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Environmental Stewardship Program under Canadian Agricultural Partnership - Karen Yakimishyn discusses the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Producer Program (Call of the Land, 2018-09-25)
Soil Carbon Measure workshop - Kimberly Cornish has details of the October 1, 2018 workshop at Irricana (Call of the Land, 2018-09-25)
Weather update - Ralph Wright says there was a definite switch in weather patterns in August (Call of the Land, 2018-09-25)
CRSB Certified logo for beef sustainability - The CRSB has released its Certified Marks and Communications, Claims and Labelling guide for use in the Canadian marketplace (Call of the Land, 2018-09-24)
Disease of the Month - Various (Potato) Tuber Rots - An comparison of disease cycles, symptoms and management of Bacterial ring rot, Soft rot, Fusarium dry rot. Pink rot and Pythium leak in potatoes (Hort Snacks, 2018-09-24)
Harvest progress - Ashan Shooshtarian provides a harvest update, and looks at early quality and yields (Call of the Land, 2018-09-24)
Hort Morsels - Bits and Pieces - Hort Snacks - October 2018 - Various odds and ends of information and articles of interest to horticultural producers from the October 2018 issue of Hort Snacks (Hort Snacks, 2018-09-24)
Hort Snacks - October 2018 - Introduction to the October 2018 issue of Hort Snacks, a newsletter with timely articles targeted at direct market horticulture production (Hort Snacks, 2018-09-24)
Insect of the Month - Different Thrips species - Overview of damage experienced, life cycle and management strategies for onion thrips, and eastern and western flower thrips (Hort Snacks, 2018-09-24)
Mentoring - What is your role? - A discussion of mentoring and how individuals might benefit from being mentors or mentees (Hort Snacks, 2018-09-24)
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