Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticultural Shows

This is a revision of the old Judging Standards for Horticultural Shows. It is THE book that Alberta Horticultural Association judges will follow when judging exhibits. This new edition simplifies the guidelines so that beginner and novice alike can interpret them with little difficulty, while providing clarity for the more experienced judge and exhibitor.

This book includes:
  • updated information on all flower, vegetable and fruit classes
  • a recommended show schedule including correct terminology and wording
  • an updated scales of points
  • a coil binding that allows the book to lie flat
  • sections on photography, floral arrangements, judging systems, planning a show, yards and gardens, agricultural exhibits and much more!
Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticultural Shows is a must-have for judges, exhibitors and anyone interested in horticultural shows. 155 pages.
Agdex  200/47