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Howg, Dylan Enchant   Posted: 2018-11-16 
Price:  Please contact  
100-200 good quality conventional wheat straw round bales. Some net and some twine. No weeds. If interested contact Dylan 403-635-2152
Phone:  403-635-2152 Cell:  403-635-2152  
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Haines, Bob Ponoka   Posted: 2018-11-14 
Price:  $ 30.00   Quantity and Type:  100
Round barley straw bales. Net wrapped. Baled with a JD 569
Phone:  403-704-9277    
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Szybunka Farms Ltd Sangudo   Posted: 2018-11-14 
Gary  Szybunka
Price:  $30/bale   Quantity and Type:  200
100 wheat and 100 barley straw bales. Baled dry. Will load in the field.
Phone:  780-785-2418 Cell:  780-785-9389  
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., Shauna Kevisville   Posted: 2018-11-13 
Price:  30 to 40   Quantity and Type:  round bales. about 150 bales
Large round dry straw bales with delivery available John Deere 567 baler big bales some pea barley and rye but mostly wheat. Some grain in the bales. We can deliver too.
Phone:  403-352-2747    
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Sosnowski, Kevin Joffre   Posted: 2018-11-12 
Price:  $3.50  
Small sq dry wheat straw bales for sale.
Phone:  403-357-7745    
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Schultz, Clarence Westlock   Posted: 2018-11-10 
Price:  call for delivered price  
I have 300 big round bales of pea straw net raped 7,5 protein and some hay also.
Phone:  780-297-4343    
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Nafziger, Terry Innisfail   Posted: 2018-11-08 
500 large round canola bales $25 each 150 barley large round $30 each. 500 Wheat large round $30 each. Well made good weight bales
Phone:  403-588-6582    
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Jeff Nott Farms Inc Innisfree   Posted: 2018-11-07 
Jeff  Nott
Price:  25  
380 net wrapped hrs wheat straw baled with Massey baler.
Phone:  780-208-4890    
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Adam Farms Onoway   Posted: 2018-11-06 
Round straw straw bales for sale: wheat, barley and oats. Oat greenfeed bales also available. Please phone Gordon at 780-777-0737.
Phone:  780-967-3075 Cell:  780-777-0737  
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Hagerman, Clint Red Deer County   Posted: 2018-11-06 
300 heavy wheat/straw bales. 35.00 each Will load. Call Clint 403 872-3467
Phone:  403-872-3467    
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GWG Farms Ltd Airdrie   Posted: 2018-11-05 
Price:  $35/bale  
200 round barley straw bales for sale. Net wrapped. Call for more info.
Phone:  403-874-9699    
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Hansen Ag. Eckville   Posted: 2018-11-05 
Gerry  Hansen
Price:  Timothy straw 55.00 / wheat and Barley straw 35.00   Quantity and Type:  Timothy and wheat and barley straw
Timothy large round bales - 55.00. Non desicated wheat and barley large bales - 35.00.
Phone:  403-746-3627 Cell:  403-350-9998  
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Pedersen, Judy Mundare   Posted: 2018-11-05 
Price:  21 on the field   Quantity and Type:  330
Barley straw. Jd net wrapped. Large bales
Phone:  780-764-2677    
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Thygesen, Erling Haylakes/Camrose   Posted: 2018-11-05 
Price:  $35/. Rd bale. $3.50/ sq small bales  
200 round bales barley straw $35/ and 700 small square $3.50/ --wheat straw or barley straw-under shed. May deliver within reasonable distance
Phone:  780-672-6666 Cell:  780-679-6682  
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Gorda, Neil Willingdon   Posted: 2018-11-04 
Price:  30   Quantity and Type:  500
400 good green clean oat straw, 100 barley straw made with 664 NH
Phone:  780-631-0867    
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Powley, Clarence Vegreville   Posted: 2018-11-04 
Price:  $30   Quantity and Type:  150 Round Barley Straw Bales
Phone:  780-632-8711    
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Reynolds, Mike St Michael   Posted: 2018-11-04 
Price:  $40 a bale   Quantity and Type:  39
39 round bales of Straw made by JD 568 best way to contact is text
Phone:  604-946-6265    
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Russell, Brian Cremona   Posted: 2018-11-04 
Price:  35   Quantity and Type:  300
300 bales of wheat straw in 3x4x8 bales, field was underseeded to timothy so it wasn't desiccated. Baled dry.
Phone:  403-333-8527    
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Hoffman, Mike Didsbury   Posted: 2018-11-03 
Price:  $40.00   Quantity and Type:  25
Oat straw, large round bales.
Phone:  403-598-3634    
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Malyk, Gary Rocky View County   Posted: 2018-11-02 
Price:  $4.00   Quantity and Type:  2000+
Good tight small square wheat straw bales located just off pavement NW of Airdrie baled behind a conventional combine
Phone:  403-660-0956    
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Blaycock, Kurt Sturgeon County   Posted: 2018-11-01 
Price:  $40   Quantity and Type:  100 oat straw large round bales
100 large 6' high oat straw round bales for sale, string tied to the max. The field wasn't desiccated or sprayed before harvest. Oat straw was fairly green when cut. Approx weight 1200lbs ea. $50 each and I can load. Located 4 miles west of St. Albert, AB. Ph 780-886-8034
Phone:  780-886-8034    
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Boyko Two Hills   Posted: 2018-11-01 
Quantity and Type:  200
200 Wheat straw round bales for sale 64 inches.
Phone:  780-722-8738    
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Jfk Farms & Hay Sales & JFK Excavting Ltd Penhold   Posted: 2018-11-01 
Jon  Van Kuilenburg
Price:  32.50   Quantity and Type:  3500
Wheat straw for sale 3x4x8 big square bales. 5 miles east highway 2 near Red Deer, trucking and loading available . Call Jon for more information 403.872.2568
Phone:  403-872-2568 Cell:  403.872.2568  
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Jfk Farms & Hay Sales & JFK Excavting Ltd Penhold   Posted: 2018-11-01 
Jon  Van Kuilenburg
Price:  $40 a bale ore $80 a ton   Quantity and Type:  1300
Prime Wheat straw for sale 3x4x8 big square bales . Done before snow fall in September. Near Red Deer, trucking and loading available . Call Jon for more information 403.872.2568 volume discounts
Phone:  403-872-2568 Cell:  403.872.2568  
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Hi - Way 29 Farms Ltd St Paul   Posted: 2018-10-30 
Anthony  Tkachyk
Price:  $ 25.00   Quantity and Type:  1700
840 bales barley straw - JD 567 baler - twine tied 910 bales wheat straw - JD 567 baler - twine & net tied
Phone:  780-614-0130 Cell:  780-614-0130  
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Ritter, Harold Parkland County   Posted: 2018-10-29 
Price:  Call for Pricing   Quantity and Type:  500
Wheat and Barley round straw bales. Net wrapped
Phone:  780-288-7600    
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Pickles, Trevor Castor   Posted: 2018-10-27 
Price:  $30  
700 large round flax straw bales $30/each 150 large round canola straw bales $45/each No rain or snow, made with John Deere 569 baler all have 3.5 wraps net wrap
Phone:  403-741-5763    
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Chapman, David Warburg   Posted: 2018-10-26 
Price:  Contact for price.  
Round barley straw bales for sale. String wrapped and through conventional combine. Delivery can be included in price. Please call for price.
Phone:  780-940-3390    
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Land Services Sylvan Lake   Posted: 2018-10-25 
Price:  40   Quantity and Type:  90
Clean wheat straw. Net wrapped round bales.
Phone:  403-356-0200    
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Wold, Darcy New Norway   Posted: 2018-10-24 
Price:  50   Quantity and Type:  60 / 80
Made with a John Deer 569 and 2.5 wraps of net. The barley straw was made dry at 70 inches. Willing to load no trucking available.
Phone:  780-678-7193    
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Quesseth Farms Red Deer County   Posted: 2018-10-23 
Price:  $45   Quantity and Type:  700
Barley straw in 3x4x8 big square. 700 bales available. Delivery options available as well. Contact Greg 403-588-0244 Aaron 403-598-5365
Phone:  403-598-5365 Cell:  403-588-0244  
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Taks, Ron Bowden   Posted: 2018-10-23 
Quantity and Type:  5000
We have wheat and barley straw in the swath or in the bale. Call for pricing large square and round or make your own.
Phone:  403-224-2265 Cell:  403-559-7397  
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Kroschel, Barry Acme   Posted: 2018-10-21 
Price:  $4.00  
Wheat straw, small square bales $4.00 each
Phone:  403-830-2167    
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Kostiw, Gary Sturgeon county   Posted: 2018-10-20 
Price:  $4.00/bale  
For sale wheat straw small square bales. Baled dry October 19-20th, will be stacked and tarped in yard.
Phone:  780-961-3422    
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Lohstraeter, Joe St Paul   Posted: 2018-10-13 
Price:  4.00   Quantity and Type:  1800
Nice 36-39 inch Wheat Straw bales. Stored under the pole shed. Have about 800 left in the field if it turn nice at $3.50 a bale. located just off highway 652. 20 minutes south of Vilna, 1 hour from Mundare, 50 minutes from Veg., about 1 hour from Fort Saskatchewan. Can deliver up to 200. Delivery depends on amount and distance.
Phone:  780-645-2772    
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Olsen, Vern Redwater   Posted: 2018-10-10 
For sale 3x4x8 straw bales and 3x4x8 pea straw. Call for pricing.
Phone:  780-942-3170 Cell:  780-504-3170  
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