Alberta Seed Processors   Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-489-9999 
5030 - 50 St.
Lacombe, AB    T4L 1W8
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-489-9999    Fax: N/A   
Toll Free:  1-888-446-5853 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Tom  Coppock
General Manager: Monica  Klaas
Products:   Industry Organization   

Blindman Brewing   Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-786-2337 
Bay F, 3413 - 53 Ave.
Lacombe, AB    T4L 0C6
Phone:  403-786-2337    Fax: N/A   
Toll Free:  N/A 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Shane  Groendahl
Products:   Locally Focused Craft Beer   
Brands:   Blindman River Session Ale, Longshadows IPA, Saison Lacombe, Robust Porter, Ichorous Imperial Stout   
AF Contact:
Avery Sales   

Canadian Premium Meats Inc.   Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-782-9366 
3401 - 53 Ave.
Lacombe, AB    T4L 2L6
Phone:  403-782-9366    Fax: 403-782-7163   
Toll Free:  N/A 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
General Manager: Brian  Read
Food Safety: Francis  Labrecque
Products:   Slaughter & Meat Processing (Beef, Bison, Elk)   
Export Markets:  USA   

Pik-N-Pak Produce Ltd.   Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-748-4555 
RR1, Site 1, Box 18
Lacombe, AB    T4L 2N1
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-748-4555    Fax: 403-748-4900   
Toll Free:  N/A 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Joe  Doef
General Manager: Paul  Prins
Products:   Long English Cucumbers, Tomatoes (Hot House, Cherry/Grape, On-The-Vine, Roma, Cocktail), Sweet Bell Peppers   
Brands:   Pik-N-Pak Produce   
AF Contact:
Kellie Jackson   

Scholing's Produce Inc.   Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-782-7380 
Box 5213
Lacombe, AB    T4L 1W9
Phone:  403-782-7380    Fax: 403-782-7390   
Toll Free:  N/A   
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
Managers: Alen/Herman  Scholing
Products:   Potatoes, Pre-peeled Potatoes   
AF Contact:
Kellie Jackson   

Stellas Inc.   Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-782-6181 
RR1, Box 15, Site 7
Lacombe, AB    T4L 2N1
Phone:  403-782-6181    Fax: 403-782-4291   
Toll Free:  N/A 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President/CEO: Keri  Adams
Production: Chris  Adams
Food Safety/QA: Keri  Adams
Products:   Perogies (Just Potato, Onion & Garlic, Cheddar: Dairy & Dairy-Free, Cheddar & Bacon, Cottage Cheese & Chive, Sauerkraut & Bacon), Ravioli (Dairy-Free 3-Cheese, 4-Cheese, Beef/Cheese, Spinach/Cheese, Sundried Tomato/Cheese), Pizza Pouches (Vegan, Hawaiian, Meat Lovers: Dairy & Dairy-Free, Deluxe) All Products Are Gluten-Free   
Brands:   Stellas Gluten Free   
AF Contact:
Kathy Bosse