Forest Health and Adaptation Library - Forest Health and Adaptation

 Review publications and other online resources related to Alberta forest health and adaptation. See below for available resources.

Annual Report

Each year, the Alberta government compiles a summary of our provincial forest health and adaptation programs and initiatives. Review our current and previous annual reports at:

Bugs & Diseases Newsletter

The Bugs & Diseases newsletter informs staff, forest industry and other forestry-related personnel about current forest health issues.

The newsletter is written assuming a basic understanding of forestry-related concepts and is published tri-annually in April, August, and December. For current and historical issues see: Educational Materials

A number of forest health related materials are available for use by students and educators, including: For more detailed descriptions of these products, see: Forest Health and Adaptation Policies and Directives

See the policies and directives the Government of Alberta uses to manage forest pests and diseases at: Survey Manuals and Data

Review forest health aerial and field survey manuals and standards, and learn how you can access our forest health survey data through our data sharing agreement. Forest Pests and Disease Fact Sheets

Review the Aspen Defoliators booklet, which includes information on major pests of aspen trees in Alberta, at: Check out the ESRD Education Resources page for this summary of forest health management in Alberta. Learn what willow leafminers are and how to recognize an infestation.

Related Information

Invasive Plants Information

The Alberta Invasive Species Council offers many different resources for learning more about invasive weeds in our province. To view and download these resources see: Environment and Sustainable Resource Development cooperates with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development on invasive weed management. For information developed by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, see:
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