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Rosa, Darrell Caslan   Posted: 2018-10-16 
Price:  $120/Bale   Quantity and Type:  200
Alfalfa 40%/ Grass 60% mix hay nice and green. Baled 66 inches with a John Deere 567. Approx 1400lbs.
Phone:  780-689-2896 Cell:  780-689-1887  
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Malo, Raoul Lafond   Posted: 2018-10-15 
Price:  105.00 per bale  
Quantity-100 bales. 1500 pounds. Alfalfa Brome Crested Wheat etc. First cut this year
Phone:  780-645-0083    
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Rauser, Leonard Andrew   Posted: 2018-10-09 
Price:  $100.00   Quantity and Type:  13 large round
2nd cut mixed alfalfa/grass. Also have 5 1st cut bales left at same location if you need them to make a load phone 780 896-3823
Phone:  780-896-3823    
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Tostyniuk, Darcy Grassland   Posted: 2018-09-27 
High moisture oats 16-18 hundred lbs. 54 in bailer. Would like picked up off the field. $100 each
Phone:  780-525-2205 Cell:  780-519-2205  
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Werstiuk, Matthew Glendon   Posted: 2018-09-27 
Price:  $125.00   Quantity and Type:  215
Selling 215 second cut hay silage bales. 4'x5' baled with a Vermeer 504 Pro. Average bale moisture 40%. 70% alfalfa, 20% brome, 5% timothy. Able to load.
Phone:  780-614-3711 Cell:  780-614-3711  
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FLM Farms Ltd Glendon   Posted: 2018-09-17 
Brian  Makaruk
Price:  140 per bale   Quantity and Type:  350 round bales
Anyone interested in purchasing approx. 350 second cut alfalfa haylage bales. Bales would weigh around 1800 lbs and baler silaged and individually wrapped. Hay is still standing. Wondering what the interest is for silage bales.
Phone:  780-635-3871 Cell:  780-623-8910 Fax:  780-635-3871
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Kamelchuk, Michael Boyle   Posted: 2018-09-10 
Price:  $60  
5'x5' bales pure fescue and alfalfa/grass mix bales
Phone:  780-525-2259 Cell:  780-689-9887  
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