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A growing gift for gardening enthusiasts - Information about Alberta's native plants, as well as growing and maintaining healthy gardens and landscapes, makes a great gift (Agri-News, 2018-11-15)
Farm Energy workshop - Jonathan Banks discusses the potential for geothermal as an energy alternative (Call of the Land, 2018-11-15)
Gases in groundwater - Shawn Elgert outlines some of the problems and offers some solutions (Call of the Land, 2018-11-15)
Great gifts for livestock producers - Books and videos make wonderful gifts and stocking-stuffers for the farmer, rancher or 4-H member on your list (Agri-News, 2018-11-15)
Growth of organic operations and acreage across the Prairies - This 2017 data report contains information and statistics on organic operations, acreage, and market growth in the Prairies (Agri-News, 2018-11-15)
Moisture situation update as of November 12, 2018 - Ralph Wright analyzes the latest data (Agri-News, 2018-11-15)
New online resource helps growers manage resistance - Manage Resistance Now helps producers minimize the development of herbicide, fungicide and insecticide resistance on their farms (Agri-News, 2018-11-15)
Refreshing how Alberta farmers manage environmental risk - TheAlberta Environmental Farm Plan (AEFP) website now has an updated look and functionality. (Agri-News, 2018-11-15)
Stocking stuffers for commercial producers - Looking for that special gift for someone interested in commercial production? Find some books at AF (Agri-News, 2018-11-15)
Straw-grain ration and the cost versus benefit of various supplements - Feeding straw-grain ration to pregnant cows is an option but some nutrional concerns need to be addressed (Agri-News, 2018-11-15)
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