Innovation & Research - Forest Business

 Continued innovation, combined with a skilled workforce, is essential to the long-term competitiveness and success of the forest industry.
The government supports ongoing research and development focused on increasing the value of products coming from Alberta's forests. These innovative research efforts identify new ways of using forest fibre that sustains the sector's position as a leader in responsible natural resource management.

The following links provide information on some of the innovation and research development work going on in the province. The department is a strong and active supporter of these initiatives:

Alberta Innovates
The Alberta Innovates corporations are publicly funded, board-governed corporations that work with partners to identify, coordinate and fund research projects. Alberta Innovates helps solve industry challenges with solutions that deliver economic, environmental and social benefits.

The department has a long standing relationship with FPInnovations, who is the world's largest private, not-for-profit forest research institute. It works to strengthen the Canadian forest sector's global competitiveness through leadership in environmental sustainability and forest product innovation.

Check out their video on YouTube:
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This information published to the web on February 18, 2016.