Retailers Listings


H.Y. Louie Co. Ltd. Burnaby, BC Phone:  604-421-4242 
Contact:  John  MacNichol  
2821 Production Way
Burnaby, BC    V5A 3G7
Phone:  604-421-4242    Fax:  604-444-3999 
Type:  Grocery
Products Available:   Produce,  Floral,  Bakery,  Grocery,  Fast Food/HMR,  Deli,  General Merchandise,  Frozen Foods,  Dairy,  Fish,  Organic/Natural Foods,  Meat
Store Brands/Labels:  IGA, Our Compliments, MarketPlace
Number of Stores:  42
42 IGA stores and 3 Cash & Carry outlets in BC.
Main Service Area:  Western Canada