the forbs that occupy the western rangelands. Whether you're a student, agronomist, ecologist, naturalist, rancher, farmer or amateur botanist, you'll find this book is an indispensable identification tool. The book features black and white illustrations, descriptions and taxonomic keys to help you identify the forbs that grow on western rangelands. 505 pages.

This comprehensive book features:
  - 505 coil-bound pages of information on 249 species of forbs.
  - A helpful glossary of terms.
  - Hundreds of drawings showing the vegetative and reproductive features used to identify forbs.
  - Simplified plant keys that enable you to differentiate one species from the next.
  - Detailed written descriptions of growth habits, blades, inflorescence, similar species (described and illustrated), habit and distribution, forage value, and grazing response.

Agdex  134/30-3