Alberta Yards & Gardens - What to Grow

Alberta Yards & Gardens: What to Grow is a fresh look at what grows best in Alberta. This 236-page book provides the information you need to successfully grow ornamental trees and shrubs, small fruits and berries, flowers, vegetables, herbs and even water plants. This book helps both the hobby gardener and the serious horticulturist deal with the extreme growing conditions in this province.

This book includes tips and techniques for:
  • pruning
  • wintering roses
  • container gardening
  • attracting birds and butterflies
  • growing herbs
  • water gardening

The wealth of information contained in this book can be applied to large rural or suburban gardens, or to a small balcony garden in the city. Whatever your needs, Alberta Yards & Gardens: What to Grow helps you make good choices.

Agdex  200/32-1