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Brozny Thorsby   Posted: 2019-01-16 
Have oats green feed and hay green feed and hardcore hay available. Thorsby Alberta. Call or text only @ 780-499-4214 for more information
Phone:  780-499-4214    
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Shady Lane Shorthorns Moose Jaw   Posted: 2019-01-16 
Price:  $200/ton  
5'x6' round bales of alfalfa hay for sale. 2018 crop, baled with John Deere 568 baler. Bales are approx 1,500 lbs. Will load but also have delivery available, 34 bales on a load. Located west 25 miles west of Moose Jaw close to #1
Phone:  306-530-7716    
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Szymanek, Mike Stauffer   Posted: 2019-01-15 
Price:  11 cents / lbs  
Big rounds bales, Timothy, alfalfa, brome. Baled dry in July, weigh around 1450 lbs. Loading is included, trucking is available.
Phone:  403-318-5459    
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Can Pro Farms Arborfield   Posted: 2019-01-14 
Garnet  Ferguson
Price:  $96.00 per bale   Quantity and Type:  500
we are selling 2017 alfalfa bales. Price is $96.00 per bale, FOB Arborfield, SK. First and second cut mixed together. Average 1,600 lbs per bale. We have 2-3 loaders on site. Please call the office and ask for Mike. It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect the hay to their satisfaction before buying. All hay sells as is, where is. Sold by the bale. Feed test results and catch weights available. Bales are solid core & twine tied.
Phone:  306-769-8622    
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Stamper, James Leduc County   Posted: 2019-01-13 
Price:  $9.75   Quantity and Type:  2500
Small square 2nd cut timothy orchard grass bales in a shed excellent horse hay. Delivery available 500 or 1000 bale loads, self unloading truck.
Phone:  780-986-3779 Cell:  780-953-6821  
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Douglass, Adam Gem   Posted: 2019-01-10 
Price:  Please contact   Quantity and Type:  900 ton triticale/ryegrass greenfeed
4x4 large square bales. Put up with zero rain. Good quality. Tdn is 64% rfv just over 120. Protein 9.8 moisture 14%. Cows love this feed especially with the green grass in it. Call me for more information. 4035014252
Phone:  403-501-4252    
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Matula, Vic High Prairie   Posted: 2019-01-10 
Price:  80 per bale   Quantity and Type:  alfalfa meadow brome
5x6 JD bales. No Rain
Phone:  780-523-2584 Cell:  780-523-6349  
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Vandenberg Hay Farms Nobleford   Posted: 2019-01-10 
Price:  Call   Quantity and Type:  Call
Dairy alfalfa and grass hay available in small or large square or round bales. There is 2nd and 3rd cut dairy quality hay, (complete with Cumberland analysis) feeder/cow hay and horse hay. We sell and deliver hay throughout Alberta, BC, and Sask by the load.
Phone:  403-795-1347    
[email]    vandenberghay.ca 
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Koleyak Farms Ltd. Ponoka   Posted: 2019-01-09 
Price:  120 per bale   Quantity and Type:  8 round bales grass hay
Grass hay mostly Brome and Timothy mixed. 4 first cut and 4 second cut.
Phone:  403-783-2777 Cell:  403-506-8557  
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PSV Farms Enchant   Posted: 2019-01-09 
Peter  Vissers
Quantity and Type:  200 Round bales
Excellent quality 3rd cut round alfalfa bales for sale. Tests available upon request. Call Peter at 403-382-8637 or Andrew at 403-382-8847
Phone:  403-382-8637    
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Goudreau, Leger Leduc County   Posted: 2019-01-07 
Price:  150.00 /bale   Quantity and Type:  Alfalfa Grass Mix 80 round bales.
1st & 2nd cut alfalfa brome, timothy mix. Baled green & dry. Approx 1200 lbs. Can load Please call 780-718-3853
Phone:  780-718-3853    
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Luft Family Farms Didsbury   Posted: 2019-01-07 
Doug  Luft
Price:  $12.00/bale   Quantity and Type:  80
We have 80 small square 2nd cut alfalfa bales available for sale. These are nice green bales stored in the shed here on the farm. Please call for more info or to view bales.
Phone:  403-559-9081    
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Sturgeon River Ranch Wheatland County   Posted: 2019-01-07 
Warren  Kalbhen
Price:  $220 a ton   Quantity and Type:  500 bales
Second cut grass hay for sale 1740 lb bales 60% orchard 20 % Timothy 20% smooth brome. Baled at 12 % moisture, green with no dust. Bales will be scaled out
Phone:  403-325-7580    
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Braconnier, Peter Three Hills   Posted: 2019-01-06 
Price:  $10.00/bale   Quantity and Type:  100
Small square hay bales for sale
Phone:  403-443-5386 Cell:  403-369-3634  
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Koots, Clarence Eckville   Posted: 2019-01-04 
Price:  12.00 per bale   Quantity and Type:  1000 second cut alfalfa
1000 small square alfalfa bales about 70 lb per bale. Shredded. Dry with very good color. Delivery available.
Phone:  403-391-1048    
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Heller, Tim Smoky Lake   Posted: 2019-01-03 
Price:  80  
120 slough grass available. Made with a JD 569 baler. Baled dry and most with no rain. Asking $80/bale. Also have wheat and some barley straw for sale. $30/bale. Loading and/or delivery may be available at extra cost. Call 780-650-0436
Phone:  780-650-0436    
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Klassen Hay & Cattle Ltd. Bow Island   Posted: 2019-01-03 
Josh  Klassen
Price:  $230/ton  
2nd cut Timothy/180 4x4 large square bales/shedded/delivery available.
Phone:  403-952-1030    
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Bar PC Cremona   Posted: 2019-01-02 
Price:  250/bale   Quantity and Type:  30 rounds
Premium Total Grass horse hay. No Alfalfa, first cut low nitrate, export quality, shedded on plastic, no rain, no acid treatment, 1565lbs, 92.3% dry matter, analysis, delivery, leafy-not irrigated, Also heavy 70lb small squares
Phone:  403-875-1223    
[email]    www.facebook.com/BarPCEquine/ 
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Mundt's Operations Inc. Oyen   Posted: 2019-01-02 
Brenton  Mundt
Price:  $210   Quantity and Type:  250 large square bales
Grass/Alfalfa Mix big square bales (4x4x8). 1,750 lbs per bale. Can deliver.
Phone:  403-664-9734   Fax:  403-450-8346
[email]    www.mundtsoperationsinc.com 
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East Coulee Trading Post Drumheller   Posted: 2018-12-23 
Price:  14 cents   Quantity and Type:  100
We have 100 4ft by 4ft by 8ft 100% Alfalfa bales left for sale. All our other bales are sold. They are green, full of leaves and flowers, and are the best bales we had this year. We are looking for straw bales. We can load, or haul about 18 for $3.00 a loaded kilometer.
Phone:  403-334-6969    
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Smith, Wayne Caroline   Posted: 2018-12-23 
Price:  150.00 Per bale   Quantity and Type:  Alfalfa timothy
Early July harvested 35-65 percent alfalfa-timothy. Weighing 1300 pounds, lots of twine. Free loading JD 567 bales. No texts please.
Phone:  403-722-2182-No-texts-please Cell:  403-844-7675-No-texts-please  
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R, Jerald Halkirk   Posted: 2018-12-20 
Price:  11.00  
Small square hay bales, brome, alfalfa and timothy. No rain, baled dry - tarped.
Phone:  780-679-2141    
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., Darin Sangudo   Posted: 2018-12-19 
Price:  25  
3 year old round hay bales. Alfalfa that was rained on. Plastic twine. 120 bales. Would work to mix with silage
Phone:  780-305-1090    
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Kent Ranch Okotoks   Posted: 2018-12-19 
Ian  Kent
Price:  12.50   Quantity and Type:  600 +
Small squares, grass/alfalfa 15% +/- in shed no rain, delivery available
Phone:  403-816-6348    
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R, Jerald Halkirk   Posted: 2018-12-19 
Price:  170.00   Quantity and Type:  37
Brome, alfalfa and timothy mix hay. Approx. 1500#. Baled dry in July. Also 19, 2017 bales, baled dry, same mix, weighing approx. 1600#, $110.00. Can load.
Phone:  780-679-2141    
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Green Prairie International Lethbridge   Posted: 2018-12-17 
John  Van Hierden
Price:  165   Quantity and Type:  600
Barley Greenfeed for sale, located by Etzikom. Delivery available Approx. 400 3x4 bales. $165/ST at the stack, also have Durum Greenfeed by Coaldale, 200 bales. $165/ST Delivery available. Tests for both lots available, low nitrates on both. Call John at 403-634-0316 for info
Phone:  403-634-0316    
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Henderson Horse Hay Ponoka County   Posted: 2018-12-17 
Greg  Henderson
Price:  $10/bale   Quantity and Type:  400 Small square hay bales
2nd cut small square hay 55-60 lbs; 50% Orchard Grass 45% Timothy 5% Alfalfa. Cut after snows of September and baled dry (JD 348). Suited for horses on pasture or recreational use - not intended for very active horses without additional supplement. Due to recent surgery, delivery is not available and buyer must be able to load themselves. Located between Ponoka and Bashaw. Cash or etransfer only. Text for more info or photos. Some dry no rain 1st and 2nd cut available at different prices.
Phone:  403-704-6190    
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Lamson, Doug Hanna   Posted: 2018-12-17 
Price:  $200/ton   Quantity and Type:  120 Round Bales approx 1400lbs
Brome, Alfalfa Mix baled dry no rain and twine.
Phone:  403-854-0222 Cell:  403-854-0222  
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McInroy, Darren Andrew   Posted: 2018-12-17 
Price:  $120   Quantity and Type:  167
Round bales. Alfalfa/timothy brome. $0.10 per pound, approx 1200 pound bales. 130 first cut, 37 second cut, no rain, net wrapped.
Phone:  780-982-6141    
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Watson, Ross Sylvan Lake   Posted: 2018-12-14 
Price:  $170 per bale  
Alfalfa/Orchard grass/Meadow Brome/Timothy big round hay bales, no rain, cut and baled in July, green, dry and tight. Great horse hay. Bales average 1508 lbs. Approximately 11 cents a lb. Loading is included. Call 403-348-1555
Phone:  403-348-1555    
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Tonhauser, Danny Litttle Smokey   Posted: 2018-12-13 
Price:  40   Quantity and Type:  200 grass hay
200 bales of hay from summer of 2017. Baled dry mostly grass hay some alfalfa and clover. About 1100 lb bales twine tied. Located at Little Smokey
Phone:  780-284-0952 Cell:  780-284-0952  
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van de Ligt, Dave Jarvie   Posted: 2018-12-13 
Quantity and Type:  Green Feed
Green Feed bales for sale, about 2000 lbs/bale. Dry and green. Westlock County. 10 cents/lb or open for offers
Phone:  780-307-7072    
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McEachern, Leslie Cherhill   Posted: 2018-12-11 
Price:  .07   Quantity and Type:  Greenfeed Oat's
120 bales of Greenfeed Oats available. Mustang variety. Cut at soft dough stage. Average 1186lbs/bale. Asking $0.07/lb. Baled with twine at ~25% moisture. Tubewrapped in our hay yard. Hauled some away the other day and not a touch of mold. Really nice looking feed. Pictures available to be emailed/texted.
Phone:  780-305-4792    
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Jones Vulcan   Posted: 2018-12-10 
Price:  $150/bale   Quantity and Type:  Alfalfa
I have 180 alfalfa bales for sale. Weight is around 1400-1500lbs. I never got analysis on hay because I meant to use for my own herd. Had to sell my cows.
Phone:  403-652-6872    
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R, David Red Deer   Posted: 2018-12-06 
Price:  $140.00/bale  
Alfalfa Timothy Brome Mix 1300 average lb $ 140.00 per bale. Delivery Available at extra cost. 34 bale loads or 12 bale trailers. Approx. 200 bales.
Phone:  403-348-6445    
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Bar PC Cremona   Posted: 2018-12-05 
Price:  $250.00   Quantity and Type:  30 Round Bales
Beautiful all grass horse hay. July 1st cut, Green Timothy heads. Tim/orchard/brome/blue, Shedded, 1565lbs, 7.7% moisture, analysis, local delivery.
Phone:  403-875-1223    
[email]    www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQRiIgNI0AY&t=9s 
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Torie, Kevin Sunnynook   Posted: 2018-12-05 
Price:  $190/ ton   Quantity and Type:  100 tons Alfalfa/Grass hay
100 tons of Alfalfa/Grass hay available in Sunnynook, AB area.$190/ton. Please call Kevin Torie at 403 363 0486 for more information.
Phone:  403-363-0486    
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