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Kinnear Farm & Ranch Ltd Olds   Posted: 2019-01-16 
Keith  Kinnear
Looking for pasture for the 2019 grazing season. Pairs or yrls, cattle are quiet and all home raised. Must have clean water and good fences. Central Alberta, would considered supervised pasture also, thank's.
Phone:  403-994-0487    
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Peterson, Scott Caroline   Posted: 2019-01-15 
Price:  Negotiable  
Pasture wanted Caroline, Spruce View, Rocky Mtn House areas. Need for 2019 season but willing to rent long term.
Phone:  403-844-5613    
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Banks, P Edmonton   Posted: 2019-01-14 
Looking for winter pasture for 15 geldings. I am able to supplement with hay or oats if needed. General Edmonton area preferred. Good with fences as they are used to electric fence.
Phone:  780-994-0720    
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Isaac Barrhead   Posted: 2019-01-14 
Quantity and Type:  250
Looking for pasture for the 2019 season and beyond. Up to 250 pairs will consider anything with minimum of 30 pairs. Supervised or unsupervised. Can do the fencing as well. Would prefer within an hour of Barrhead AB. Call or txt 780 206 6084
Phone:  780-206-6084    
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Robertson West Livestock Caroline   Posted: 2019-01-10 
Brian  Robertson
Looking for pasture for 2019 grazing season and beyond. Can do short term or long term deal. Young farm family dedicated to being stewards of the land. Looking for pasture that can handle 10-60 hd of either heifers or cow/calf pairs.
Phone:  403-392-2535    
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Tvait, Chad Thorsby   Posted: 2019-01-10 
Looking for pasture in 2019 for 20-25 pair. Long term lease. Good fence and water a must. Pigeon Lake to Thorsby area.
Phone:  1-780-983-6488    
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Knight, Glenn Carstairs   Posted: 2019-01-08 
Looking for pasture for cow/calf pairs for 2019, and would look at short or long term options. Prefer more Central Alberta.
Phone:  403-875-4016    
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Kasur, Kolton Bashaw   Posted: 2019-01-07 
Looking for pasture in Bashaw/Ponoka/Alix/Wetaskwin area. 80+ acres.
Phone:  780-387-8376    
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Robinson, Molly Bluffton   Posted: 2019-01-05 
Looking for pasture for cow calf pairs between Winfield and Rimbey. For 2019 and hopefully long term. Nice quiet herd of Angus/Simmental cows
Phone:  780-887-3071    
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Snodgrass Farms High River   Posted: 2019-01-03 
Reid  Snodgrass
Price:  1.30   Quantity and Type:  160
Well established young farm family paying top value for pasture land to graze cow/calf pairs or yearlings. Looking for up to 125 pairs down to 10 pairs worth. Experienced in rotational grazing for both added environmental and agricultural benefits. Will keep up or replace fences when needed. Good water source is a must. Let me know what you have big or small Contact Reid at 403-601-6824
Phone:  403-601-6824    
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Taks, Ron Bowden   Posted: 2019-01-02 
Hi Looking for pasture or crop land with good fences to rent to run cow calf pairs in summer 2019.
Phone:  403-224-2265 Cell:  403-559-7397  
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Doerksen, Bernie La Crete   Posted: 2018-12-11 
Price:  negotiable   Quantity and Type:  320
Looking for pasture for 65 Cow/Calf pairs after spring calving for 2019 summer. Willing to negotiate price depending on what you have available and location distance from La Crete. Cows used to 4 strand barbed wire fence. Fairly tame, Angus cross cows.
Phone:  780-841-1769    
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DC farming Donalda   Posted: 2018-12-07 
Price:  Going rates  
Looking for pasture for 25 to 50 pair in the Donalda, Meeting Creek, Heisler and Forstburg area for 2019 grazing season or longer term.
Phone:  403-323-0294    
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GB Farms Lacombe   Posted: 2018-12-05 
Looking for pasture for cow calf pairs or yearlings looking for any size of pasture 25 head to 400 head.
Phone:  403-877-7661    
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Millarsande, Kathy Ponoka   Posted: 2018-11-11 
Looking for pasture for cow/calf pairs for 2019 season in Ponoka area. Please email, thanks.
Phone:  403-341-0595    
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