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Alcoholic Beverages

Alberta Distillers Ltd.   Calgary, AB Phone:  403-265-2541 
1521 - 34 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2G 1V9
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-265-2541    Fax: 403-269-9443    Toll Free:  N/A   [email]   
# of Employees:  over 100   
Director of Operations: R.G.  Tuer
Marketing Director: Kelly  McGregor
Food Safety/QA: Catherine  Emo
Products:   Canadian Rye Whisky, Vodka, Neutral Spirits   
Brands:   Alberta Springs, Alberta Pure Vodka, Windsor Canadian, Banff Ice Vodka, Alberta Premium Rye Whisky, Tangle Ridge Canadian Whisky, Dark Horse Canadian Whisky   
Export Markets:  Global   
Parent Company:   Beam Inc.   
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Alley Kat Brewing Company Ltd.   Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-436-8922 
9929 - 60 Ave.
Edmonton, AB    T6E 0C7
Offer Public Tours
AFPA Member
Phone:  780-436-8922    Fax: 780-430-7363    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President/Sales: Neil  Herbst
Production/QA: Tim  MacLeod
Products:   Beer (Bottled & Kegged)   
Brands:   Alley Kat Amber, Full Moon Pale Ale, Scona Gold Kolsch, Olde Deuteronomy Barley Wine, Aprikat Apricot Ale, Main Squeeze Grapefruit Ale, Seasonal Brands   
Export Markets:  South Korea   
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Back 40 Distillery Inc.   Camrose, AB Phone:  780-983-5167 
4701 - 36 St.
Camrose, AB    T4V 0J3
Phone:  780-983-5167    Fax: N/A    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Lorne  Haugen
Products:   Distilled Spirits   
Brands:   Winter Time Frost, Vanilla Frost, Ol' Apple Betty   
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Big Rock Brewery Inc.   Calgary, AB Phone:  403-720-3239 
5555 - 76 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 4L8
Offer Public Tours
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-720-3239    Fax: 403-236-7523    Toll Free:  1-800-242-3107   [email] 
# of Employees:  over 100   
CEO/President: Wayne  Arsenault
VP Operations/Brewmaster: Paul  Gautreau
CFO: Barbara  Felt
VP Marketing: Shelley  Girard
National Sales Mgr: Brad  Goddard
Manager, QA: Jean-Pierre (JP)  Auger
Products:   Ale, Lager, Cider, On-Site Restaurant   
Brands:   Traditional Ale, Grasshopper Kristallweizen, Session IPA, Scottish Heavy, Pilsner, Warthog Ale, Rhine Stone Cowboy Kolsch Ale, Honey Brown Lager, Wunderbier Dunkelweizen, Citradelic Single Hop IPA, AGD, Rock Creek Ciders, (Special Edition Seasonal Brews)   
Export Markets:  South Korea   
Parent Company:   Big Rock Brewery Limited Partnership   
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Birds & Bees Organic Winery and Meadery   Brosseau, AB Phone:  780-657-2275 
Box 110
Brosseau, AB    T0B 0P0
Offer Public Tours
Phone:  780-657-2275    Fax: 780-657-2410    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Elizabeth  Chrapko
Sales/Marketing: Xina  Chrapko
Winemaker: Xina  Chrapko
Products:   Organic Orchard Wine & Mead (Cherry, Alfalfa, Saskatoon, Apple, Raspberry, Rhubarb, Cranberry, Multiple Berry, Honey), Certified Organic Commercial Production, Fruit, Fruit Juices   
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Blindman Brewing   Lacombe, AB Phone:  403-786-2337 
Bay F, 3413 - 53 Ave.
Lacombe, AB    T4L 0C6
Phone:  403-786-2337    Fax: N/A    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Shane  Groendahl
Products:   Locally Focused Craft Beer   
Brands:   Blindman River Session Ale, Longshadows IPA, Saison Lacombe, Robust Porter, Ichorous Imperial Stout   
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Chinook Honey Company Ltd.   Okotoks, AB Phone:  403-995-0830 
Box 12, Site 14, RR1
Okotoks, AB    T1S 1A1
Offer Public Tours
Phone:  403-995-0830    Fax: 403-995-0829    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Art  Andrews
General Manager: Cherie  Andrews
Sales/Marketing: Pat  Hussey
Production: Cherie  Andrews
Food Safety/QA: Cherie  Andrews
Products:   Packaged Honey, Honey Jams, Jellies & Sauces, Mead (Honey Wine)   
Brands:   Chinook Honey Company, Chinook Arch Meadery, Chinook Vinegar Works   
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Field Stone Fruit Wines   Strathmore, AB Phone:  403-934-2749 
Box 19, Site 6, RR1
Strathmore, AB    T1P 1J6
Phone:  403-934-2749    Fax: N/A    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Marvin  Gill
Sales/Marketing: Elaine  Gill
Winemaker: Dominic  Rivard
Products:   Fruit Wine (Black Currant, Cherry, Bumbleberry, Raspberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb), Dessert Wine (Strawberry, Wild Black Cherry, Saskatoon Berry, Raspberry, Black Currant)   
Brands:   Field Stone Fruit Wines   
Parent Company:   Bumbleberry Orchards Ltd.   
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Highwood Distillers Ltd.   High River, AB Phone:  403-652-3202 
Box 5693, 114 - 10 Ave. SE
High River, AB    T1V 1M7
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-652-3202    Fax: 403-652-4227    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
President: Barry  Wilde
Operations: Michael  Nychyk
Sales: Sheldon  Hyra
Controller: Debi  Roth
Production/QA: Jarrod  Grant
Products:   Canadian Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Liqueurs, Premixes, Creams, Ready To Serve   
Brands:   Highwood, Potters, Century, Centennial, White Owl, Ceili's Cream, Graffiti, Abstract, Marushka, White Lightning, True North, Ninety, Pristina, Empire, Wild Cinnamon, Sweet Sippin Maple Whisky   
Export Markets:  US   
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Labatt Breweries of Canada   Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-438-8765 
10119 - 45 Ave.
Edmonton, AB    T6E 0G8
AFPA Member
Phone:  780-438-8765    Fax: 780-436-3656    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  over 100   
Brewery Manager: Peter  Delamont
Sales/Marketing: Simon  Laroche
Production: Curtis  Geiger
Food Safety/QA: Ashley  Farrington
Products:   Beer   
Brands:   Budweiser, Bud Light, Club, Blue, Labatt Lite, Lucky Extra, Lucky, Lucky Force 8   
Export Markets:  USA   
Parent Company:   ABINBEV, Belgium   
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Rig Hand Craft Distillery Inc.   Nisku, AB Phone:  780-955-2414 
2104 - 8 St. Bay B
Nisku, AB    T9E 7Y9
AFPA Member
Phone:  780-955-2414    Fax: N/A    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Geoff  Stewart
General Manager: Mike  Beile
Sales/Marketing: Geoff  Stewart
Production: Geoff  Stewart
Products:   Alcohol/Spirits (Big Rig Vodka, Gin, Double Double, Garlic Vodka, Brum, Espresso Vodka), White Dog Spirits   
Brands:   Big Rig, Pure Alberta Spirit   
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The Black Velvet Distilling Company   Lethbridge, AB Phone:  403-317-2100 
2925 - 9 Ave. N
Lethbridge, AB    T1H 5E3
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-317-2100    Fax: 403-317-2125    Toll Free:  N/A   [email]   
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
General Manager: Claude  Bilodeau
President/CEO: Rob  Sands
Bottling/Shipping Manager: Kevin  Larue
Distillery Manager: Jonathan  Goldberg
Sales: Maureen  Spring
Food Safety/QA: Vicky  Miller
Products:   Canadian Whisky   
Brands:   Black Velvet, OFC Canadian Whisky, Golden Wedding, Danfield's Private Reserve, Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whisky, Serpent's Bite Apple Whisky   
Export Markets:  Global   
Parent Company:   Constellation Brands   
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The Dandy Brewing Company Ltd.   Calgary, AB Phone:  403-769-9399 
11, 1826 - 25 Ave. NE
Calgary, AB    T2E 7K1
Phone:  403-769-9399    Fax: N/A    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
General Manager: Ben  Leon
Sales/Marketing: Matt  Gaetz
Production: Dylan  Mosal
Food Safety/QA: Derek  Waghray
Products:   Beer (Ale)   
Brands:   Oyster Stout, Summer Ale, Imperial Stout, English Pale Ale   
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The Grizzly Paw Pub & Brewing Company Ltd.   Canmore, AB Phone:  403-678-2487 
310 Old Canmore Road
Canmore, AB    T1W 0J7
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-678-2487    Fax: N/A    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
President: Robert  Flatt
General Mgr (Pub): Jean Michel  Buffard
Sales/Marketing: Nick  Fodor
Food Safety/QA (Brewery Ops): Adam  Demaniuk
Food Safety/QA (Chef): Ross  Hanson
Products:   Beer, Soda, F & B Hospitality   
Brands:   Powder Hound Blonde, Rutting Elk Red, Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat, The Grizz Paw Soda Company   
Export Markets:  BC   
Parent Company:   The Grizzly Paw Holding Company Ltd.   
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Wild Rose Brewery Ltd.   Calgary, AB Phone:  403-720-2733 
2, 4580 Quesnay Wood Dr. SW
Calgary, AB    T3E 7J3
Offer Public Tours
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-720-2733    Fax: 403-720-2803    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
Controller: Aaron  Taylor
Sales/Marketing: Lyndsay  Chant
Production: Brian  Smith
Food Safety/QA: Wendy  Finn
Products:   Craft Beer (Variety of Package Sizes)   
Brands:   Wraspberry Ale, Velvet Fog, Brown Ale, Wild Rose I.P.A., S.O.B., Wred Wheat, Alberta Crude Oatmeal Stout, Various Seasonals   
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