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Type: Other
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Pro Can Sales Ltd. Winnipeg, MB   Phone:  204-694-3293 
Contact:  Abe  Wiebe  
203, 2030 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB    R3H 0J8
Phone:  204-694-3293    Fax:  204-694-2521    [email]   
Type:  Other
Comments:  Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Branch location in Regina
Main Service Area:  Other
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Warner and Spruyt Sales Saskatoon, SK   Phone:  306-652-4474 
Contact:  Gordon  Smith  
1 - 2510 Jasper Ave.
Saskatoon, SK    S7J 2K2
Phone:  306-652-4474    Fax:  306-652-4383    [email]   
Type:  Other
Interest in Working with Processors:  yes
Criteria for New Lines:  pioneering new lines
Comments:  Saskatchewan only
Main Service Area:  Other
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