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SRL Fainters Westlock   Posted:  2018-05-22 
Spencer  Letts
Breed:  Fainting  
Assorted colours of Fainting bucklings, doelings and wethers. First come first served. Can make packages of unrelated bucklings and doelings. Also have a couple does (or buy the kids and take as a package) for sale to a pet home only. Bucklings are $300, doelings are $300 and wethers are $100. Please contact about the does.
Phone:  780-206-6206
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Warren  Moore Stavely   Posted:  2018-05-21 
Breed:  Boer   Quantity:  150  
Selling 150 1st run Boer female kids born Feb/Mar, weighing an average of 75 pounds.
Phone:  403-625-6519
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FinJaney Farms Evansburg   Posted:  2018-05-09 
Sally  Fritter
Breed:  Goats   Price:  250+
We have three bred Alpine cross nannies, a few doelings and 6 buckling/billies. Billy/ bucklings are Boer cross. I also have four Pygmy cross two doelings two bucklings. Deals on multiples
Phone:  780-234-5207
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Stoney Ridge Ranch Bay Tree   Posted:  2018-05-09 
Shawn  McClellan
Breed:  Cashmere   Quantity:  Heard  
We have a heard of Cashmere goats, 11 does and assorted kids and a buck. Please contact, we are eager to sell the whole package.
Phone:  250-219-8190
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