Rahr Malting Canada Ltd.   Alix, AB Phone:  403-747-2777 
Box 113, Hwy. 12 East
Alix, AB    T0C 0B0
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-747-2777    Fax: 403-747-2660   
Toll Free:  N/A   info@rahr.com    www.rahr.com 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
Plant Manager: Cody  Marshall
: Robert  Sutton
Sales/Marketing/QA: Robert  Sutton
Products:   Malt   
Export Markets:  Asia   
Parent Company:   Rahr Malting Co., Skakopee, MN (USA)   
AF Contact:
Krista Kotylak      
Bill Chapman   bill.chapman@gov.ab.ca   

Red Deer Lake Meat Processing Ltd.   Foothills, AB Phone:  403-256-4925 
90093 - 226 Ave. West
Foothills, AB    T1S 2Z2
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-256-4925    Fax: 403-256-8882   
Toll Free:  N/A   info@rdlmeats.ab.ca    www.rdlmeats.ab.ca 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
General Manager: Brian  Barrett
Sales/Marketing: Derek Balding/  Darrel Barrett
Production/QA: Darrel  Barrett
Products:   Beef, Hog, Lamb, Buffalo, Goat, Sausage, Rabbit   
Brands:   RDLM   
AF Contact:
John Middleton   john.middleton@gov.ab.ca   

Red Hat Co-operative Ltd.   Redcliff, AB Phone:  403-548-6208 
809 Broadway Ave. E
Redcliff, AB    T0J 2P0
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-548-6208    Fax: 403-548-7255   
Toll Free:  N/A   lyle.aleman@redhatco-op.com    www.redhatco-op.com 
# of Employees:  over 100   
President: Albert  Cramer
General Manager: Lyle  Aleman
Sales/Marketing: Mike  Meinhardt
Operations Manager: Tim  Donnelly
Food Safety/QA: Cassandra  Cadrain
Products:   Greenhouse Vegetables   
Brands:   Red Hat, Southern Selection, Misfits   
Export Markets:  USA   
AF Contact:
Kellie Jackson   kellie.jackson@gov.ab.ca   

Red House Salsa   St. Albert, Alberta Phone:  780-242-7986 
5 Larissa Court
St. Albert, Alberta    T8N 3V7
Phone:  780-242-7986    Fax: N/A   
Toll Free:  N/A   redhousesalsa@gmail.com    www.redhousesalsa.com 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President/CEO: Mary  Burch
Products:   Salsa   

Reg's Homestyle Meats & Deli   Medicine Hat, AB Phone:  403-529-2385 
2, 12 Sierra Dr. SW
Medicine Hat, AB    T1B 4S5
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-529-2385    Fax: 403-529-4600   
Toll Free:  N/A   regsmeat@telus.net   
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
Owner: Reg  Stein
Products:   Fresh Meats & Seafood, Sausage, Jerky, Pepperoni, Value-Added Products, Meat Condiments   
Brands:   Reg's Homestyle Meats, Regaroni   

Richardson Food & Ingredients   Barrhead, AB Phone:  780-674-3960 
Box 4615
Barrhead, AB    T7N 1A5
Phone:  780-674-3960    Fax: 780-674-2024   
Toll Free:  1-800-328-4819   tony.hiscock@richardson.ca    www.richardson.ca 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
Plant Manager: Tony  Hiscock
QA: Lucia  Centeno
Export: Brendt  Lambert
Products:   Rolled Oats, Oat Flour, Oat Bran, Groats, Steel Cut Groats   
Export Markets:  Global   
Parent Company:   Richardson International   
AF Contact:
Krista Kotylak      
Bill Chapman   bill.chapman@gov.ab.ca   

Richardson Oilseed Limited   Lethbridge, AB Phone:  204-934-5151 
2415 - 2A Ave. North
Lethbridge, AB    T1H 6P5
AFPA Member
Phone:  204-934-5151    Fax: 204-943-6065   
Toll Free:  1-800-635-3296   info@canola.com    www.canola.com 
# of Employees:  over 100   
President/CEO: Curt  Vossen
Senior VP: Patrick  Van Osch
Assistant VP: David  Busby
Assistant VP Operations: Randolph  Sidoo
International Sales Manager: Marko  Bebek
Director QA: Antony  Robert
Products:   Canola Salad & Cooking Oils, Canola Margarine, Canola Shortenings, Canola Protein By-Products   
Brands:   Rimini, Romana, Canola Harvest, Heartlight   
Export Markets:  Global   
Parent Company:   Richardson Oilseed Limited    Winnipeg, R3B 0X8  
AF Contact:
Ileana Costiuc   ileana.costiuc@gov.ab.ca   
Scott Dundas   scott.dundas@gov.ab.ca   

Rig Hand Craft Distillery Inc.   Nisku, AB Phone:  780-955-2414 
2104 - 8 St. Bay B
Nisku, AB    T9E 7Y9
AFPA Member
Phone:  780-955-2414    Fax: N/A   
Toll Free:  N/A   info@righanddistillery.com    www.righanddistillery.com 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Geoff  Stewart
General Manager: Mike  Beile
Sales/Marketing: Geoff  Stewart
Production: Geoff  Stewart
Products:   Alcohol/Spirits (Big Rig Vodka, Gin, Double Double, Garlic Vodka, Brum, Espresso Vodka), White Dog Spirits   
Brands:   Rig Hand, Stewart & Stewart Spirits, High Country   
Export Markets:  US   

Riverside Packers 1985 Ltd.   Drumheller, AB Phone:  403-823-2595 
Box 2080
Drumheller, AB    T0J 0Y0
Phone:  403-823-2595    Fax: 403-823-3303   
Toll Free:  N/A   riversidepackers@telus.net   
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Michael  Ahner
Secretary: Michelle  Ahner
Products:   Sausage (Fresh, Smoked & Cooked), Ham, Bacon, Jerky, Custom Slaughter & Processing, Wild Game   
AF Contact:
John Middleton   john.middleton@gov.ab.ca   
Scott Dundas   scott.dundas@gov.ab.ca   

Rock Ridge Dairy Ltd.   Ponoka, AB Phone:  403-783-4312 
Box 5, Site 7, RR3
Ponoka, AB    T4S 1R3
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-783-4312    Fax: 403-783-4312   
Toll Free:  N/A   pbos@telus.net    www.rockridgedairy.com 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Patrick  Bos
General Manager: Cherylynn  Bos
Sales/Marketing/QA: Cherylynn  Bos
Production: Lauraley Ingram/  Brian Blackstone
Products:   Goat Milk, Organic (Cow's Milk, Feta, Cream), Feta Cheese, Chevre   
Brands:   Rock Ridge Dairy, Happy Days, Emma, Western Family   
AF Contact:
Darcy Peters   darcy.peters@gov.ab.ca   
Trevor Prout   trevor.prout@gov.ab.ca   

Rockport Flour Mills Inc.   Magrath, AB Phone:  403-758-3340 
Box 460
Magrath, AB    T0K 1J0
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-758-3340    Fax: 403-758-6532   
Toll Free:  N/A   www.coyotepancakemix.com 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
Manager/Sales: Sam J.  Waldner
Sales/Marketing: Don  Budnarchuk
Production: Sam Waldner/  Jacob Wipf
: Don  Budnarchuk
Food Safety/QA: Dannie Knedard/  Kristen Dykstra
Products:   Grains, Pancake & Waffle Mix (Regular, Buttermilk, Flax), Wheatlets (Pure Natural Whole Wheat Flour)   
Brands:   Coyote   
Export Markets:  Hong Kong   
Parent Company:   Rockport Colony   
AF Contact:
Krista Kotylak      
Bill Chapman   bill.chapman@gov.ab.ca   

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company   Canmore, AB Phone:  403-609-5508 
101, 838 - 10 St.
Canmore, AB    T1W 2A7
Phone:  403-609-5508    Fax: 403-609-5507   
Toll Free:  N/A   canmore@rockymountainflatbread.ca    www.rockymountainflatbread.ca 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
President: Michel  Leblanc
General Manager: Kyle  Maier
Sales/Marketing: Kyle Maier/  Matt Kreller
Production: Patrick Dufour/  Yukie Kirihara
Food Safety/QA: Kyle Maier/  Yukie Kirihara
Products:   Frozen Pizza & Pizza Crusts   
Brands:   Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.   
Parent Company:   Leblanc Holdings Inc.   

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Inc.   Canmore, AB Phone:  403-678-2678 
201, 106 Bow Meadows Cres.
Canmore, AB    T1W 2W9
Phone:  403-678-2678    Fax: 403-609-2635   
Toll Free:  1-877-229-7627   info@rockymountainsoap.com    www.rockymountainsoap.com 
# of Employees:  over 100   
President: Karina  Birch
Production: Andy  Cash
Products:   Natural Handmade Bath & Body Products (Soap, Butter, Scrub, Misters, Massage Oil & Salts)   
AF Contact:
Shannon Park   shannon.park@gov.ab.ca   

Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd.   High River, AB Phone:  403-652-4300 
Box 5007
High River, AB    T1V 1M3
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-652-4300    Fax: 403-652-4785   
Toll Free:  1-800-616-9267   info@rolloverpetfood.com    www.rolloverpetfood.com 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
President: Wayne  Skogman
Director of Operations: Genaah  Meadows
Director Sales & Marketing: Belinda  Elyzen
Production Manager: Penny  Celikovsky
Food Safety/QA: Penny  Celikovsky
Products:   Semi-Soft Dog Food, Full Line Of All Natural Dog Chews & Treats   
Brands:   Rollover   
AF Contact:
John Middleton   john.middleton@gov.ab.ca   
Scott Dundas   scott.dundas@gov.ab.ca   

Royal Commodities Limited   Fort Saskatchewan, AB Phone:  780-722-2875 
55068 Rg. Rd. 204
Fort Saskatchewan, AB    T8L 4B6
Phone:  780-722-2875    Fax: N/A   
Toll Free:  N/A   royalcommodities01@gmail.com    www.royalexports.ca 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Jim  Gray
Products:   Racehorse Oats, Human Consumption Oats, Oilseeds, Grains   
Export Markets:  Japan   
AF Contact:
Bill Chapman   bill.chapman@gov.ab.ca   
Krista Kotylak   krista.kotylak@gov.ab.ca   

Royal Elk Products Ltd.   Sangudo, AB Phone:  780-785-3558 
Box 403
Sangudo, AB    T0E 2A0
Phone:  780-785-3558    Fax: 780-785-3379   
Toll Free:  N/A   royalelk@xplornet.com    www.royalelk.com 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
Owner: Holly  Bamber
Products:   Elk Antler, Elk/Ginseng Capsules, Bulk Elk Antler Powder, Custom Processing, Brand Labeling   
Brands:   Royal Elk   
Export Markets:  Vietnam   

Royal Food Products   Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-474-2313 
12525 - 89 St.
Edmonton, AB    T5B 3X2
AFPA Member
Phone:  780-474-2313    Fax: 780-471-3910   
Toll Free:  N/A   info@royalfoodproducts.ca    www.royalfoodproducts.ca 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Paul  Meyer
Food Safety/QA: Asima 
Products:   Savory Pastry Products (Beef Sausage Roll, Chicken Sausage Roll), Jamaican Patties (Chicken, Beef, Spicy Beef), Cornish Pattie, Beef Pot Pie, Chicken Pie, Tourtiere, Pepperoni Cheese Bread, Sweet Potato Pie, Private Label Packaging   
Brands:   Royal Food Products, Private Label   
Export Markets:  US   
AF Contact:
Avery Sales   avery.sales@gov.ab.ca   

Ryley Sausage 1991 Ltd.   Ryley, AB Phone:  780-663-3990 
Box 205
Ryley, AB    T0B 4A0
Offer Public Tours
Phone:  780-663-3990    Fax: 780-663-2110   
Toll Free:  1-800-557-9539   RyleySausage@gmail.com   
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
General Manager: Juan Carlos  Obando
Sales: Bernie  Kope
Production Manager/Export: Larissa  Holowachuk
Products:   Specialty European Meats   
Brands:   Ryley Sausage   
AF Contact:
John Middleton   john.middleton@gov.ab.ca   
Scott Dundas   scott.dundas@gov.ab.ca