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Geiger Enterprises Tawatinaw   Posted: 2018-03-19 
Richard  Geiger
Looking for long term pasture for heifers and or pairs. Grass for 20 or more pairs
Phone:  780-307-4501   Fax:  780-698-2377
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100X Ranches Ltd. Calgary   Posted: 2018-03-17 
Ryan  Copithorne
Quantity and Type:  2-500 hd
Looking for pasture for 2-500 head of cows and calves. Welcome the opportunity to leave the cows on a year round basis. Commercial Angus cows. For the season or longer term. Please give me a call to discuss.
Phone:  403-669-3451    
[email]    www.100xranches.com 
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Cook, Jeff Didsbury   Posted: 2018-03-17 
Price:  Going rate  
Looking for pasture for 2018 and beyond. Groups of 20 or more pairs
Phone:  403/556-9169    
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Krachmer, Mitch Blackie   Posted: 2018-03-16 
Hello, I own a farm outside of Blackie, AB, I currently own 20 head of cattle and looking for pasture to rent/lease or buy to expand my cattle herd. I own portable corrals and a solar watering system. Feel free to call/text or email. Thank You!
Phone:  403-634-1772 Cell:  403-634-1772  
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Dekok forages Fort Macleod   Posted: 2018-03-13 
Mike  Dekok
Price:  Going rate  
Looking for pasture for rent/lease/sale for 2018 season. Will consider doing on calf share or cash. Closer is better but open to suggestions.
Phone:  403-553-3571 Cell:  403-331-8487 Fax:  403-553-3154
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Southcolour Performance Horses Medicine Hat   Posted: 2018-03-10 
Ed  Kopp
Price:  Negotiable.  
Looking for pasture for broodmares. Quiet well behaved senior mares. Fully insured. Will maintain fencing. Prefer water source on site. Flexible in accommodating any size pasture that you have available. Needed for 2018 pasture season but willing to negotiate long term availability if possible. Please text or email. Thank you.
Phone:  403-504-4966 Cell:  403-504-4966  
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Schmidt, Steven Wetaskiwin   Posted: 2018-03-07 
Looking for pasture to rent for 100 cow/calf pairs - long term. Central Alberta.
Phone:  780-360-3414    
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Kohlman, Tanner Provost   Posted: 2018-03-06 
Looking for pasture to rent for 25 cow calf pairs, in east central Alberta or west central Saskatchewan. Closer to Provost are the better but willing to travel. If interested please call 780-704-0336
Phone:  780-704-0336    
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Lemmer Farms Inc Calgary   Posted: 2018-03-06 
Kyle  Lemmer
Looking for pasture for 50-75 pairs- will keep up fences, set up cross fences for grazing management, can bring steel panels. Paying going rate for rented pasture. Thank you
Phone:  403-862-7674    
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Morris Farms Ltd Red Deer County   Posted: 2018-03-04 
Price:  Going rate  
Looking for pasture for 2018 season and beyond. Quiet cattle, no fence crawlers. Will maintain fencing, but must be adequate to start and have good water supply. Flexible with package sizes and can be for yearlings or pairs. Would like with in 1hour of Red Deer. Please call and leave a voicemail if I am not able to answer. Thanks in advance.
Phone:  403-318-1519    
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Downie, Jed Willingdon   Posted: 2018-02-28 
Looking for pasture to rent in the Willingdon, Andrew, Hairy Hill, Mundare Areas. Must have good fence and water source.
Phone:  780-554-2517    
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Burghardt, Mike Millet   Posted: 2018-02-26 
Looking to rent pasture with water source for 25 cow/calf pairs for the 2018 season and beyond. I would like 2+ year term but would also rent year to year if required. I would prefer the location to be in a Corridor between Wetaskiwin/Falun and North up to Leduc/Calmar, but I will consider other locations within reason. Mid-June to mid-October usage. A location with loading corrals would be preferred but not a must. Good water availability and good fencing is a must.
Phone:  780-918-2120    
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C, Greg Drumheller   Posted: 2018-02-26 
Looking for pasture for 2018 and beyond for cow calf pairs in Delia, Hanna, Endiang area.
Phone:  403-820-5338    
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Lucky Springs Farms Rocky Mountain House   Posted: 2018-02-24 
Len and Sally  Songer
Looking for pasture for the 2018 grazing season for cow/calf pairs and bred heifers. Herd is very quiet. Bred before going to pasture, so no bulls would be included. Preferably near Rocky Mountain House.
Phone:  403-845-1655    
[email]    luckyspringsfarms.com 
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Endoenja Ranch Cremona   Posted: 2018-02-21 
Price:  Negotiable  
Looking for pasture land for 2018 and beyond for quiet cow calf pairs. From Cochrane to Caroline South. Willing to do work for multiple years. Minimum 40 acres
Phone:  403-519-0949    
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Biscope, Lenard Foothills   Posted: 2018-02-19 
Price:  negociable   Quantity and Type:  varied
Looking for pasture for cattle for the 2018 season or longer if possible. Can look after fences, checking, water, etc. Flexible. Would like blocks of 40 acres and up. For cow calf pairs or yearlings.
Phone:  403-880-2474    
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Dun Rite Stock and Stables Bentley   Posted: 2018-02-12 
Doug and Katie  Roxburgh
Price:  Going rate   Quantity and Type:  20-40
Looking for pasture to rent for 2018 and onward. We run a group of papered Maine Anjou cattle. Quiet easy going cattle. We typically pull bulls early July. Looking for pasture to run 20-40 pairs.
Phone:  403-350-2568    
[email]    www.dunritestockandstables.com 
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Clegg, G & J High River   Posted: 2018-02-05 
Price:  negotiable   Quantity and Type:  25-40 pairs
Wanted pasture to accommodate grazing cattle, groups of 25 to 40 head, (with bulls) for 2018 season, mid-July to late August, or would be happy to utilize after-harvest parcels for late fall grazing of cow-calf pairs as well. Parcels of 50 acres or more of grass, old hay fields, stubble or bush will work, depending on location. Will fence in exchange for 4-5 year contract on acceptable parcels. Fresh water supply is necessary. Contact 403-603-8413
Phone:  403-558-3654 Cell:  403-603-8413 Fax:  403-652-4644
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Stevenson, Ron Killam   Posted: 2018-01-29 
Looking for pasture for 25 pair. Quiet cows. Will check and watch if needed. Can bring more pair if needed. Preferably in the 75 mile radius of Killam.
Phone:  780-385-0683    
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Lindon Angus Farm Botha   Posted: 2018-01-10 
Lindsay  Penosky
Price:  Going rate  
Looking for Pasture to rent or lease for 2018 year. Long term lease option. Cross fencing for good grass management and good water source. Looking for pasture for pairs or replacement heifers in central AB. Please call evenings.
Phone:  403-742-4337    
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