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Smith Champion   Posted: 2018-05-21 
Price:  offers  
16 heavy greenfeed bales 2 years old that will need special care for travel. Best maybe loaded into grain truck. Can deliver. 40 last season mixed grass/alfalfa bales.
Phone:  403-897-3829   Fax:  403-897-3829
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Crewcut Hay Sales Carseland   Posted: 2018-05-03 
Bert  Dunsbergen
We have 1st, 2nd and 3rd cut alfalfa available. Shedded big squares 3x4 and 4x4. Analysis available. Transportation is also available.
Phone:  403-554-3334    
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Cinderlyn Farms Ltd Enchant   Posted: 2018-04-30 
Price:  .14 cents a lb   Quantity and Type:  90
3rd cut alfalfa weed free no rain covered. Analysis available. Call Wes.
Phone:  403-634-0113    
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Locke, Ivan Hays   Posted: 2018-04-28 
Price:  200 ton   Quantity and Type:  3rd cut
200 round 3rd cut alfalfa bales. Protein 22%, rfv 155. Bales weigh 1600lbs +. Loading available and trucking can be arranged.
Phone:  403-634-3665    
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Klassen Hay & Cattle Ltd. Bow Island   Posted: 2018-04-11 
Quantity and Type:  Small Squares
1st cut timothy/orchard $250/ton 2nd cut timothy/orchard $180/ton Delivery available
Phone:  403-952-1030    
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