Fruit: A Growing Industry in Alberta - DVD

Combines two related titles on one disc.

Pick of the Crop
Considering turning your berry patch from backyard hobby to commercial U-pick operation? Today, more and more farmers are discovering the value of berry fruits as an alternate crop. Discover the hows and whys of getting in on this lucrative market. Also includes segments on shelterbelt location, site preparation and irrigation options.

Ins And Outs Of Saskatoon Production
Saskatoon production is a growing industry in Alberta. Successful commercial and U-Pick operations owe their success to planning and to knowledge about this interesting and versatile fruit. If you're looking to improve your saskatoon crop, or are just getting started in the business, this video will show you what to look for, what to avoid and the steps you can take to ensure a profitable saskatoon harvest.

(Total running time - 28 min.)

Agdex  DVD230/845-1