Packaging Material Suppliers Listings

Alberta Stamp & Marking Co. Ltd. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-433-0456 
Contact:  Don  Miller  
10435 - 79 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB    T6E 1R7
Phone:  780-433-0456    Fax:  780-433-0170 
Rubber stamps and marking supplies. Industrial packaging supplies
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Ampak Distribution Inc. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-454-1581 
Contact:  Darlyn  Reid  
12822 - 148 St.
Edmonton, AB    T5L 2H8
Phone:  780-454-1581    Fax:  780-454-6199 
Glass & plastic containers
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Armor Industries Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-720-0999 
Contact:  Bruce  Armor  
5520 - 53 St. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 4P2
Phone:  403-720-0999    Fax:  403-720-0998    Toll Free:  1-800-565-0638 
Sanitary Food Grade Stainless Steel. Brands: Alfa Laval, APV, Anderson Instruments, Fristam
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Big M Plastics / Div of Friesen Group Lethbridge, AB Phone:  403-328-0364 
Contact:  Richard  Friesen  
622 - 30 St. N
Lethbridge, AB    T1H 5G6
Phone:  403-328-0364    Fax:  403-320-5735    Toll Free:  1-800-661-8024 
Food-grade polyethylene film, poly bags, film for form & fill lines, liners, shrink film
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Bunzl Distribution Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-455-3166 
12846 - 170 Street
Edmonton, AB    T5V 0A6
Phone:  780-455-3166    Fax:  780-455-0276 
Smallwares, equipment, glasswares, paper, containers, chemicals. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Alberta

CCL Industries Inc. Toronto, ON Phone:  416-756-8500 
Contact:  Doug  Codner, Controller  
105 Gordon Baker Rd, Suite 500 North York
Toronto, ON    M2H 3P8
Phone:  416-756-8500    Fax:  416-675-8831 
Global supply chain leader of innovative premium packiage and promotional label solutions for the world's largest consumer and healthcare corporations. High impact graphics are key to brand differentiation in the store shelves and drive consumers' decision-making.
Main Service Area:  Other

Chrysalis Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-454-9656 
Contact:  Len  Melnychuk  
13325 St. Albert Trail
Edmonton, AB    T5L 4R3
Phone:  780-454-9656    Cell:  780-497-1477    Fax:  780-451-0168 
Len Melnychuk, Marketing Manager Western Canada (direct 780-482-0340) Manufacture and distribution of bottles and jars - plastic, glass, caps including dispensing, tamper evident, child resistant. Pharmaceutical and Laboratory supplies. Food Grade Plastic & Glass containers.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Crawford Provincial London, ON Phone:  1-800-265-4993 
Contact:  Yvonne  Butler  
3036 Page Street
London, ON    N5V 4P2
Phone:  1-800-265-4993    Fax:  519-659-1249    Toll Free:  1-800-265-4993 
One of Canada's largest independent packaging supply companies, offering wholesale packaging supplies and packaging equipment.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Crawling Valley Plastics Ltd. Bassano, AB Phone:  403-641-2030 
Contact:  Marlene  Risdon  
Box 29
Bassano, AB    T0J 0B0
Phone:  403-641-2030    Fax:  403-641-4008 
Services: Food-grade poly bags, sheeting, tubing; custom sizing available.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Crown Metal Packaging Canada LP Calgary, AB Phone:  403-236-0241 
Contact:  Dennis  Howes  
4455 - 75 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 2K8
Phone:  403-236-0241    Cell:  604-787-2420    Fax:  403-236-0295    Toll Free:  1-800-803-8320   
Producers of metal containers (cans, closures) to food & beverage industry
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Hood Packaging Plastic Division Calgary, AB Phone:  403-287-0450 
Contact:  Sharon  Grant  
1222 - 34 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2G 1V7
Phone:  403-287-0450    Fax:  403-243-1138    Toll Free:  1-800-461-6638 
Manufacturer of industrial bags & polyethylene film.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Innovative Plastics Marketing (1992) Ltd. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-454-8162 
Contact:  Dale Hubscher,  Gerald Barkman  
12920 Yellowhead Trail
Edmonton, AB    T5L 3C1
Phone:  780-454-8162    Fax:  780-451-0046    Toll Free:  877-765-9776 
Plastic tanks, recycled plastic lumber, plastic welding & repair, custom built tanks, plastic bags, plastic mulch
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Instabox Alberta Inc. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-452-9522 
16208 - 114 Ave.
Edmonton, AB    T5M 2Z5
Phone:  780-452-9522    Fax:  780-452-3876    Toll Free:  1-800-661-9949 
Box manufacturer and graphic design 780-452-9522 (ext. 221) Contact:
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Instabox Calgary Limited Calgary, AB Phone:  403-250-9217 
Contact:  Richard  Bain  
1139 - 40 Ave. NE
Calgary, AB    T2E 6M9
Phone:  403-250-9217    Fax:  403-250-8075    Toll Free:  1-800-482-6173 
Packaging manufacturer
Main Service Area:  Alberta

J. Tang & Associates Design Ltd. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-423-0434 
Contact:  Joseph  Tang  
12920 Yellowhead Trail NW
Edmonton, AB    T5L 3C1
Phone:  780-423-0434    Fax:  780-425-9821    Toll Free:  1-800-707-0434  
Package design, graphic design, 3D mock-up for market research, brands development, international market presentation, marketing strategy, packaging material & methodology, point-of-purchase design, promotional material, food photography, UPC code
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Layfield Geosynthetics & Industrial Fabrics Ltd. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-453-6731 
Contact:  Ralph  Schmidt  
11603 - 180 St. NW
Edmonton, AB    T5S 2H6
Phone:  780-453-6731    Fax:  780-445-5218    Toll Free:  1-800-840-2884 
Food-grade polyethylene film, poly bags, film for form and fill lines, tote/box liners, shrink film, printed packaging
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Layfield Geosynthetics & Industrial Fabrics Ltd. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-236-4726-X-24 
Contact:  Les  Trachuk  
Bay 5, 10551 - 50 St. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 3E3
Phone:  403-236-4726-X-24    Fax:  403-279-0649    Toll Free:  1-800-840-2884 
Food-grade polyethylene film, poly bags, film for form and fill lines, tote/box liners, shrink film, printed packaging
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Masternet Ltd. Mississauga, ON Phone:  905-795-0005 
Contact:  Mark  Baker  
690 Gana Court
Mississauga, ON    L5S 1P2
Phone:  905-795-0005    Fax:  905-795-9293    Toll Free:  1-800-216-2536 
Manufacturer of plastic netting, net bags, mesh products, cylinder sleeves, shelf liners, other products (Vexar(r) brand snow fence, safety fence & construction fence)
Main Service Area:  Eastern Canada

MD Packaging Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-671-9927 
Contact:  Chris  Heming  
511, 1335 - 12 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB    T3C 3P7
Phone:  403-671-9927    Fax:  416-291-2906 
Automation Equipment, Product Inspection (Metal Detection, X Ray, Checkweighing), Robotics, Case handling and packing. MD Packaging is Canada?s largest distributor of packaging automation and is the exclusive representative for many of North America's leading equipment manufacturers.
Main Service Area:  Canada

MiniBulk Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-228-9555 
Contact:  Marty  Dilworth  
601 Manitou Road SE
Calgary, AB    T2G 4C2
Phone:  403-228-9555    Fax:  403-228-9661    Toll Free:  1-800-553-4964 x 1584 
MiniBulk Inc. is a leading North American provider of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). Our buying power allows us to source multiple overseas factories to acquire your custom or stock order at the best price. Our network of warehouses across North America allow us to store your inventory and release it to you as needed. Call us today; you will be hard pressed to find a better way to move thousands of pounds of your product in a safe and cost effective manner.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Norampac Alberta Division Calgary, AB Phone:  403-531-3837 
PO Box 5215, Station A, 416 - 58 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2H 0P4
Phone:  403-531-3837    Fax:  403-531-3875    Toll Free:  1-800-818-4117   calgary@norampac.hqpo 
Manufacturer of corrugated packaging including regular slotted boxes, die cut boxes, litho laminate, waxed boxes, sheets & pads. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Perpetual Notion Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-426-2602 
Contact:  Geoff  Kramer  
300, 10722 - 103 Ave.
Edmonton, AB    T5J 5G7
Phone:  780-426-2602    Fax:  780-401-3493 
Main Service Area:  Alberta

PG Plastic.Com Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-465-9636 
Contact:  Al  Shinbine  
8826 - 51 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB    T6E 5E8
Phone:  780-465-9636    Fax:  403-466-6270    Toll Free:  1-888-666-9636 
Custom plastic fabrication from concept to completion. Main focus is point-of-purchase displays - counter or floor model in wood, wire & plastic. Some vacuum forming & injection molding for packaging. Contact: Ray Havens or Al Shinbine
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Polybottle Group Ltd. (Alberta) Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-468-6019 
Contact:  Manuel  Chan  
6008 - 75 St. NW
Edmonton, AB    T6E 2W6
Phone:  780-468-6019    Fax:  780-468-9033 
High density polyethylene bottles & containers in 250 Ml to 17 Litre sizes, suitable for water, milk, juices, edible oils. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. St. Albert, AB Phone:  780-459-4491 
Contact:  Allan J.  Adolph  
PO Box 261, 30 Riel Drive
St. Albert, AB    T8N 1N3
Phone:  780-459-4491    Fax:  800-428-4756    Toll Free:  1-800-661-9835 
Manufacturer of plastic shipping containers & packages. Standard product line from 2 - 25 litre size and a unique line of tamper-evident packages
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Proforma Calgary, AB Phone:  403-775-1457 
Contact:  Adrian  Constantin  
9, 6325 - 12 St. SE
Calgary, AB    T2H 2K1
Phone:  403-775-1457    Cell:  403-975-5929 
Short and long run, retail and product packaging design and printing
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Provincial Paper & Packaging Ltd. Mississauga, ON Phone:  905-670-7904 
Contact:  Yvonne  Butler  
6935 Davand Drive
Mississauga, ON    L5T 1L5
Phone:  905-670-7904    Fax:  905-670-0531    Toll Free:  1-866-753-1532 
Volume discount industrial packaging supply and shipping supply distributors. Huge product supply line, eg. shrink wrap, stretch film, bubble wrap, specialty bubble wrap, packaging products, totes, bins, plastic containers, vci packaging, multi-wall packaging, label supplies, label holders, packaging tapes, protective packaging, mailers, etc.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Richards Packaging Inc. Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-944-9516 
Contact:  Terrie  Hermann  
16703 - 116 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB    T5M 3V1
Phone:  780-944-9516    Fax:  780-944-9518 
Manufacture & distribution of bottles & jars - plastic, glass, plus caps, closures, dispensary caps, specialty glass.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Samuel Packaging Group Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-233-0252 
Contact:  Lee  Cavill  
7032 - 68 Ave.
Edmonton, AB    T6B 3C5
Phone:  780-233-0252    Fax:  888-991-8111    Toll Free:  800-667-1264 
Packaging equipment and consumables. Tray sealing, thermoforming shrink/Stretch wrappers, clippers, fillers, case erectors and sealers.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Shippers Supply Inc. Calgary, AB Phone:  403-204-3699 
Contact:  Dino  Bilotta  
4848 - 52 St. SE
Calgary, AB    T2B 3R2
Phone:  403-204-3699    Fax:  403-204-3697    Toll Free:  1-800-661-5639 
Custom labels, boxes, material handling equipment, packaging & warehouse supplies
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Shippers Supply Inc. Red Deer, AB Phone:  403-343-2233 
Contact:  Jim    
301, 8026 Edgar Industrial Crescent
Red Deer, AB    T4P 3R3
Phone:  403-343-2233    Fax:  403-342-4514    Toll Free:  1-800-661-5639 
Custom labels, boxes, material handling equipment, packaging and warehouse supplies.
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Smurfit-MBI Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-416-2200 
Contact:  Greg  Karbonik  
8705 - 24 St. NW
Edmonton, AB    T6P 1L2
Phone:  780-416-2200    Fax:  780-416-2201    Toll Free:  1-800-322-7095 
Design & manufacture corrugated products including boxes, displays, etc
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Smurfit-MBI Calgary, AB Phone:  403-214-5200 
1115 - 34 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2G 1V5
Phone:  403-214-5200    Fax:  403-214-5201    Toll Free:  1-800-267-5352 
Contact: Sales 403-243-6371, Sales Fax 403-287-6576 Corrugated boxes and cartons including regular slotted wares, sheets/pads, single face, recyclable coatings, enhanced graphics, preprinted liners, litho laminated cartons. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Source Nutraceutical, Inc. Winnipeg, MB Phone:  204-254-2234 
Contact:  Bernie  Desgagnés  
2-1249 Clarence Ave.
Winnipeg, MB    R3T 1T4
Phone:  204-254-2234    Fax:  204-254-7817 
Source Nutraceutical, Inc. serves the functional food, natural health product, food, drug and cosmetic industries. We provide integrated solutions to assist companies become successful in the Canadian market. Our services include regulatory and packaging compliance, marketing material development, importation, storage in licensed warehouse facilities, and sales order packing and shipping.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Specialty Packaging Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-468-4744 
8168 - 46 St. NW
Edmonton, AB    T6B 2M8
Phone:  780-468-4744    Fax:  780-466-7859    Toll Free:  1-800-264-2234 
Manufacturer of custom, stock & moving corrugated boses. Carry shipping supplies: tape, polybags, cushioning products, pallet wrap, paper products, strapping & packaging equipment. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Sterling Packaging Inc. Selkirk, MB Phone:  888-233-8999 
Contact:  Colin  Hickson  
850 Greenwood Ave.
Selkirk, MB    R1A 2B1
Phone:  888-233-8999    Cell:  204-479-6272    Fax:  204-482-4555    Toll Free:  1-888-233-8999 
Supplier of retail folding carton packaging for food, beverage and pharmaceutical businesses across Canada.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Sylvia's Essential Sauces Ltd. Millet, AB Phone:  780-387-4298 
Contact:  Sylvia  Bakker  
Site 20 Box 16 RR1
Millet, AB    T0C 1Z0
Phone:  780-387-4298    Fax:  780-387-4220 
Dry Food Manufacturer. Will do small dry packaging runs (coffee, spices, gravy mixes,peanuts, candy, dog food, etc., private label)
Main Service Area:  Alberta

The Vocational & Rehabilitation Research Institute Calgary, AB Phone:  403-284-1121 
3304 - 33 St. NW
Calgary, AB    T2L 2A6
Phone:  403-284-1121    Fax:  403-284-1146 
Supply manpower/labor as requried. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Alberta

TRWT Wood Packaging Erickson, BC Phone:  250-428-2905 
Contact:  Roger  Aubrey  
Box 28, 3404 Beam Road
Erickson, BC    V0B 1K0
Phone:  250-428-2905    Fax:  250-428-2905 
Custom wood box and crate & display
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Unisource Packaging Systems Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-453-6741 
11248 - 184 St NW
Edmonton, AB    T5S 2S6
Phone:  780-453-6741    Fax:  780-455-2706 
Shrink film, tapes, paper products, pallet wrap, gloves, plastic tubes & containers. Contact:
Main Service Area:  Alberta

Wellington Wood Products (1972) Ltd. Mount Forest, ON Phone:  519-323-1060 
Contact:  Paul  Hincks  
410 Sligo Road West, Box 220
Mount Forest, ON    N0G 2L0
Phone:  519-323-1060    Fax:  519-323-3432    Toll Free:  1-800-265-2397 
Apple packaging, apple cartons, wood bakets & hampers, craft baskets, berry masters, berry containers, cider supplies, plastic containers, paper baskets & containers, master shippers & cartons, produce bags, miscellaneous items, waxed cartons
Main Service Area:  Eastern Canada

Western Concord Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-217-2152 
Contact:  Dayne  Miranda  
14743 - 134 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB    T5L 4S9
Phone:  780-217-2152    Fax:  780-454-5288    Toll Free:  1-800-663-6208 
Our diverse extrusion and finishing equipment allow us to provide service to several areas requiring customized product in both mono and coex films. We focus our service the industrial and bag Western Canadian markets. Whether it is printed PTO Liners or Certified Vapor Barrier, Edmonton is up for the challenge.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada

Winpak Portion Packaging Calgary, AB Phone:  403-251-6260 
Contact:  Ian  Parker  
103 Shawnee Manor SW
Calgary, AB    T2W 1W7
Phone:  403-251-6260    Toll Free:  1-800-465-0998 
Canada & USA Packaging systems for 1/4 -4 oz servings of specialty products. Preformed containers, heat seal lidding materials, fill/seal equipment, manufacture and supply of coextruded barrier sheet for modified atmosphere package - preformed trays for fill/seal equipment and droll stock sheet for form/fill/seal equipment. Supplier of single service pakaging systems - cultured products, desserts, juice, dressings, cream cheese, sterile water solutions
Main Service Area:  Other

WR Display & Packaging Calgary, AB Phone:  1-800-561-1204 
Unit 129, 2312 - 52 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 0A3
Phone:  1-800-561-1204    Toll Free:  1-800-561-1204 
everything anyone would ever need to display, package and promote what you want to seel today.
Main Service Area:  Canada

Zeebest Plastics St. Albert, AB Phone:  780-447-5222 
Contact:  Cecil  Underwood  
35 Calder Place
St. Albert, AB    T8N 5A6
Phone:  780-447-5222    Cell:  780-860-5248    Fax:  780-455-9448 
Zeebest Plastics is a Canadian owned and operated poly tank manufacturer based in St. Albert, Alberta. We manufacture poly tanks up to 2000 gallons and trays to 1100 gallons in house. We are an approved distributor for Norwesco and Snyder poly tanks. Zeebest is also a distributor for a number of fiberglass and steel tank manufacturers based in Western Canada. Our forte is the ability to ship quickly as we do try to keep a good inventory of the product that we make on hand.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada