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Twin Valley Ranch Sangudo   Posted: 2017-11-16 
Denis  Paradis
Price:  Negotiable   Quantity and Type:  80+ second cut hay
Bales are alfalfa grass mix, approx. 1200 + lbs, had some rain, but baled dry. would make good cow feed. open to reasonable offers. 30+ wheat straw bales @ $30.
Phone:  780-785-3588    
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Rodriguez, Francisco Sangudo   Posted: 2017-11-14 
Price:  $ 50.00   Quantity and Type:  Round Bales
Excellent quality Alfalfa-Timothy-Brome mixed hay. Absolutely no rain, no weeds, no chemicals. Very nice,dry and green, net wrapped round bales, 1400 Lbs. Baled with John Deere 568 baler. Located between Sangudo and Mayerthorpe.
Phone:  780-785-2059    
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Crooked Lake Farm Gwynne   Posted: 2017-11-10 
Kelly or Jill  Burkhardt
Price:  6.50   Quantity and Type:  500 small square hay bales
Small square hay bales. Baled dry, no rain. Approx 60 lb bales. 70% grass 30% alfalfa. Willing to break up into smaller groups. No delivery available but we?ll help load. Located in Wetaskiwin County.
Phone:  780-352-9533 Cell:  780-387-6323  
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Kublik, Marvin Barrhead   Posted: 2017-11-10 
Price:  4 to 5 cents per lb   Quantity and Type:  2nd cut alfalfa/grass hay
2nd cut alfalfa/grass round hay bales. Weigh 1300-1400 lbs.
Phone:  780-674-4374   Fax:  780-674-4374
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Iwaschuk, Ken & Kevin Sangudo   Posted: 2017-11-08 
Price:  $45   Quantity and Type:  250 Alfalfa mix hay
250 Alfalfa mix 1200 lb soft core bales for sale.
Phone:  780-785-9138-or-780-305-9085    
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Siegle, Glen Clyde   Posted: 2017-11-07 
Price:  $60   Quantity and Type:  350+
2nd cut alfalfa hay with fall showers. Nice and green. Baled with a 568 JD baler. Approx 1500 lbs
Phone:  780-307-8194    
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Barry, Don Evansburg   Posted: 2017-11-06 
220 JD 530 Grass Hay for sale. Good Hay. 80 Timothy bales @ $50/bale. Good cow hay @ $40/bale. 1300 lb bales. Call 780.727.2233.
Phone:  780-727-2233    
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Oldeheuvel, Ben Rochfort Bridge   Posted: 2017-11-06 
Price:  45 per bale   Quantity and Type:  210 bales alfalfa medow brome
160 first cut very good no rain 50 second cut. 1400 lb bales, 8465 baler good tight bales
Phone:  780-785-2809 Cell:  780-785-8286  
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Adams, Kelly Whitecourt   Posted: 2017-11-04 
Price:  $45/bale   Quantity and Type:  100 round bales
Good quality hay put up with JD 535 baler appro 1200lbs bales. Little to no rain
Phone:  780.706.0759    
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Harke, Ed Barrhead   Posted: 2017-10-30 
Price:  Call for pricing   Quantity and Type:  Mixed Grass Hay Bales
Large round bales. Timothy/Brome mix w/some clover, +1500 lbs, net wrapped, no rain. Pick up only
Phone:  780-674-2959    
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Hillgardner Stony plain   Posted: 2017-10-30 
Price:  50  
First cut of hay. 240 bales available. 50% alfalfa 25% brome 25% timothy. Will load. Put up dry no rain. 1150-1200lb bales
Phone:  780-983-7024    
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Greens Hay Sales Sangudo   Posted: 2017-10-26 
Dwight & Wilf  Green
Price:  $40   Quantity and Type:  400+ round hay bales
Alfalfa grass mix, no rain.
Phone:  780-785-2123 Cell:  780-965-1163  
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Hall, Rick Cherhill   Posted: 2017-10-26 
Price:  4 cents per lb   Quantity and Type:  56 round bales
Good quality first cut alfalfa brome and timothy mix hay, baled with no rain on it.
Phone:  780-785-4003 Cell:  780-284-4381  
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Kurach, Angela and Don Stony Plain   Posted: 2017-10-25 
Price:  $5   Quantity and Type:  Square Bales
First cut square bales. Alfalfa, Timothy, Brome (Super Hay Blend). Approximately 50 lbs each. No rain. Shedded. Delivery available.
Phone:  780-903-2672 Cell:  780-966-3957  
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Bieda, Chris Tomahawk   Posted: 2017-10-23 
1000 bales of many different types of hay. 1st. and 2nd. cut alfalfa with grass. Mixed grass bales. Greenfeed. Meadow hay. Bed down with a Canary grass bale ( $35 ). $35 to $50. Except 2nd cut alfalfa is priced $60. 80% of the Hay put up in good condition. Can load anytime. 3 hay yards. 2 are right beside the highway. Hay 1200 to 1400 lb. Greenfeed 1500 lb. Bales are weighed with a very accurate digital crane scale on the farm. A demonstration is available upon your request. 587 589 0556.
Phone:  587-589-0556 Cell:  587-589-0556  
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Horne, Roger Lake Isle   Posted: 2017-10-20 
Price:  50.00   Quantity and Type:  700
Alfalfa Timothy 1st cut, no rain, no fertilizer, and put up middle of August. 1200 lbs, johndeere baler. 50.00 a bale, 100 bales last year 40.00 a bale and 100 bales Meadow Hay 20.00 a bale.
Phone:  780-892-3590 Cell:  780-686-8691  
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Pemlock Simmentals Westlock   Posted: 2017-10-18 
Scott  Letts
Price:  $0.05/lb. in the field   Quantity and Type:  170 second cut alfalfa
170 bales 1600 lbs.+ of second cut clean alfalfa virtually rain free (had one very small sprinkle 2 days after it was cut). 12.5-14.5% moisture. Save money and we will load you in the field.
Phone:  780-349-2286 Cell:  780-307-6211  
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Zinyk, George Evansburg   Posted: 2017-10-18 
Price:  $50   Quantity and Type:  1200 bales of mixed hay
Approx. 1200 bales of current year hay @ $50/bale. Put up dry. Mixture of hay. 1200 lb bales. Approx. 300 bales of last years hay @ $30/bale
Phone:  780-727-2904 Cell:  780-542-8479  
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Bucninskas Farms Fox Creek   Posted: 2017-10-16 
Gary  Buchinskas
Price:  25.00 per bale   Quantity and Type:  70 Timothey Red clover
I have 70 hay bales for sale, timothy red clover mix at $25.00 per bale. Had rain dry when baled The bales are about 1200 lbs. I am located 10 Km. out of Little Smoky.To inquire call 780 524 5234.
Phone:  780-524-5234 Cell:  780-622-7006  
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Braithwaite, Dwaine Mayerthorpe   Posted: 2017-10-14 
Price:  $45/$40   Quantity and Type:  300
Large net wrapped bales ranging from 100 bales 80% alfalfa/timothy, 100 bales 50% alfalfa/grass, 100 bales 25% alfalfa/grass. 1400+ pounds. Good feed,some rain.
Phone:  780-786-2936 Cell:  780-305-3470  
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Sabadaska, Wayne Carvel   Posted: 2017-10-13 
Price:  $40.00  
Grass hay ,timothy/orchardgrass. Put up dry and dust free. Tight bales with net wrap. Weigh around 1400 lbs. Stacked single in rows.
Phone:  780-490-9199    
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Seely, Jason or Randi Little Smoky   Posted: 2017-10-12 
Price:  $30   Quantity and Type:  400 bales
We have 400 round bales Timothy, fescue baled dry.
Phone:  780-524-7725    
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Shura, Raymond Sangudo   Posted: 2017-10-08 
Price:  50.00   Quantity and Type:  500 large round hay bales
Excellent quality no rain 1400-1500lb Alfalfa/mixed grass round bales
Phone:  780-785-2349 Cell:  780-204-2349  
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Twin Valley Ranch Sangudo   Posted: 2017-10-08 
Price:  $45 obo   Quantity and Type:  80 round bales
80 second cut round bales for sale, 40% alfalfa, brome and orchard grass. approx. 1200 plus pounds, has had some rain, will make good cow feed. Baled with a John Deere 568 baler.
Phone:  780-785-3588    
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