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Bieda, Chris Tomahawk   Posted: 2018-02-17 
Meadow hay put up green. Slough grass and fine grass $40. Solid Canary grass $35. About 30 Tame Highland Mix grass $45. Bales weigh from 1200 to 1500.
Phone:  587-589-0556    
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Curtiss, Theresa Grande Prairie   Posted: 2018-02-09 
Price:  40   Quantity and Type:  500 bales Alfafa/Timothy/brome
We have the bales dug out so you can get your late winter hay. Excellent quality hay, no sprays, no chemicals, no bad weeds, put up dry. Baled between 13-14.5% moisture, with aim of 14.3. 1300-1400 lb rounds. Alfalfa/timothy/brome. We can't do deliveries but have some names of companies that will deliver for you, and we will load. Discount for volume purchase, hay tests available and suitable for horses as well as cattle. Email or Text for more details.
Phone:  250-741-6597    
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Starko, Pete High Prairie   Posted: 2018-02-06 
Price:  $30.  
Large round Mix Alfalfa bales 1500+ lbs.
Phone:  780-523-2952    
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D.T.S. Hay Farms Edmonton   Posted: 2018-02-02 
Price:  $35.00 per bale obo   Quantity and Type:  250 hay/130 Oat straw
250 4x4x8 2016 Hay Bales, Alfalfa/Grass mix and 130 4x4x8 2017 Oat straw bales. Would make good grinding, supplemental feed and bedding. Bale weight approx. 1500lbs. Delivery can be arranged. Call anytime, please leave a message if no answer, all calls returned promptly.
Phone:  780-962-2021    
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Ropcean, Gerald Evansburg   Posted: 2018-02-02 
Price:  32.00   Quantity and Type:  20
For sale 12 1200 lbs grass hay, net wrapped, baled dry, good cow hay. Also, 6 bales hay net torn but can still be loaded, asking 20.00/bale, 1200 lbs, good cow hay.
Phone:  780-621-7137    
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Barry, Don Evansburg   Posted: 2018-02-01 
For sale 160 J.D. 530 hay bales. 50 horse hay at $50.00/bale. 110 cow hay at $40.00/bale. Good shape. Transportation can be arranged.
Phone:  780-727-2233    
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Klak, Edward Athabasca   Posted: 2018-02-01 
Price:  50.00  
Alsike hay for sale,large 3x4x8 square bales,1800lb. Located at Cleardale AB, phone 780-689-8475.
Phone:  780-765-4623 Cell:  780-689-8475  
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Hall, Richard Cherhill   Posted: 2018-01-28 
Quantity and Type:  70 mixed hay bales
70 alfalfa timothy brome mix. 1st and 2nd cut available. No rain. Good horse hay. Call Rick at 780 785 4003 to inquire
Phone:  780-785-4003 Cell:  780-284-4381  
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Gravelle, Francois Busby   Posted: 2018-01-22 
Price:  25.00 per bale   Quantity and Type:  500 round bales
Rained on for two weeks. Baled dry. 2017 first cut. Alfalfa, Brome, Timothy, mix. 4'wide 6'high 950 lbs. Round bales. Twine. Will load. The farm is near, Hwy 651 Range Road 10.
Phone:  780-887-1401    
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Maya Ranch Sangudo   Posted: 2018-01-15 
Francisco  Rodriquez
Price:  $ 50.00   Quantity and Type:  100 Round Bales
Excellent quality Alfalfa, Brome and Timothy mixed hay. Absolutely No Rain, no spray, no chemicals. Very nice, dry, green, net wrapped round bales. 1400 Lbs. Baled with John Deere 568 baler. Located between Sangudo and Mayerthorpe. Will load.
Phone:  780-785-2059    
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Swift, Danielle Drayton Valley   Posted: 2018-01-14 
Price:  40  
120 Timothy Brome Clover mix bales for sale around 1350 lbs. Located north west of Drayton Valley, just west of Easyford. Open to offers
Phone:  780-914-1518    
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4D Farms and Custom Haying Valleyview   Posted: 2018-01-13 
Jay  Dreyer
Price:  $35   Quantity and Type:  1500 Bales
Large round hard core bales, netwrapped. Mixed grasses, timothy and some with about 25% alfalfa. approximate weight averages 1400 pounds. Located near Little Smoky AB, loading available. $35/bale if taking large quantities, $40/bale otherwise.
Phone:  780-524-8574    
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Blum Hay Sales Barrhead   Posted: 2018-01-09 
Dieter  Blum
We have for sale small squares bales approx. 65 lbs. some under shed others are under tarps. Alfalfa orchard grass mix and Alfalfa Timothy mix. No rain, excellent feed for horses. 1st cut and 2nd cut available. Must take 50 bales or more. Serious inquires only. Samples available as well.
Phone:  780-674-4175 Cell:  780-674-7897  
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Marklund, Dave Wildwood   Posted: 2018-01-09 
Price:  $50   Quantity and Type:  70
70 round hay bales, aprox. 1100 pounds a piece. $50 a bale, $45 if all 70 are taken. Located just East of Wildwood, AB.
Phone:  780-325-2433 Cell:  780-515-1270  
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Blum Hay Sales Barrhead   Posted: 2018-01-05 
Dieter  Blum
Price:  $55.00- 65.00  
Round Bales, approx 1500 lbs; alfalfa/orchard/timothy mix; excellent feed for horses and or cows. Net wrapped. Analysis available. Please call for more information.
Phone:  780-674-4175 Cell:  780-674-7897  
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