Commercial Kitchens Listings

Airdrie Town and Country Centre Community Hall Airdrie, AB Phone:  403-948-0601 
Contact:  Dari  Lang  
#103, 275 Jensen Drive
Airdrie, AB    T4B 1P7
Phone:  403-948-0601   
4 Garland gas ovens, 10 stove top gas burners, 2 three foot gas flat top grills. All with approved hood, venting and fire suppression. 2 two compartment sinks. One Stero commercial dishwasher/sanitizer with sink, 2 Coldstream refrigerators, 1 Frigidaire stand-up freezer, 1 Manitowok Ice Machine, 1 Berkel meat slicer. Large quantities of kitchen cookware and utensils. Toaster, microwave, Bunn coffee brewer, multiple coffee & teapots, water jugs, 3 100 cup coffee urns.
Main Service Area:  Calgary Area