Commercial Kitchens Listings

Airdrie Food Bank Airdrie, AB Phone:  403-948-0063 
Contact:  Lori    
Airdrie, AB
Phone:  403-948-0063   
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Airdrie Town and Country Centre Community Hall Airdrie, AB Phone:  403-948-0601 
Contact:  Dari  Lang  
#103, 275 Jensen Drive
Airdrie, AB    T4B 1P7
Phone:  403-948-0601   
4 Garland gas ovens, 10 stove top gas burners, 2 three foot gas flat top grills. All with approved hood, venting and fire suppression. 2 two compartment sinks. One Stero commercial dishwasher/sanitizer with sink, 2 Coldstream refrigerators, 1 Frigidaire stand-up freezer, 1 Manitowok Ice Machine, 1 Berkel meat slicer. Large quantities of kitchen cookware and utensils. Toaster, microwave, Bunn coffee brewer, multiple coffee & teapots, water jugs, 3 100 cup coffee urns.
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Alder Flats Community Hall Alder Flats, AB Phone:  780-898-5475 
Contact:  Jaimie    
Alder Flats, AB
Phone:  780-898-5475 
Grill, ovens, deep fryer, sanitation washer and double fridge
Main Service Area:  Central

Badlands Community Centre Drumheller, AB Phone:  403-823-1338 
Contact:  Erica  Crocker  
80 Veterans Way
Drumheller, AB
Phone:  403-823-1338    Fax:  403-823-6991   
Convection ovens, six burner stove, grill, walk-in cooler/freezer, ice machine, commercial dishwasher, chinaware, cutlery, pots, pans, large prep area
Main Service Area:  Central

Beaverlodge Community Centre Beaverlodge, AB Phone:  780-354-2201 
Contact:  Matthew  Norburn  
1016 4 Avenue
Beaverlodge, AB    T0H 0C0
Phone:  780-354-2201   
Garland Stove, Russel-Food Equipment Ltd Dishwasher, Coldstream Cooler, Frigidaire Fridge, Foster Fridge/Cooler
Main Service Area:  Peace

Bezanson Memorial Hall Bezanson, AB Phone:  780-538-3544 
Contact:  Audrey  Hewings  
9903 100th Avenue
Bezanson, AB
Phone:  780-538-3544   
Fully serviced commercial kitchen
Main Service Area:  Peace

Bindloss Community Hall Association Bindloss, AB Phone:  403-664-7082 
Contact:  Tanya  Barnes  
45 miles south of Oyen
Bindloss, AB
Phone:  403-664-7082   
Upright cooler, 2 regular electric stoves, 8' stainless steel counter with backsplash. 5x9 prep island with 4 sinks, commercial dishwasher and reverse osmosis water.
Main Service Area:  Central

Bowden Lions Hall Bowden, AB Phone:  403-598-4770 
Contact:  Joe  Foster  
Town of Bowden
Bowden, AB
Phone:  403-598-4770   
No deep frying is permitted or any cooking of heavily greased foods. 2 household stoves for use as well as a big counter top island. They are looking into other equipment for the future.
Main Service Area:  Central

Boyle Community Centre Boyle, AB Phone:  780-689-3643 
Contact:  Village Office    
5002 3rd Street
Boyle, AB
Phone:  780-689-3643   
Damage Deposit is required before any rental. Commercial gas stoves (12 elements), two flat top burners (griddles), 4 ovens, warming oven, freezer, walk in fridge, commercial coffee pots, dishwasher, 2 big sinks, pots, pans, utensils, dishes, cups, towels, etc.,
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Breton Community Centre Breton, AB Phone:  780-696-3800 
Contact:  Darren  Scott  
4732 48 Street
Breton, AB
Phone:  780-696-3800   
2 stoves, grill, 2 large fridges, dishes, cutlery, dish sanitizer. Bookings are made through the Breton Municipal Office
Main Service Area:  Central

Bruderheim Community Hall Bruderheim, AB Phone:  780-796-3731 
Contact:  Judy  Koschade  
5014 Queen Street
Bruderheim, AB
Phone:  780-796-3731   
6 burner stove and griddle with 2 ovens. Secondary stove. 4 sinks for food preparation, 2 sinks for hand washing, commercial dishwasher
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Busby Community Hall Busby, AB Phone:  780-349-4959 
Busby, AB
Phone:  780-349-4959   
Fully functional hall with stainless steel counters, dishwasher, large coolers and all dishes needed for food preparation
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Byemoor Community Club Byemoor, AB Phone:  403-579-2460 
Contact:  Doreen  Nixon  
Main Street
Byemoor, AB
Phone:  403-579-2460   
Double commercial convection ovens, double commercial electric stove and grill with 2 ovens, upright cooler and large walk-in cooler and upright deep freeze.
Main Service Area:  Central

Carbon Community Hall Carbon, AB Phone:  403-572-3244 
Contact:  Village Office    
718 Glengary Street
Carbon, AB
Phone:  403-572-3244   
New commercial dishwasher, two gas ranges, double upright fridge, small freezer, coffeemakers etc., It is fully supplied with cutlery and dishes
Main Service Area:  Central

Carseland Community Hall Carseland, AB Phone:  403-934-6007 
Contact:  Marlene    
320 Railway Avenue West
Carseland, AB
Phone:  403-934-6007   
Gas range with eight burners and two ovens, a double convection oven, three reach-in coolers, generous counter space, two microwave ovens, a commercial dishwasher and double sinks
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Carseland Recreation Centre Carseland, AB Phone:  403-934-6007 
Contact:  Marlene    
310 Railway Avenue
Carseland, AB
Phone:  403-934-6007   
Gas flat top grill, double ovens, 4 burner cook top, microwave and deep fryer
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Carstairs Community Curling Club Carstairs, AB Phone:  403-337-3169 
Contact:  Jerry  Roberts  
315 11 Avenue
Carstairs, AB
Phone:  403-337-3169   
Main Service Area:  Central

Castor Community Hall Castor, AB Phone:  403-882-3215 
Contact:  Billie    
4801 48 Avenue
Castor, AB
Phone:  403-882-3215   
Ice machine, buffet tables, microwave, coffee perks, meat slicer, industrial mixer, industrial dishwasher, walk-in cooler, gas grill/stove/oven. 2 gas stacked ovens.
Main Service Area:  Central

Clandonald Hall Clandonald, AB Phone:  780-853-2375 
Contact:  Don  Huxley  
402 1st Avenue East
Clandonald, AB
Phone:  780-853-2375   
2 walk-in coolers (one for the kitchen and one for the bar). 2 commercial stoves (4 ovens)
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Coaldale CommunityCentre Coaldale, AB Phone:  403-345-1324 
Contact:  Community Assistant    
Coaldale, AB
Phone:  403-345-1324   
Main Service Area:  South

Connections Coffee House Sangudo, AB Phone:  780-785-3494 
Contact:  Carol  Ohler  
5103 50 Street
Sangudo, AB
Phone:  780-785-3494   
2 stoves/ovens, commercial dishwasher, all cooking supplies
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Crescent Point Place - Provost Regional Activity Centre Provost, AB Phone:  780753-2261 (ext-4) 
Contact:  Gary  Duffett  
4205 53 Avenue
Provost, AB
Phone:  780753-2261 (ext-4)   
No commercial oven at this facility.
Main Service Area:  Central

Crossfield Community Hall Crossfield, AB Phone:  403-946-5565 
Contact:  Town of Crossfield    
902 Mountain Avenue
Crossfield, AB
Phone:  403-946-5565   
Commercial dishwasher and commercial gas stove
Main Service Area:  Central

Dapp Community Hall Dapp, AB Phone:  780-349-6090 
Contact:  Sheila  Trueblood  
5002 50 Street
Dapp, AB
Phone:  780-349-6090   
Fridge, cooler, deep freeze, gas stove with two ovens and eight burners, commercial dishwasher and 3 additional sinks, microwave, coffee pots, dishes and several large pots and serving bowls.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Daysland Community Hall Daysland, AB Phone:  403-781-6155 
Contact:  Val    
51 Avenue and 46 Street
Daysland, AB
Phone:  403-781-6155   
2 commercial gas ovens, one with six burners and one with flat grill. Dishwasher, triple door fridge, utensils, urns, large pots and bowls.
Main Service Area:  Central

Delacour Ag Society and Community Club Delacour, AB Phone:  403-242-5375 
Contact:  Nancy  Bedore  
275194 Highway 564
Delacour, AB
Phone:  403-242-5375   
Double oven range with four burners and large grill, one all-fridge freezer, one domestic fridge/freezer, one chest freezer, one double glass door beer fridge, 2 microwaves, 3 kettles, 2 coffee makers, 2 coffee urns and an industrial sized popcorn popper
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Delia & District Community Centre Association Delia, AB Phone:  403-364-3787 
Contact:  Lyle  Rowe  
210 Main Street
Delia, AB
Phone:  403-364-3787   
Large walk-in cooler, hood/door dual capacity dishwasher. Heavy duty Garland range, 2 large ovens, grill, 6 burners. SunfireMaster Series full size convection oven. Two workspace islands stainless steel with two deep sinks. Stainless steel cleaning counter with sprayer nozzle. Microwave.
Main Service Area:  Central

Devon Community Centre Devon, AB Phone:  403-987-8330 
Contact:  Milad    
20 Haven Avenue
Devon, AB
Phone:  403-987-8330   
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Didsbury Memorial Complex Multi-Purpose Room Kitchen Didsbury, AB Phone:  403-335-7369 
1702 21 Avenue
Didsbury, AB
Phone:  403-335-7369   
Two full-size coolers, one freezer, commercial dishwasher, six burner stove, flat-top grill and two large ovens.
Main Service Area:  Central

Dixonville Community Hall Dixonville, AB Phone:  780-625-5294 
Contact:  Natasha  Austin  
Dixonville, AB
Phone:  780-625-5294   
Stove with ovens, grill & burners, (gas, deep fryer, cooler, assorted utensils etc.)
Main Service Area:  Peace

Dixonville Curling Club Dixonville, AB Phone:  780-625-5294 
Contact:  Natasha  Austin  
Dixonville, AB
Phone:  780-625-5294   
Small grill, no ovens, deep fryer, cooler and assorted utensils
Main Service Area:  Peace

Easyford Community Hall Society Drayton Valley, AB Phone:  780-514-3547 
Contact:  Jennifer  Smith  
Drayton Valley, AB
Phone:  780-514-3547   
No special requirement for rentals. Equipment: Imperial 8 burner industrial gas stove with griddle, 4 burner gas stove, sanitizing dishwasher, 2 coolers, chest freezer
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Eckville Community Centre Eckville, AB Phone:  403-391-1508 
Contact:  Colleen  Ebden  
Eckville, AB
Phone:  403-391-1508   
12 burners, 8 on one stove and 2 ovens and the other with 4 burners and 1 oven. One glass (2 door) cooler and 1 stainless steel and 1 side refrigerator and freezer. They also have a commercial dishwasher.
Main Service Area:  Central

Elk Point Regional Allied Arts Society Elk Point, AB Phone:  780-645-0105 
Contact:  Ron  Smith  
4605 57 Avenue
Elk Point, AB
Phone:  780-645-0105   
4 ovens (2 convection), 6 burner gas stove. Char broiler, grill, meat slicer, dishwasher, 2 walk-in coolers, ice machine
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Elnora Community Hall Elnora, AB Phone:  403-773-3683 
Contact:  Gwen  Kidd  
425 2nd Avenue
Elnora, AB
Phone:  403-773-3683   
8 burner gas stove with two ovens, a free standing convection oven, three door refrigerator and one door stand-up freezer
Main Service Area:  Central

Foremost Community Hall Foremost, AB Phone:  403-867-2197 
Contact:  Carlene  Foss  
802 1 Avenue West
Foremost, AB
Phone:  403-867-2197   
Main Service Area:  South

Forshee Community Hall Rimbey, AB Phone:  403-748-2215 
10 km south of Rimbey and 13 km north of Bentley
Rimbey, AB
Phone:  403-748-2215   
4 regular stoves, 1 fridge, 2 small freezers, 1 microwave, 1 commercial dishwasher, cutlery/plates and glasses and bar cooler. There is also information on Facebook.
Main Service Area:  Central

Fort MacLeod and District Community Hall Fort MacLeod, AB Phone:  403-894-4815 
Contact:  Ted  Kerber  
Fort MacLeod, AB
Phone:  403-894-4815   
Main Service Area:  South

Gene's Oilfield Services Standard, AB Phone:  403-934-7282 
Contact:  Barb  Wheeler  
Standard, AB
Phone:  403-934-7282   
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Glendon Ag Society- RCMP Hall Glendon, AB Phone:  780-812-6414 
Contact:  Daryl  Knapp  
5302 51 Avenue
Glendon, AB
Phone:  780-812-6414   
4 convection ovens, 4 regular ovens, walk-in cooler, large area of counter space, 2 large grills
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

GoldenRod Community Hall Airdrie, AB Phone:  403-948-2618 
Airdrie, AB
Phone:  403-948-2618   
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Half Moon Lake Community Hall Westlock, AB Phone:  780-961-3287 
Contact:  Christine  Gibson  
23332 Township Road 590
Westlock, AB
Phone:  780-961-3287   
One 10 burner gas range with two bakers depth ovens (commercial hood), electric kitchen stove, electric food warmer, 1 freezer, 1 fridge/freezer, 1 large food cooler, 1 microwave, 1 small commercial dishwasher. One sink for food preparation, 1 sink for the chef next to the stove, 1 sink for hand washing, 1 large 2 bay commercial sink, 2 large rectangular stainless steel food tables. Two food dollies, 6 chafing dishes, 1 small commercial food mixer with attachments.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Hussar Community Hall Hussar, AB Phone:  403-787-3766 
Contact:  Jennifer  Pratt  
216 Centre Street
Hussar, AB
Phone:  403-787-3766   
Commercial kitchen gas stove/oven, fridges, prep counter/sinks, dishwasher, altosham
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Innisfree Seniors Association Innisfree, AB Phone:  780-592-3887 
Contact:  Ken  Whitten  
Innisfree, AB
Phone:  780-592-3887   
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Kaladi Collective Kitchens Calgary, AB Phone:  403-826-7334 
Contact:  Laisa  Bellei  
10, 1420 40 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB    T2E 6L1
Phone:  403-826-7334 
Large gas ranges, convectional ovens, gas griddle, hood fans, high temperature dishwasher, walk-in cooler and freezer and lots of prep area. No special requirements.
Main Service Area:  Calgary

Kaladi Collective Kitchens Edmonton, AB Phone:  403-826-7334 
Contact:  Laisa  Bellei  
8717 53 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB    T63 5E9
Phone:  403-826-7334 
Large gas ranges, convectional ovens, gas griddle, hood fans, high temperature dishwasher, walk-in cooler and freezer and lots of prep area. No special requirements.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton

Kitscoty Hall Kitscoty, AB Phone:  780-872-9465 
Contact:  Rhonda  Braun  
5202 51 Street
Kitscoty, AB
Phone:  780-872-9465   
Convection oven and a commercial oven
Main Service Area:  Central

La Crete Heritage Centre La Crete, AB Phone:  780-928-4447 
Contact:  Susan  Siemens  
2.5 km southwest of La Crete
La Crete, AB
Phone:  780-928-4447   
Convection oven, proofer, grill, natural gas range, electric range, fridge, cooler, two freezers, commercial dishwasher, dough mixer, mixing bowls, insert pans, cookie sheets, tubs, electric roasters, all manners of utensils, big BBQ and 100 cup coffee perks etc.
Main Service Area:  Peace

Lacombe Memorial Centre Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-782-6668 
Contact:  Mary Lou  Fiveland  
Lacombe, AB
Phone:  403-782-6668   
Main Service Area:  Central

Last West Community Hall Rimbey, AB Phone:  403-843-3486 
Contact:  Holly  Beagle  
13 miles west of Rimbey
Rimbey, AB
Phone:  403-843-3486   
2 electric stoves and a large gas stove. Fridge, coolers and cooking supplies. They do not have dishes or a dishwasher.
Main Service Area:  Central

Linaria & District Community Hall Westlock, AB Phone:  780-349-5966 
Contact:  Rita  Erickson  
22 miles NW of Westlock
Westlock, AB
Phone:  780-349-5966   
Commercial ovens and grill, cooler, commercial pots, pans and utensils
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Little Smoky Community Centre Little Smokey, AB Phone:  780-524-3884 
Contact:  Denise  Gervais  
#41, 22003 Highway 43 (in the hamlet of Little Smokey)
Little Smokey, AB
Phone:  780-524-3884   
2 electric convection ovens that hold many pans, 2 gas stoves with 6 burners, grill and 2 ovens. Commercial dishwasher, 2 kitchenaides, 2 coolers with sliding doors and 1 more cooler in the bar. Pots, pans and dishes.
Main Service Area:  Peace

Manly Hall Stony Plain, AB Phone:  780-963-9165 
Contact:  Nina  Ulmer  
2320 Highway 16
Stony Plain, AB
Phone:  780-963-9165    Cell:  780-916-0146   
36" gas range, full fridge, 3 stage sink, microwave
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Marwayne Community Hall Marwayne, AB Phone:  780-872-0011 
Contact:  Sharon  Kneen  
Box 422, 210 2nd Avenue South
Marwayne, AB
Phone:  780-872-0011   
All commercial equipment - gas range with 2 ovens, dishwasher, walk-in cooler
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Mayerthorpe Diamond Centre Community Hall Mayerthorpe, AB Phone:  780-305-3509 
Contact:  Charlotte  Arthur  
4918 54 Street
Mayerthorpe, AB
Phone:  780-305-3509   
4 commercial gas ovens, 1 conventional oven, 2 double door coolers, 2 single door coolers, 2 deep freezes, dishwasher, 3 large sinks, 2 house sinks, large preparation counters
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Mosside Community Centre Barrhead, AB Phone:  780-674-4456 
Contact:  Doreen  Hofmann  
11 miles W and S of Barrhead
Barrhead, AB
Phone:  780-674-4456   
4 sinks, 2 stoves and 4 ovens. Large cooler fridge/freezer and another cooler in the bar area. Good counter space. Good sized kitchen, some cooking pots, 2 push trolleys
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Nampa Complex Hall Nampa, AB Phone:  780-332-3770 
Contact:  Teena  Toker  
9907 102 Street
Nampa, AB
Phone:  780-332-3770   
Walk-in cooler, stand-up freezer, refrigerator, 10 burner gas stove with 2 ovens, food steam table, service trolley, meat slicer, coffee urns, kitchenaid stand-up mixer and cookware.
Main Service Area:  Peace

Nanton Community Centre Nanton, AB Phone:  403-646-2441 
Contact:  Alisha  Bassett  
2204 18 Street, Box 1248
Nanton, AB
Phone:  403-646-2441   
Main Service Area:  South

Parkland Village Community Centre Spruce Grove, AB Phone:  780-298-9155 
Contact:  Jocelyne    
60-53222 RR 272
Spruce Grove, AB
Phone:  780-298-9155   
Industrial stove/oven combo, dishwasher and 4 available standard fridges
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Peavine Lake Romeo Community Hall Sangudo, AB Phone:  780-785-2171 
Contact:  Heather  Thompson  
12 miles north of Sangudo
Sangudo, AB
Phone:  780-785-2171   
2 large fridges, freezer, 6 burner gas stove with large warming pad and two ovens, meat slicer, coffee urns, cookware utensils, pots/bowls and a large preparation counter. There are two double sinks. No dishwasher.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Pembina Place Redwater, AB Phone:  780-942-3555 
Contact:  David  McRae  
4944 53rd Street
Redwater, AB
Phone:  780-942-3555   
Cultural Center Kitchen must be left in an "as received" condition. 10 burner stove, one flat top, one char broiler, two convection ovens and one combi oven, two prep stations, full dishwashing set up, air conditioning.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Peter Lougheed Community Centre Rimbey, AB Phone:  403-843-3151 
5109 54 Street
Rimbey, AB
Phone:  403-843-3151   
Convection oven, microwave, gas stove, grill, dishwasher, fridges, freezer, mixer, ice machine
Main Service Area:  Central

Pickardville Hall Pickardville, AB Phone:  780-206-6767 
Contact:  Brittany  Clark  
Main Street
Pickardville, AB
Phone:  780-206-6767   
Full range of pots, pans and dishes, utensils, knives. Three (4 top) gas range ovens, 2 fridge/freezers, 1 dishwasher
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Provost Recreation and Culture Centre Provost, AB Phone:  780753-2261 (Ext-4) 
Contact:  Gary  Duffett  
5113 43 Street
Provost, AB
Phone:  780753-2261 (Ext-4)   
Fully equipped
Main Service Area:  Central

Redwater and District Pioneer Club Redwater, AB Phone:  780-942-3326 
4916 50 Street
Redwater, AB
Phone:  780-942-3326   
Full-service kitchen
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Rochester & District Agricultural Society Rochester, AB Phone:  780-349-1624 
Contact:  Leslie  Wotherspoon  
Rochester, AB
Phone:  780-349-1624   
No special requirements. Equipment: Standard Hall Kitchen, commercial dishwashing unit and walk-in cooler.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Rycroft Community Hall Rycroft, AB Phone:  780-765-3652 
Contact:  Village of Rycroft    
5208 47th Avenue
Rycroft, AB
Phone:  780-765-3652   
3 sink dishwashing station, electric dishwasher, walk-in cooler, fridge, deep freezer, Bunn coffee makers, double gas stove (8 burner, 2 ovens) with overhead exhaust.
Main Service Area:  Peace

Stettler District Agricultural Society Stettler, AB Phone:  403-742-6288 
4516 52 Street
Stettler, AB
Phone:  403-742-6288   
Gas grill/stove/oven, deep fryer, electric stove/oven, fridge, cooler, deep freeze, 3 compartment stainless steel sink, hand washing station, serving windows, large island counter/work area
Main Service Area:  Central

Strathmore Civic Centre Commercial Kitchen Strathmore, AB Phone:  403934-4754 (ext-3) 
Contact:  Cheryl  Graff  
120 Brent Blvd.
Strathmore, AB
Phone:  403934-4754 (ext-3)   
4 convection ovens, grill, deep fryer, commercial dishwasher, icemaker, freezer, cooler, commercial meat slicer, commercial mixer, oven with grill, prep sauce and completely stocked with pots pans, etc.
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area

Strawberry Community Hall Leduc County, AB Phone:  780-789-2180 
Contact:  Olivia  Richter  
1544 Township Road 502 (about 8 miles NW of Thorsby)
Leduc County, AB
Phone:  780-789-2180   
2 large coolers, 2 regular gas ranges with a ventilation hood. Stainless steel sinks, lots of counter space and a stainless steel work table
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Thorsby Community Centre Thorsby, AB Phone:  780-789-3011 
Contact:  Inge  Dueck  
4813 49 Street
Thorsby, AB
Phone:  780-789-3011   
Facility is operated by the Thorsby & District Cultural Historical Society. We have a current Health Inspection Certificate. Equipment: commercial dishwasher, 2 large coolers (no freezers), two convection ovens, two 6-burner gas ranges with ovens. We have a separate entrance separate from the mail hall to facilitate loading/unloading
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Turin community center Turin, AB Phone:  403-393-5943 
Contact:  Jaylene  Pickering  
501 3rd Street
Turin, AB
Phone:  403-393-5943   
No deep frying allowed. Full kitchen - two stoves, one fridge.
Main Service Area:  South

Two Hills Centennial Hall Kitchen Two Hills, AB Phone:  780-657-3395 
Contact:  Sheila  Lupul  
5301 45 Avenue
Two Hills, AB
Phone:  780-657-3395   
Fully equipped.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Ukrainian National Hall Smoky Lake, AB Phone:  780-656-3050 
Contact:  Pat  Palechuk  
107 Willow Creek Street
Smoky Lake, AB
Phone:  780-656-3050    Cell:  780-656-5260   
Large walk-in cooler, 1 deep freeze, 6 commercial gas stoves, 1 large commercial gas grill, 4 gas burners, lots of working space
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area

Valleyview & Districts Agricultural Society Hall Valleyview, AB Phone:  780-524-3473 
Contact:  JoAnn  Clarke  
Valleyview, AB
Phone:  780-524-3473   
1 large commercial fridge, 3 compartment sink with drain, 2 commercial stoves, (6 burners each with oversize ovens in each) freezer, 4 portable ovens and fully equipped kitchen. They do not have a dishwasher, plates or cutlery for food service.
Main Service Area:  Peace

Village of Hill Spring Community Hall Hill Spring, AB Phone:  403-626-3876 
Contact:  Janet  Edwards  
11 E 2nd Avenue S
Hill Spring, AB
Phone:  403-626-3876    Cell:  403-394-6915   
Main Service Area:  South

Wembley and District Agricultural Society - Multi Purpose Events Centre Wembley, AB Phone:  780-512-8791 
Contact:  Tanya  Skinner  
9831 99 Avenue
Wembley, AB
Phone:  780-512-8791   
10 burner, 2 oven commercial electric stove, commercial dishwasher, 1-3 door food cooler, 1-2 door beverage cooler, 2 window bar service area, 2 well buffet style food server, 2 small chest freezers, 6 counter oven roasters, 2 large coffee urns, 3 small coffee urns, basic kitchen equipment.
Main Service Area:  Peace

Wembley Town Hall Wembley, AB Phone:  780-766-2269 
9915 100 Street
Wembley, AB
Phone:  780-766-2269   
2 household stoves, 1 fridge, 1-2 door cooler, 2 small coffee urns. Basic kitchen equipment, table and chairs.
Main Service Area:  Peace

Whitby Community League Drayton Valley, AB Phone:  780-542-2729 
Contact:  Linda  Kelly  
6 miles north of Drayton Valley on Highway 22, TWP 502 east 4.5 miles on the south side of the road
Drayton Valley, AB
Phone:  780-542-2729   
Commercial dishwasher, 2 convection ovens, 1 six burner gas stove with oven, 1 oven with grill top, 1 electric stove, 1 double door stainless steel fridge, 1 cooler with double sliding glass doors.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area