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Contact:  Dustin  Ballard [email]    Atmore, Alberta   Posted:  2016-09-11
Cell:  780-404-1485    Fax:  780-404-1485    Toll Free:  780-404-1485
Services Available:   Grain Combining
Combining with a gleaner N 6. 25ft straight cut header or pick up header available In the Grassland and surrounding areas. Please contact Dustin for further information.
Phone:  780-623-1267 
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Creden Farms Wainwright, Alberta   Posted:  2017-02-17
Contact:  Owen  Dennis  
Cell:  780-806-0171    [email]   
Services Available:   Grain Combining
Would like to buy a combine and do some custom work possibly lease on with someone. I have 12 years of experience.
Phone:  780-806-0171 
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