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Note to Buyers and Sellers!

Fraud Alert: Be aware that you may be contacted by fraud artists posing as buyers who issue you overpayments with cheques, money orders, or certified cheques. Before completing transactions or issuing refunds for overpayments, have your bank verify that the cheques or money orders you have received are valid. Visit the the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for more information.

While most business transactions occur without problem, fraud by telephone and internet can be a serious problem. Problems may range from non-payment or non-delivery of goods through to requests for refunds before cheques have cleared the bank. Read our guidelines to ensure that your transactions are successful and learn to recognize fraud.

The custom services directory provides Alberta producers with contact information for a variety of Custom services.

Use the links in the left-hand column to find custom service providers for a particular service.

Before comparing custom service providers, choose the appropriate basis for comparison. For example, grain harvesting may require a per acre cost as compared to corral cleaning where a per hour rate is more appropriate. When custom rates are given in dollars per hour, convert to a physical unit cost (bushels, tonnes, acres) appropriate to that operation. A low cost per hour can be a very high cost per acre, tonne, etc.

Factors contributing to lower rates: neighbourly work exchange; location of job in relation to home base of custom operator; custom operator’s desire to cover variable costs, but not necessarily all fixed costs; use of older equipment that does not reflect current investment cost and/or has a lower capacity; services such as labour, meals, fuel, supervision, transportation or other convenience services being provided to the custom operator by the farmer; and/or the size of the job.

Factors contributing to higher rates: full-time custom operators who are covering all costs; charging what the market will bear; tough jobs requiring extra power, repairs, fuel or time; field conditions such as rocks, rough terrain, obstructions or high yield crops; small size jobs; and/or higher capacity machines

Confined Feeding Operation (CFO) Service Providers

The CFO Service Provider Listings gives viewers the opportunity to search for consultants, technical experts and builders to meet the needs of their livestock operations. The Ministry does not imply any endorsement of the Service Providers listed in this webpage. Service Providers should be contacted to ensure services are available, establish fees and confirm project conditions. If a Service Provider would like to be added to the webpage, follow the instructions under 'Post Listing'

To ensure that the transaction is satisfactory for both the custom operator and the client please read our guidelines for custom services.

If you want to be added to custom service directory, use the on-line form or call the Ag-Info Centre 310-FARM (3276). Contact the Ag-Info Centre for updates or to remove an existing listing as well.

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