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Artictherm International Morinville, Alberta   Posted:  2016-09-02
Contact:  Sherry  Dykes  
Services Available:   Grain Drying and Cleaning
We provide flameless dry air heater rentals. High CFM ratings, no condensation or harmful fumes imtroduced into storage bin. Weekly and monthly rates or retail options available.
Phone:  780-722-2068 
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ConleyMax Calgary, Alberta   Posted:  2017-02-22
Contact:  Nicholas  Peso  
Cell:  403-993-9938    [email] 
Services Available:   Grain Drying and Cleaning
We provide flame-less, portable, automated grain drying solutions. We service western canada and have a fleet of over 100 units. Our units provide 100 percent dry, clean and breathable air for your grain drying needs.
Phone:  1 855 573 4328 
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Contact:  Alan  Zweifel [email]    Stettler, Alberta   Posted:  2016-12-29
Services Available:   Grain Drying and Cleaning
Custom grain drying. We have a Vertec 6600 screenless dryer with 2500 bu wet bin and a 2200 bu aeration bin for cooling. We have 4 separate propane tanks to bill you for your usage. We are charging $130 per dryer hr. We can unload Super-B. The dryer is 1 mile east of Stettler right off of hi-way 12. Please give a call if you have any questions.
Phone:  403-740-5149 
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