Business Incubators in Alberta and Canada

  Type : Technology and Innovation

Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
Technology and innovation Alberta
Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures supports research and innovation activities and initiatives that encourage a strong science, technology and entrepreneurial culture in Alberta. It provides a variety of programs and services to entrepreneurs, companies, researchers and investors. It also provides funding and networking to Alberta-based SMEs in a variety of ways to help accelerate their growth and success.
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Discovery Foundation
Technology and Innovation British Columbia
Discovery Foundation promotes and facilitates innovation and the development of the technology sector in British Columbia. Its principal role is the delivery of the Technology Education Program (TEP) through selected Agents who educate technology entrepreneurs in British Columbia. 
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Eurekea Project
Technology and Innovation Manitoba
The Project helps technology companies accelerate their growth by increasing their sales. It provides management expertise to innovators and small and medium sized companies with a desire to succeed on international scale.
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