Attracting and retaining people to rural Alberta

  Type : Action Plan

Rural communities interested in attracting Teaching Staff
Education Sector Workforce Planning, Framework for Action
Action Plan Alberta
The plan is intended to serve as a roadmap for change in the endeavour to provide students with access to high quality education professionals, now and in the future. The development of this document represents the education sector's commitment to attract, develop and retain professional teachers in Alberta's education system. It articulates key challenges facing the education sector workforce and offers strategic recommendations aligned with the vision of having the right people with the right skills in the right places at the right times to meet the needs of learners.
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Rural communities interested in attracting Health Professionals
Manitoba Rural Physician Action Plan
Action Plan Canada
The Manitoba Rural Physician Action Plan aims to increase the number of graduating physicians and other health professionals who choose to practice and live in rural and northern Manitoba. The creation of Manitoba’s Office of Rural and Northern Health (ORNH) was a part of this plan. ORNH focuses on the creation of programming and initiatives that increase the profile of rural health care opportunities among rural and northern Manitoba secondary school students and students training in health care programs in Manitoba.  In addition, the ORNH is responsible for a variety of programs that deal with issues of long-term recruitment and retention of existing rural and northern Manitoba health-care practitioners.
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