Commercial Kitchens Listings

Half Moon Lake Community Hall Westlock, AB Phone:  780-961-3287 
Contact:  Christine  Gibson  
23332 Township Road 590
Westlock, AB
Phone:  780-961-3287   
One 10 burner gas range with two bakers depth ovens (commercial hood), electric kitchen stove, electric food warmer, 1 freezer, 1 fridge/freezer, 1 large food cooler, 1 microwave, 1 small commercial dishwasher. One sink for food preparation, 1 sink for the chef next to the stove, 1 sink for hand washing, 1 large 2 bay commercial sink, 2 large rectangular stainless steel food tables. Two food dollies, 6 chafing dishes, 1 small commercial food mixer with attachments.
Main Service Area:  Edmonton Area