A Vision for Canada's Forests

Canada's Commitment to Sustainable Forest Management

About the Vision

On December 15, 2008 The Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) released A Vision for Canada's Forests: 2008 and Beyond.

The Vision is meant to improve Canada's forest management practices through the following strategies:

  • Encourage domestic and international engagement on forest management issues
  • Facilitate the creation of partnerships among traditional and non-traditional forest uses
  • Increase awareness of forest issues in Canada and abroad
  • Propose new ways to address challenges facing Canada's forest sector
  • Reaffirm Canada's continuing commitment to sustainable forest management
Review the details of this new national forest management initiative. See the CCFM website at: Alberta's Role in the Vision

Alberta's Ministry of Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) (now the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, or AF) participated in the development of the Vision and is committed to its advancement and success.
Couched within the Vision's overall priority of sustainable forest management are two key issues of importance to Alberta:
  • Climate change
  • The creation of new economic opportunities in the forest sector
To address these issues and other forest management concerns, SRD is encouraging individuals and organizations in the Alberta forest sector to creatively meet the goals outlined in the Vision and to set a new course for innovative forest management in the province.

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