Cattle Listings

Anderson Ranch Athabasca   Posted:  2019-01-15 
Keith  Anderson
Breed:  Simmental Angus cross   Quantity:  50   Price:  $ 1950.
50 Fancy Red and Black heifers bred to easy calving Angus bulls. All vaccinations. Start calving March 20.
Phone:  780-698-2360 Cell:  780-349-0739

Dallas  Isaac Barrhead   Posted:  2019-01-15 
Breed:  Angus   Quantity:  85   Price:  2000
29 black Angus hfrs 55 red and black angus cows.Feb 1 calving all bred to white Charlois bulls for 60 days Full herd health. Hfrs-2150 if u take all 2200 choice. Cows-1950 if u take all 2050 choice. No bad feet udders good disposition. We can calve them out 2500 take them all 2600 choice. We can also feed till grass time to.
Phone:  780-206-6084  

Verleysen Farms Vermilion   Posted:  2019-01-14 
Gail  Verleysen
Breed:  Simmental and Angus  
2 year old Simmental and Black Angus bulls for sale. Red and Black Simmentals available. Bulls are gently grown out not crept fed or pushed. Dams are managed like commercial cows and on site. Located half way between Vermilion, Wainwright and Lloydminster. Contact Gail for pedigrees or to arrange a viewing. 780-853-0810
Phone:  780-853-0810  

Barb  Roberts Edson   Posted:  2019-01-12 
Breed:  Black angus x polled Hereford   Quantity:  1   Price:  1850.00
Nice black baldie, Angus x polled hereford yearling bull. Low birth weight, calm disposition all vaccinations and ivomec.
Phone:  780-517-8807  

Fern Valley Farms Onoway   Posted:  2019-01-11 
Martin  Sikstrom
Breed:  Red Angus   Quantity:  1   Price:  1800
Offered for your consideration. 2012 registered red Angus bull. Healthy, quiet easy to handle and be around. Excellent feet. 80lb birth weight.
Phone:  780-907-6539  

FinJaney Farms Evansburg   Posted:  2019-01-11 
Kipp  Kelley
Breed:  Jersey   Quantity:  3   Price:  850
Pure Jersey heifers. 1 8 mths 2 yearlings Excellent temperment, good udders
Phone:  780-898-1188  

Klassen Ranching Debolt   Posted:  2019-01-10 
Dwayne  Klassen
Breed:  Simmental Cross   Quantity:  30   Price:  2000
30 Black and Red Simmental Cross Bred heifers for sale. Ultrasounded November 6th. Bred to Black Angus bulls from July 1st-August 30th. Had Express 5 FP and Ultrabac 7 before breeding and Noromectin and Tasvax 8 at pregtesting Call Dwayne at 780-814-0628 or Eddy at 780-897-7997
Phone:  780-957-2025 Cell:  780-814-0628

Dave  Hofstra Leduc   Posted:  2019-01-09 
Breed:  Black Angus   Quantity:  28   Price:  2500
We have 28 black angus Bred heifers for sale. Bred to a low birth weight easy calving black angus bull. All preg checked and safe to start calving March 1, 2018. All Vaccines are up to date. If you have any questions please text or call Dave at 780-699-7477.
Phone:  780-699-7477 Cell:  780-699-7477

Winder Farms Ltd. Camrose   Posted:  2019-01-09 
Con  Winder
Breed:  Gelbvieh   Quantity:  25   Price:  Please contact
Purebred registered growthy Gelbvieh bred heifers from our 40 year breeding program. Exposed to proven easy calving Gelbvieh bull May 5-July 16. Preg tested, all medications current, had first shot of scourguard. Phone 780-678-4021, Camrose.
Phone:  780-678-4021  

J  Boyer Entwistle   Posted:  2019-01-08 
Breed:  Black Angus X   Quantity:  15   Price:  1200
Black Angus/Limo X Replacement heifer calves: 15 available; March/April 2018 born; $1200 ea. 2 nice Bull calves available also. $1200 ea. Mature bulls available: 5 year-old & 3 year- old; $1750 ea.
Phone:  780-898-4404-or-780-898-4408  

Vavro Farms St Lina   Posted:  2019-01-08 
Jozef  Pauliny
Breed:  Holstein Bull   Quantity:  1   Price:  1200
We have 20 months old Holstein bull for sale.
Phone:  780-623-7136  

Eastligt Farms Jarvie   Posted:  2019-01-06 
Fred  van de Ligt
Price:  $2000
40 Blk. Ang./Blk. Simm. Cross bred heifers. 15 Red Ang./Red Simm Cross Bred Hfrs. 15 RWF. Bred heifers. 10 BWF Bred heifers. Start calving Feb. 1/19 1000 to 1250 lbs. Full Program, Ivomec, 8-Way, Bovi-Shield, Bovilis Guardian Scour Shot with Booster.
Phone:  780-307-4704  

Prospect Hill Shorthorns Meeting Creek   Posted:  2019-01-06 
Les & Shelley  Peterson
Breed:  shorthorn   Price:  contact
On our century+ farm we strive to raise quality shorthorns keeping only the top 10% for the bull pen We have reds , roans and white available Come visit, check out web site, call 780-608-0398
Phone:  780-608-5023  

Doug  Wood Grande Prairie   Posted:  2019-01-06 
Breed:  Angus/Simmental   Price:  1750.00
27 Angus/Simmental Cross first- fifth calvers, start calving in May. Bred to a Black Angus Bull.
Phone:  780-832-0907  

Rafter JL Ranches Strathmore   Posted:  2019-01-05 
Janice  Giles
Breed:  Purebred Black Simmental & Angus   Quantity:  Several   Price:  4500 OBO
These gorgeous 2 year old boys are ranch raised and ready to go to work. No forced feeding here, just honest one owner boys. They have been semen tested and are from top bloodlines such as LFE Tanker, Bomber, Power Drive, Prickly Pear, Black Joker, Black Mick, Dream On, and Sand Ranch Hand to name a few. Birth weights range from 83 lbs to 100 lbs and dates from Jan 20/17 to Apr 7/17. Delivery can be arranged. Sires and dams are available for viewing. Please inquire further about our Angus.
Phone:  639-840-3988  

Jean  Vergouwen Strathmore   Posted:  2019-01-05 
Breed:  Jersey   Quantity:  1   Price:  2350
Gentle Jersey milk cow. She has always been hand milked by a senior lady. Preg checked by a vet to calve in mid April ( bred to an angus bull ). She is a very healthy 6 year old with 4 good quarters and is halter broke. Please phone 403-934-4277 or e-mail
Phone:  403-934-4277 Cell:  403-361-4277

Mark  J Cherhill   Posted:  2019-01-04 
Breed:  Simmental X   Quantity:  60   Price:  Please call
30 Big Red & Black Simmental X heifers bred Red Angus. Due to calve end of January. Also available 30 2nd calvers. Willing to calve out and hold until new owner takes possession.
Phone:  780-990-8412  

Guy  Kropinske Consort   Posted:  2019-01-04 
Breed:  red angus   Quantity:  1   Price:  2200
5 year old proven heifer bull this bull has been used on heifers for the past 3 years. His calves birth weights have ranged from 65-80 pounds
Phone:  403-575-5899  

Lone Pine Ranch New Norway   Posted:  2019-01-04 
Bruce  Butler
Breed:  Hereford  
Open replacement yearling heifers.
Phone:  780-855-2340 Cell:  780-608-0815

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Cattle Company Dapp   Posted:  2019-01-03 
Lester  Vanhill
Breed:  Highland   Quantity:  3   Price:  $1500 to $1800
2-yr old Highland Bulls (unregistered)(Born April, 2017). Make great heifer bulls for commercial cattle or herd bulls for smaller cattle. Good feet, backs & tame temperaments. 60 to 65lb birth weights. Can hold & feed until spring. Yearling bulls also available.
Phone:  780-910-7059  

Terry & Karen  Wheale Winfield   Posted:  2019-01-03 
Breed:  exotic   Quantity:  36  
Big red and tan and black heifers bred to black Angus bulls turned out June 1. Home raised out of simmental/angus/charolais cross cows. Price $1850 to $2000 depending on how many you want.
Phone:  780-682-2226 Cell:  780-898-4426

Dietz Farms Castor   Posted:  2019-01-02 
Breed:  black angus  
10 black Angus heifers bull out June 30 got both there express fp5 shots, home raised. call 403 740 6316
Phone:  403-740-6316  

LVV Ranch Forestburg   Posted:  2019-01-02 
Charolais bulls for sale. Coming yearlings and 2 year olds. White tan and red factor. Most are polled. Please call for more information.
Phone:  780-582-2254  

Twin Chief Simmentals Red Deer County   Posted:  2019-01-02 
Richard  Norman
Breed:  Simmental Cross   Price:  2200
10 Simmental cross bred cows. Red and Black 3rd and 4th calvers bred to Red Simmental or Severston Red Angus bulls. Due to calve February 1 - April 18. Steers of these cows sold September 21 and averaged 791 lbs.
Phone:  403-507-0936  

Terry  Howe Castor   Posted:  2019-01-01 
Price:  $1300.00
I have 10 replacement quality heifers Black Angus x. On 5 lbs oats and free choice roughage. Ivomec,8 way,bovi shield gold
Phone:  403-882-2576 Cell:  403-740-3711

Cormilane Angus Olds   Posted:  2018-12-28 
Breed:  Red Angus   Quantity:  18   Price:  $2100.00
18 Beautiful Red Angus Sim X home raised bred heifers for sale. Due to calve Feb,1. bred to easy calving red angus bull. Deep bodied, quiet, and easy to handle. Sold the black group. Just the reds are left.
Phone:  403-556-2224 Cell:  403-507-9889

Phil  Maloff Cowley   Posted:  2018-12-27 
Breed:  Black Angus Bull   Quantity:  1   Price:  2500
Registered black Angus bull dob Feb 3/2017. bw 78 lbs
Phone:  403-628-2512  

Cliff or Joanne  Reynolds Winfield   Posted:  2018-12-26 
Breed:  Simmental cows   Quantity:  30   Price:  2500.00
30 head of Simmental cows bred to easy calving black Simmental bulls from first calvers to five years old. These cows all are home raised no culls, no brands, vaccinated and ivermeced and preg checked, very quiet and easy to handle. Due to start calving end of March. Have to sell due to health issues. I will feed the cows until March 1st no cost for feed if you buy 10 or more cows. $2300.00 if you take them right away .
Phone:  780-682-2333  

Robert  Buchwitz Endiang   Posted:  2018-12-21 
Breed:  Black Angus   Price:  $1950
50 black or black brockle bred heifers to black angus. Due to calve April and May. 35 black or brockle young cows bred to black angus. Due to calve April, May.
Phone:  403-579-2426 Cell:  403-323-5554

Dallas  McDougall Bashaw   Posted:  2018-12-18 
Breed:  Angus/Sim   Quantity:  30-35   Price:  2150 Choice 1950 Take All
30-35 Bred cows mostly red angus sim cross bread to Char Bulls due to calve end of March/April. Will be preg checked and confirmed. $2150 take choice 1950 take them all. Also 16 second year calvers, 6 third year calvers, 7 fourth and fifth year calvers, 3 six year calvers.
Phone:  403-704-3810  

Applejack Ranch Bashaw   Posted:  2018-12-17 
Mary Ann  Stevenson
Breed:  Dexter   Quantity:  28   Price:  varies
20 2018 Purebred Dexter calves. Some horned and a few polled. Born in April May. 8 purebred cows Black in color, horned. Younger cows bred back Dexter.
Phone:  403-505-0649  

Red Tail Farms Castor   Posted:  2018-12-15 
Ian  Griebel
Breed:  Angus/Luing Cross   Quantity:  6   Price:  $1200/head
Six black angus/Luing cross steer calves. Average weight of 530 pounds. Take advantage of hybrid vigour with this cross. This is a nice set of gutty steers that will grow fast and finish nicely on pasture. Super quiet and handled with low stress. Recently vaccinated with IBR/BVD and eight way. Stress free weaned and on dry feed. These are Animal Welfare Approved and grass-fed certified stock and hormone free. Asking $1200 a calf. Please dm for further info.
Phone:  403-430-0160  

Klaus Farms Stettler   Posted:  2018-12-14 
Cody  Klaus
Breed:  Black Angus X   Quantity:  30   Price:  $2000
Nice bunch of black angus cross heifers. Bred to easy calving black Angus bull. I usually keep and calve them out myself but not this year. Bull out June 1. No brands, preg checked.
Phone:  403-740-4737  

Peter  Vissers Enchant   Posted:  2018-12-14 
Breed:  Red Angus   Quantity:  15   Price:  $ 2200
Top quality Red Angus bred heifers. Bred to low birth weight Black Angus bull. Preg checked and all vaccinations received. April-May calvers
Phone:  403-382-8637  

Cody  Herr High Prairie   Posted:  2018-12-13 
Breed:  Angus/ Angus cross   Quantity:  240   Price:  $2500
On offer 240 coming second calvers. Preg checked, full herd health, Exposed 45 days to Black Angus Bulls, bulls out July 20th. Call for more info.
Phone:  780-523-7193  

Sunberry Valley Ranch Sundre   Posted:  2018-12-12 
Breed:  Angus & AngusXSimmental   Quantity:  80   Price:  Auction
For sale 80 Angus & AngusXSimmental second calvers at Olds Auction Dec 13 @ 11:00. These animals are all home raised or bought from one other reputation ranch and were exposed May 1 to quality red angus bulls. Call Darren at 403-638-4142 for more info.
Phone:  403-638-4142  

Hegedys Ranching Ltd. Acme   Posted:  2018-12-11 
Evan  Hegedys
Breed:  Black Angus/Simmental Cross   Quantity:  100 Black Bred Heifers   Price:  $2600
100 Black Angus/Simmental Cross Bred heifers for sale. Calving date April 20, 2019. They have had all their vaccinations. 300 hd in a pen you can pick yours for $2600/hd. Please call Evan at 403-371-9197 for more information.
Phone:  403-371-9197  

KS Farm Spirit River   Posted:  2018-12-11 
Kirk  Cowell
Breed:  Welsh Black and Welsh Black/Angus   Quantity:  Several   Price:  Contact
Welsh Black bulls, and WB/Angus bulls. Polled long-yearlings and two-year olds. Forage raised, no grain. Easy to handle, trained to rotational grazing system.
Phone:  780-864-9218  

Dean  Kozak Bellis   Posted:  2018-12-10 
Breed:  Simm/angus   Quantity:  60   Price:  2000
60 simm/angus cross blk and bwf quiet home raised bred heifers. Bred to low birthweight easy calving black angus bulls to start calving the beginning of April. Heifers were ivomeced and vaccinated mid November and will be preg checked before sold. If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.
Phone:  780-656-0220 Cell:  780-656-0220

Shaun Rombough Taber   Posted:  2018-12-10 
Breed:  Longhorn corriente cross   Quantity:  12   Price:  $1000
I have for sale 11 Longhorn Corriente cross cows and 1 bull for sale bull was turned out June 1. Six of the cows are coming 6 years old, five are 4 years old and the bull is 4 years old.
Phone:  403-634-2206  

Kamren & Holly  Birkbeck Mayerthorpe   Posted:  2018-12-06 
Breed:  Red and black angus cross   Quantity:  35   Price:  $1,950
35 home raised red and black angus cross bred heifers. Due to start calving February 1st, bred to 70-80 lbs birthweight red angus bulls( paperwork available on all bulls). Approximately 1050 lbs +, on our full herd health program. They were preg-checked November 9 by Barr-North Vet services. They will be given thier first shots of Scour guard this coming weekend (December 8th) so will only need booster in January. For any questions or to come take a look, give us a shout 780-674-1037.
Phone:  780-674-1037  

Saugeen Acres Bowden   Posted:  2018-12-06 
Breed:  Simmental   Price:  $3500
Registered and semen tested Red Purebred Simmental bulls. Long yearlings, 14-15 month old heifer bulls.
Phone:  403-396-0639  

M.C. Quantock "Canada's Bulls" Bull Sale Lloydminster   Posted:  2018-11-15 
Saturday, Jan 26, 2019 12 noon at the Lloydminster Exhibition grounds. 450 bulls. Red Angus, Black Anger, Super Baldies (RAxSM), Herefords (Plus H-2 Hybrids), Black Super Baldies (BAxSM), Super Guppies (GVxRA), Charolais. For further information, please call Mac or Pat Creech. Other website
Phone:  1-800-561-2855  
Fraud Alert: Be aware that you may be contacted by fraud artists posing as buyers who issue you overpayments with cheques, money orders, or certified cheques. Before completing transactions or issuing refunds for overpayments, have your bank verify that the cheques or money orders you have received are valid. Visit the Recol or Phonebusters web sites for more information.

Telephone and on-line fraud
If you believe someone has attempted to defraud you, you can report it on-line to: RECOL - Reporting Economic Crime On-Line. Complaints can be filed on-line ( or by calling toll-free 1-888-495-8501. This service is administered by the National White Collar Crime Centre of Canada and is supported by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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If You are Selling

Be clear on who you are selling to:

  • are they another farmer or are they a broker?
  • if you are selling directly to another farmer then will they be hauling the livestock themselves or will this be done by a third party?
  • where will the livestock be delivered to? What is the amount of time the animals will be in transport? Any special handling requirements or costs associated with transport - who covers the additional costs?
  • Do not make assumptions - ask questions and make sure that you have the information you need.

    Reduce the risk of non-payment:

  • get part payment in advance before the livestock are loaded out of your yard. This should happen when the buyer comes to inspect the livestock and the agreement to purchase is made.
  • do not ship the additional load before the first one is paid for
  • Have everything in writing:

  • detailed product description - number of animals, age, breed, sex, weight, body condition, brand inspection, pregnant/non pregnant, individual ID (CCIA tags), etc.
  • purchaser's name, full mailing address & phone numbers
  • the specific address that the livestock are to be delivered to (legal land description)
  • the payment amount
  • terms of payment - paid in advance, cash on delivery
  • Under the Alberta Sale of Goods Act all contracts for goods sold over $50.00 must be in writing.

    Be prepared!

  • have a detailed livestock manifest completed with brands identified and send the completed invoice with the trucker
  • have the purchaser sign for each load (confirmation of delivery)
  • have the trucker bring back the payment (or the balance of the payment) for each load delivered
  • Do not wait

    If a payment is not made on time contact the buyer immediately to get it resolved. At the same time stop any further shipments to the buyer.

    If necessary you can take legal action to recover the outstanding payment. Please note that the maximum amount that you can pursue through small claims court in Alberta is $25,000. To recover an amount greater than this you will need to hire a lawyer and go through the Court of Queen's Bench.

    If You are Buying

    Be clear on who you are buying from

  • are they another farmer or are they a broker?
  • if trucking is included will they be delivering the livestock themselves? Is the shipping rate fair and reasonable?
  • Know what you are buying

  • make the trip to visually appraise the livestock and ensure that they are in good condition
  • make it clear to the seller that any load which is of a lesser quality than that which you agreed to purchase will be returned to them at their expense
  • be prepared to make a down payment at this time but do not put more than 50% down
  • confirm animal identification by video recording of livestock being purchased
  • The agreement to purchase must be in writing

  • detailed livestock description (breed, sex, age, weight)
  • seller's name, full mailing address & phone numbers
  • your name, full mailing address & phone numbers
  • the specific address that the livestock are to be delivered to (legal land description)
  • the payment amount
  • terms of payment - e.g. part in advance with balance on delivery
  • Under the Alberta Sale of Goods Act all contracts for goods sold over $50.00 must be in writing.
  • Do not wait

    If you have put a down payment on your purchase but do not receive the livestock within the agreed upon timeframe then contact the seller immediately to get it resolved. If you are unable to resolve the problem you will need to put a stop payment on any other cheques to the seller so that you can limit your risk.

    If necessary you can take legal action to recover the outstanding payment. Please note that the maximum amount that you can pursue through small claims court in Alberta is $25,000. To recover an amount greater than this you will need to hire a lawyer and go through the Court of Queen's Bench.