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Locke, Ivan Hays   Posted: 2018-11-10 
200 1st cut round alfalfa / grass mix bales. 200 2nd cut round alfalfa/ grass mix bales. Baled dry no rain very green. Bales weigh approx 1400 lbs, baled with twine. I also have 180 3rd cut hay bales, 21% protein, 251 rfv. Baled at ideal conditions,very green with lots leaves. Would make great dairy hay. Bales weigh 1600 lbs plus. I have all the analysis done on all cuts. Loading is available and trucking can be arranged. Phone for details and pricing.
Phone:  403-634-3665    
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Douglass, Adam Gem   Posted: 2018-11-09 
Price:  Call   Quantity and Type:  2000 ton of greenfeed
2000 ton of irrigated triticale with Italian ryegrass. Large 4x4 square bales weighing just over 1800 lbs. Also have some first cut alfalfa and 2nd cut for sale. Everything was put up dry with no rain. Feed tests available
Phone:  403-501-4252    
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Green Prairie International Lethbridge   Posted: 2018-10-31 
John  Van Hierden
Price:  165   Quantity and Type:  600
Barley Greenfeed for sale, located by Etzikom. Approx. 600 3x4 bales. $165/ST at the stack, Delivery available. Call John at 403-634-0316 for info
Phone:  403-634-0316    
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Douglass Bros Ranching Duchess   Posted: 2018-10-20 
Matt  Douglass
Price:  $170/ton OBO   Quantity and Type:  550 Ton Barley/Oat Mix Greenfeed
550 ton of barley/oat mix greenfeed. No rain, rounds, net wrapped. 1500lbs bales. Selling it at $170/ton OBO. Stack is close to scale. Only selling in weighed semi loads. Premium feed, tons of grain in bales. Field was sprayed twice, little to no weeds. A little bonus hay that came back from previous year in it.
Phone:  403-633-4700    
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Timko, Ed Tilley   Posted: 2018-10-18 
Price:  Please contact  
Small squares for sale. 2nd cut, grass/hay mix. Great for horses.
Phone:  403-377-2753 Cell:  403-793-3178  
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