Central Commercial Kitchens Listings

Alder Flats Community Hall Alder Flats, AB Phone:  780-898-5475 
Contact:  Jaimie    
Alder Flats, AB
Phone:  780-898-5475    www.alderflats.ca 
Grill, ovens, deep fryer, sanitation washer and double fridge
Main Service Area:  Central

Badlands Community Centre Drumheller, AB Phone:  403-823-1338 
Contact:  Erica  Crocker  
80 Veterans Way
Drumheller, AB
Phone:  403-823-1338    Fax:  403-823-6991    bookings@dinosaurvalley.com   
Convection ovens, six burner stove, grill, walk-in cooler/freezer, ice machine, commercial dishwasher, chinaware, cutlery, pots, pans, large prep area
Main Service Area:  Central

Bindloss Community Hall Association Bindloss, AB Phone:  403-664-7082 
Contact:  Tanya  Barnes  
45 miles south of Oyen
Bindloss, AB
Phone:  403-664-7082    cactus_hills@hotmail.com   
Upright cooler, 2 regular electric stoves, 8' stainless steel counter with backsplash. 5x9 prep island with 4 sinks, commercial dishwasher and reverse osmosis water.
Main Service Area:  Central

Bowden Lions Hall Bowden, AB Phone:  403-598-4770 
Contact:  Joe  Foster  
Town of Bowden
Bowden, AB
Phone:  403-598-4770   
No deep frying is permitted or any cooking of heavily greased foods. 2 household stoves for use as well as a big counter top island. They are looking into other equipment for the future.
Main Service Area:  Central

Breton Community Centre Breton, AB Phone:  780-696-3800 
Contact:  Darren  Scott  
4732 48 Street
Breton, AB
Phone:  780-696-3800    vbreton@telusplanet.net   
2 stoves, grill, 2 large fridges, dishes, cutlery, dish sanitizer. Bookings are made through the Breton Municipal Office
Main Service Area:  Central

Byemoor Community Club Byemoor, AB Phone:  403-579-2460 
Contact:  Doreen  Nixon  
Main Street
Byemoor, AB
Phone:  403-579-2460    enixon@netago.ca   
Double commercial convection ovens, double commercial electric stove and grill with 2 ovens, upright cooler and large walk-in cooler and upright deep freeze.
Main Service Area:  Central

Carbon Community Hall Carbon, AB Phone:  403-572-3244 
Contact:  Village Office    
718 Glengary Street
Carbon, AB
Phone:  403-572-3244    carbon.village@gmail.com   
New commercial dishwasher, two gas ranges, double upright fridge, small freezer, coffeemakers etc., It is fully supplied with cutlery and dishes
Main Service Area:  Central

Carstairs Community Curling Club Carstairs, AB Phone:  403-337-3169 
Contact:  Jerry  Roberts  
315 11 Avenue
Carstairs, AB
Phone:  403-337-3169    jerry@carstairscurlingclub.com   
Main Service Area:  Central

Castor Community Hall Castor, AB Phone:  403-882-3215 
Contact:  Billie    
4801 48 Avenue
Castor, AB
Phone:  403-882-3215   
Ice machine, buffet tables, microwave, coffee perks, meat slicer, industrial mixer, industrial dishwasher, walk-in cooler, gas grill/stove/oven. 2 gas stacked ovens.
Main Service Area:  Central

Crescent Point Place - Provost Regional Activity Centre Provost, AB Phone:  780753-2261 (ext-4) 
Contact:  Gary  Duffett  
4205 53 Avenue
Provost, AB
Phone:  780753-2261 (ext-4)    admintp@townofprovost.ca   
No commercial oven at this facility.
Main Service Area:  Central

Crossfield Community Hall Crossfield, AB Phone:  403-946-5565 
Contact:  Town of Crossfield    
902 Mountain Avenue
Crossfield, AB
Phone:  403-946-5565   
Commercial dishwasher and commercial gas stove
Main Service Area:  Central

Daysland Community Hall Daysland, AB Phone:  403-781-6155 
Contact:  Val    
51 Avenue and 46 Street
Daysland, AB
Phone:  403-781-6155    valtom@telus.net   
2 commercial gas ovens, one with six burners and one with flat grill. Dishwasher, triple door fridge, utensils, urns, large pots and bowls.
Main Service Area:  Central

Delia & District Community Centre Association Delia, AB Phone:  403-364-3787 
Contact:  Lyle  Rowe  
210 Main Street
Delia, AB
Phone:  403-364-3787    cao.delia@netago.ca   
Large walk-in cooler, hood/door dual capacity dishwasher. Heavy duty Garland range, 2 large ovens, grill, 6 burners. SunfireMaster Series full size convection oven. Two workspace islands stainless steel with two deep sinks. Stainless steel cleaning counter with sprayer nozzle. Microwave.
Main Service Area:  Central

Didsbury Memorial Complex Multi-Purpose Room Kitchen Didsbury, AB Phone:  403-335-7369 
1702 21 Avenue
Didsbury, AB
Phone:  403-335-7369    didsburypool@didsbury.ca   
Two full-size coolers, one freezer, commercial dishwasher, six burner stove, flat-top grill and two large ovens.
Main Service Area:  Central

Eckville Community Centre Eckville, AB Phone:  403-391-1508 
Contact:  Colleen  Ebden  
Eckville, AB
Phone:  403-391-1508    colleen@eckville.com   
12 burners, 8 on one stove and 2 ovens and the other with 4 burners and 1 oven. One glass (2 door) cooler and 1 stainless steel and 1 side refrigerator and freezer. They also have a commercial dishwasher.
Main Service Area:  Central

Elnora Community Hall Elnora, AB Phone:  403-773-3683 
Contact:  Gwen  Kidd  
425 2nd Avenue
Elnora, AB
Phone:  403-773-3683    gwenkidd@wispernet.ca   
8 burner gas stove with two ovens, a free standing convection oven, three door refrigerator and one door stand-up freezer
Main Service Area:  Central

Forshee Community Hall Rimbey, AB Phone:  403-748-2215 
10 km south of Rimbey and 13 km north of Bentley
Rimbey, AB
Phone:  403-748-2215    forsheehall@gmail.com   
4 regular stoves, 1 fridge, 2 small freezers, 1 microwave, 1 commercial dishwasher, cutlery/plates and glasses and bar cooler. There is also information on Facebook.
Main Service Area:  Central

Kitscoty Hall Kitscoty, AB Phone:  780-872-9465 
Contact:  Rhonda  Braun  
5202 51 Street
Kitscoty, AB
Phone:  780-872-9465    kitscotycommunityhall@hotmail.com   
Convection oven and a commercial oven
Main Service Area:  Central

Lacombe Memorial Centre Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-782-6668 
Contact:  Mary Lou  Fiveland  
Lacombe, AB
Phone:  403-782-6668    mfiveland@lacombe.ca   
Main Service Area:  Central

Last West Community Hall Rimbey, AB Phone:  403-843-3486 
Contact:  Holly  Beagle  
13 miles west of Rimbey
Rimbey, AB
Phone:  403-843-3486   
2 electric stoves and a large gas stove. Fridge, coolers and cooking supplies. They do not have dishes or a dishwasher.
Main Service Area:  Central

Peter Lougheed Community Centre Rimbey, AB Phone:  403-843-3151 
5109 54 Street
Rimbey, AB
Phone:  403-843-3151    programs@rimbey.com   
Convection oven, microwave, gas stove, grill, dishwasher, fridges, freezer, mixer, ice machine
Main Service Area:  Central

Provost Recreation and Culture Centre Provost, AB Phone:  780753-2261 (Ext-4) 
Contact:  Gary  Duffett  
5113 43 Street
Provost, AB
Phone:  780753-2261 (Ext-4)    admintp@townofprovost.ca   
Fully equipped
Main Service Area:  Central

Stettler District Agricultural Society Stettler, AB Phone:  403-742-6288 
4516 52 Street
Stettler, AB
Phone:  403-742-6288    agsoc1@telusplanet.net   
Gas grill/stove/oven, deep fryer, electric stove/oven, fridge, cooler, deep freeze, 3 compartment stainless steel sink, hand washing station, serving windows, large island counter/work area
Main Service Area:  Central