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Greens Hay Sales Sangudo   Posted: 2018-08-14 
Dwight & Wilf  Green
Price:  $80   Quantity and Type:  50 + round hay bales
Alfalfa grass mix, no rain
Phone:  780-785-2123 Cell:  780-965-1163  
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Blum Hay Sales Barrhead   Posted: 2018-08-07 
Dieter  Blum
Price:  Call  
For sale small square bales. Grass timothy very small amount of Alfalfa mix and Straight timothy. Bales weigh approx. 65 lbs. All the hay was baled with no rain and is under shed. Price ranges from $7.00 to $8.00 per bale. Serious inquiries only. Must take 50 or more. Please call for more information thanks.
Phone:  780-674-4175 Cell:  780-674-7897  
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Henning, Wesley Rochfort Bridge   Posted: 2018-07-31 
Price:  $5 per bale  
100 square bales of grass hay bales July 29th. No rain
Phone:  780-305-6564    
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Perrett, Steele Evansburg   Posted: 2018-07-31 
Price:  50 - 100 per bale   Quantity and Type:  1500 round bales
I have +/- 1500 bales for sale. They are baled with 568 John Deere balers and wrapped with twine. Price is based on quality of hay. Bales would weigh 1200 to 1400 pounds depending on type of hay. Loading and delivery available in loads of 38. Please call for more details.
Phone:  780-779-3139    
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Nickolson, Duane Cherhill   Posted: 2018-07-30 
Price:  80.00   Quantity and Type:  50 round bales
1200 lb mixed grass round hay bales. Very little alfalfa and baled with no rain on July 28th.
Phone:  780-706-4524    
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White Whale Creek Farms Ltd Parkland County   Posted: 2018-07-26 
Tom  Scheideman
Price:  180/ ton baled   Quantity and Type:  Greenfeed
Large round bales of wheat green feed or standing crop. Duffield/Carvel area. Price negotiable
Phone:  780-777-9863    
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Homeak, Darren Rich Valley   Posted: 2018-07-24 
Price:  $100./ Bale   Quantity and Type:  100 Hay
Mixed Hay, Green, Dry, baled early July 1600 lbs. approximately.
Phone:  780-967-4837    
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Adolphson, Dean Valleyview   Posted: 2018-07-10 
We have a few hundred acres of clean Timothy that would make prime horse hay (was a certified seed stand) and could be cut and baled for hay with a JD 567 round baler if there is demand. Please call if interested. We also have excellent Timothy brome alfalfa horse hay that we will be cutting and baling.
Phone:  780-300-9503    
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