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Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program announced - it's an investment of $50.3 million over five years and focuses on four priority areas (Agri-News, 2019-02-15)
Crop variety - the spice of life, or money in the bank? - New crop varieties and variety tables are now available, so how should producers choose the variety that works best on their land? (Agri-News, 2019-02-15)
Employment in Alberta's agri-food industries in 2018 - Uwizeyimana says that the 75,6000 people employed in agri-food industries in 2018 was 0.7 per cent higher than in 2017 (Agri-News, 2019-02-15)
Enhancing farm safety in Alberta - all the programs offered under the farm safety program umbrella. (Agri-News, 2019-02-15)
Fed steer and hay markets update - A number of factors have been affecting recent fed steer and hay markets (Agri-News, 2019-02-15)
Input wanted from Alberta fruit and vegetable producers - A reqeust for fruit and vegetable producer to share direct market fruit and vegetable pricing information for Alberta (Agri-News, 2019-02-15)
Input wanted from fruit and vegetable producers - Robert Spencer is asking direct market fruit and vegetable producers to share pricing information (Call of the Land, 2019-02-15)
Livestock Care Conference - Kristen Hall has details on the 2019 conference in Olds (Call of the Land, 2019-02-15)
Register for the Doing Business in the U.K. webinar - Learn about opportunities for Alberta food and alcohol beverage companies interested in the U.K. market (Agri-News, 2019-02-15)
Weekly grains and oilseeds market summary - The latest market news with Errol Anderson of ProMarket Communications (Call of the Land, 2019-02-15)
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