Agricultural Processing Industry Directory

Oilseeds & Edible Oil Products

Alberta Canola Producers Commission   Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-454-0844 
14560 - 116 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB    T5L 4S6
Phone:  780-454-0844    Fax: 780-451-6933    Toll Free:  1-800-551-6652   [email] 
# of Employees:  Not Available   
General Manager: Ward  Toma
Marketing: Tanya  Pidsadowski
Products:   Industry Organization   
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Archer Daniels Midland   Lloydminster, SK Phone:  780-875-5554 
Box 1620
Lloydminster, SK    S9V 1K5
Phone:  780-875-5554    Fax: 780-875-3753    Toll Free:  1-800-661-9420   [email] 
# of Employees:  26 to 100   
President: Patricia  Woertz
Manager: Tim  Cassidy
Production: Josh  Melby
Products:   Crude Canola Oil, Refined Canola Oil, Canola Meal Pellets, Soy Meal Pellets, Canola Meal, Ethanol, Biodiesel   
Export Markets:  China - Hong Kong   
Parent Company:   ADM Decatur, IL   
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Bunge Loders Croklaan   Edmonton, AB Phone:  780-447-6960 
14711 - 128 Ave.
Edmonton, AB    T5L 3H3
AFPA Member
Phone:  780-447-6960    Fax: N/A    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  over 100   
VP Retail & Export Sales: Rodrigo.  Vasconcelos
Products:   Margarines, Shortening, Canola & Vegetable Oil in Retail Foodservice & Bulk Industrial Sizes, Salad Oils (Canola)   
Brands:   Private Label, Bunge, Capri, CanaPlus   
Export Markets:  Global   
Parent Company:   Bunge Inc., NY   
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Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd.   Taber, AB Phone:  403-223-3900 
Box 4222
Taber, AB    T1G 2C7
Phone:  403-223-3900    Fax: 403-223-1900    Toll Free:  1-800-563-7333   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Don  Hubble
Sales/Marketing: Kelly  Barany
Products:   Wild & Companion Bird Feed Products, Raw Ingredients (Millet, Sunflower, Canaryseed), Pedigreed Cereal, Special Crop Seeds, Pedigreed Seed Grain, Human Consumption Sunflowers   
Brands:   Bird's Choice, Mother Nature's, Headstart   
Export Markets:  USA   
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Dale Thacker Specialty Crops   Bow Island, AB Phone:  403-545-6122 
Box 369
Bow Island, AB    T0K 0G0
Phone:  403-545-6122    Fax: 888-243-9209    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President/Manager: Dale  Thacker
Assistant Managers: Kyle Thacker  /Gavin Thacker
Sales/Marketing: Gordon  Reynolds
Food Safety/QA: Gavin  Thacker
Products:   Spearmint, Peppermint & Dill Oils (Kosher Certified), Cereal Grains, Pulse Crops & Oilseeds (Hybrid & Commercial), Hemp   
Export Markets:  USA   
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Gold Top Organics Ltd.   Parkland County, AB Phone:  780-963-2063 
1419 Township Rd. 512
Parkland County, AB    T7Y 2N8
Phone:  780-963-2063    Fax: 780-963-2063    Toll Free:  1-877-891-4019   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President/Sales: John  Oppermann
Food Safety/QA: Lauri  Jones
Products:   Oil (Hemp, Coconut, Flax), Flax Meal, Whole Pumpkin Seed, Organic Rolled Oats, In-House Micronisation   
Brands:   Gold Top, Private Label   
Export Markets:  Pacific Rim   
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Highwood Crossing Foods Ltd.   High River, AB Phone:  403-652-1910 
810 Centre St. SE
High River, AB    T1V 1E8
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-652-1910    Fax: 403-652-7511    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President/CEO: Tony  Marshall
Products:   Certified Organic Products: Cold Press Flax & Canola Oil, Whole Grains, Cereals & Mixes (Muffin, Pancake), Granolas, All-Purpose Flour, Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Rye Flour, Flaxseed, Rolled Oats, Steel Cut Oats, Quick Oats, Oat Bran, Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour Mix   
Brands:   Highwood Crossing Fresh Organic Food, Highwood Crossing Food Ltd., Highwood Crossing Farm   
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Lynn Thacker Ag. Corp.   Bow Island, AB Phone:  403-545-6565 
Box 719
Bow Island, AB    T0K 0G0
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-545-6565    Fax: 403-545-6567    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Lynn  Thacker
Sales/Marketing: Clint  Thacker
: Clint  Thacker
Food Safety/QA: Clint  Thacker
Products:   Catnip Herb, Catnip Oil, Dillweed Oil, Spearmint Oil, Cereal Grains, Seed Grains   
Export Markets:  North America   
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Mountainview Canola   Strathmore, AB Phone:  403-901-8111 
Box 2187
Strathmore, AB    T1P 1K2
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-901-8111    Fax: 403-935-4300    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
Plant/Production Manager: Walter  Hofer
Sales/Marketing: Mountainview Distribution Inc. 
Food Safety/QA: Jerry  Hofer
Products:   Cold Pressed Non-GMO Canola   
Brands:   Mountainview Canola   
Export Markets:  Middle East   
Parent Company:   Mountainview Farming Inc.   
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Nature's Nutraceuticals Inc.   Brooks, AB Phone:  403-362-7507 
Box 1907
Brooks, AB    T1R 1C6
Phone:  403-362-7507    Fax: 403-362-7510    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
Owners: John & Sandra  Day
General Manager: John  Day
Products:   Certified Organic (Flax Oil, Hemp Oil, Flax/Hemp Oil Blend, Flax Meal, Flax Seedl), Hemp Nuts   
Brands:   Farmers Own(TM)   
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Pleasant Valley Oil Mills   Clive, AB Phone:  403-307-1323 
Clive, AB    T0C 0Y0
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-307-1323    Fax: 403-784-3443    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Peter  Waldner
General Manager: Dan  Waldner
Products:   Cold Pressed Canola Oil (Non GMO Canola Oil, GMO) Cold Pressed Canola Meal (Non-GMO, GMO), Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil (Non-GMO, GMO)   
Brands:   Pleasant Valley Oil Mills, Co-Packing   
Export Markets:  Asia   
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Richardson Oilseed Limited   Lethbridge, AB Phone:  204-934-5151 
2415 - 2A Ave. North
Lethbridge, AB    T1H 6P5
AFPA Member
Phone:  204-934-5151    Fax: 204-943-6065    Toll Free:  1-800-635-3296   [email] 
# of Employees:  over 100   
President/CEO: Curt  Vossen
Senior VP: Patrick  Van Osch
Assistant VP: David  Busby
Assistant VP Operations: Randolph  Sidoo
International Sales Manager: Marko  Bebek
Director QA: Antony  Robert
Products:   Canola Salad & Cooking Oils, Canola Margarine, Canola Shortenings, Canola Protein By-Products   
Brands:   Rimini, Romana, Canola Harvest, Heartlight   
Export Markets:  Global   
Parent Company:   Richardson Oilseed Limited    Winnipeg, R3B 0X8  
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Royal Commodities Limited   Fort Saskatchewan, AB Phone:  780-722-2875 
55068 Rg. Rd. 204
Fort Saskatchewan, AB    T8L 4B6
Phone:  780-722-2875    Fax: N/A    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Jim  Gray
Products:   Racehorse Oats, Human Consumption Oats, Oilseeds, Grains   
Export Markets:  Japan   
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Sunora Foods Inc.   Calgary, AB Phone:  403-247-8300 
205, 4616 Valiant Dr. NW
Calgary, AB    T3A 0X9
AFPA Member
Phone:  403-247-8300    Fax: 403-247-8340    Toll Free:  N/A   [email] 
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President: Steve  Bank
Sales/Marketing: Shawn  Li
: Steve Bank/  Shawn Li
Food Safety/QA: Thomas  Forde
Products:   Canola Oil, Canola Related Products, Other Food Oils   
Brands:   Sunora, Sunera, Zarera, Sunset   
Export Markets:  Global   
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