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AMEC Earth & Environmental Lethbridge, Alberta   Posted:  2010-10-15
Contact:  John  Lobbezoo  
Cell:  403-715-7964    Fax:  403-327-7682    [email] 
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
AMEC is capable of providing a complete engineering service for the agricultural community. Services include assessment of land suitability for fresh water irrigation, CFO's through the planning stage, permitting process to construction monitoring, manure management plans and completion details. AMEC can also provide civil and geotechnical engineering. AMEC's CCIL certified laboratory can provide materials testing services during planning and construction phases of the project.
Phone:  403-327-7474 
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BCB Engineering Ltd Lethbridge, Alberta   Posted:  2010-05-04
Contact:  Kari  Mueller  
Fax:  403-320-4898    [email]   
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Consulting engineering firm providing structural engineering services for Barns and other agricultural related projects AutoCAD Design and Drawings, building, testing (concrete) Professional Engineer
Phone:  403-320-4888 
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Conestoga Rovers & Associates Calgary, Alberta   Posted:  2010-05-04
Contact:  Jason  Haelzle  
Fax:  403-271-3013    Toll Free:  1 800 265 6102 [email] 
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Provides practical, innovative, and effective enginnering and environmental consulting services, CRA's Agriculture Services can meet and exceed Client expectations by providing quality services in a responsive, safe, and cost-effective manner. Geotechnical, Hydrologeological, & Surface Water Consulting. Project management,surveying, AutoCAD, decommissioning, building, instrumentation, electric design, testing (concrete). Soil and water monitoring & reporting, manure management. P.Eng & P
Phone:  1 800 265 6102 
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Maltais Geomatics Inc. Edmonton, Alberta   Posted:  2010-05-04
Contact:  Mitch  Ettinger  
Fax:  780-484-1360    [email] 
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Surveying and land survey services
Phone:  780-483-2015 
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Pillar Power Contracting Ltd St Paul, Alberta   Posted:  2010-05-04
Contact:  Leo  Trilett  
Cell:  780-645-8447    Fax:  780-614-2642   
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Equipment included D6T dozer with 6 way blade and ripper plus a 325 trac hoe
Phone:  780-645-1951 
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Skyline Concrete Sevices Ltd. Calgary, Alberta   Posted:  2014-08-19
Contact:  Ross  Riegel  
Cell:  587-582-1544    [email] 
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Skyline Concrete is a full service Division 3000 cast in place concrete company. We provide labor, materials and equipment for all of your structural concrete needs. We specialize in remote, large Industrial/Commercial concrete construction projects. We have estimators prepared to provide pricing for all Agricultural Projects in Western Canada.
Phone:  403-692-3202 
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Trace Associates Inc. Lethbridge, Alberta   Posted:  2016-03-31
Contact:  Corey  Shilliday  
Cell:  403-634-7883    Fax:  403-942-0582    Toll Free:  1-877-418-7223 [email] 
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Services Provided: Manure storage lagoon assessment (design and certification), Establishing and maintaining leak detection and monitoring systems (annual groundwater and water well sampling), Soil characterization and site assessment for manure storage and barn construction, Preparation of NRCB applications, Assistance with NRCB compliance orders, Agricultural operation decommissioning.
Phone:  403-942-4919-extension-501 
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Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd. Calgary, Alberta   Posted:  2017-06-01
Contact:  Chris  Evans  
Cell:  403-807-3372    Fax:  403-262-9965    [email] 
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Triton offers environmental consulting services for the agricultural sector across Western Canada. Triton's team of Professional Agrologists, Biologists and Engineers provides regulatory permitting, soil and water quality assessments, wetland assessments, manure and compost monitoring as well as compliance monitoring. Our professionals are committed to providing our clients quality reporting for a range of projects cost effectively with timely scheduling.
Phone:  403-262-9915 
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United Livestock Systems Bowden, Alberta   Posted:  2010-05-04
Contact:  Daryl  Heit  
Fax:  403-224-3388    [email]   
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Suppliers of positive containment slurry store structures for liquid manure storage and process tanks. Also supply associated manure transfer equipment, sand bedding separation and bedding composters, project management, dead animal disposal, feed systems, NRCB permitting assitance. Professional Engineer
Phone:  403-224-3454 
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Worth Oilfield Service Alix, Alberta   Posted:  2013-08-13
Contact:  Kevin  Worth  
Cell:  403-318-2477    Fax:  403-747-3770   
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Earthwork construction
Phone:  403-747-3700 
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Zak's Building Supplies and Contracting Hague, Saskatchewan   Posted:  2010-05-04
Contact:  Kristina  Zacharias  
Fax:  306-225-4438   
Services Available:   Buildings & Manure Storage
Zak's building supplies and contracting also provides residential, light commercial, and all agricultural building needs, as well as a full hardware store
Phone:  306-225-2288 
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