Potato Snacks - Simply Great Taste! Left Field Foods (formerly Cadcan)
Potato Snacks - Simply Great Taste!
Left Field Foods (formerly Cadcan)
Contact: Dave Pullar
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Phone:  587-747-1100
Email: dave.pullar@leftfieldfoods.ca

Company Description:
SPOKES are hot-air puffed potato snacks that are made with simple, natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO project verified ingredients. We use a special hot-air puffing process that lets us make these light and tasty snacks with only 40 calories per cup. The only oil used in the process is a gentle mist of sunflower oil so that our great-tasting seasonings stick. We always air-puff and never fry anything. The best thing is that SPOKES taste great!

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