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General Information : Food Service

Canadian Food Service Industry Guide, Section 1: Scope and Scale
This section is about the food service industry in Canada.

Case Study for Farm to Institution
The case study detailing the scope and evolution of the program is written by Farm to Institution New England.

Food Hubís Guide to Selling to Restaurants
Food Hubís Guide to Selling to Restaurants is a guide that has broken down the process into several steps to make approaching the restaurant market segment less daunting. By Ryan Crum, Marketing Coordinator with Local Food Marketplace, LLC. 2015.

Food Service Guide Section 2; Industry Trends and Key Drivers
This section goes into the key trends and drivers of the food service industry in Canada.

Food Service Guide Section 3: Understanding the Food Service Operator
Chain and independently owned restaurants have different operating structures. Further, every operation will have its own specific structure; however, there are typically general approaches to this structure which we will examine in this section.

Food Service Guide Section 4: Understanding the Food Service Distributor
In the foodservice industry, the distributor is a key link in the supply chain. Distributors are vital to all but a few large foodservice chains which have sufficient scale to operate their own distribution systems.

Food Service Guide Section 5: Selling to the Food Service Industry
In this section, we will explore selling options and approaches in the Canadian foodservice industry.

Selling to Restaurants: A Farmers Guide
Selling to Restaurants: a farmerís guide is a 9 page guide which features advice from farms and restaurant insiders. A great resource for farms and food hubs that have been selling to restaurants or for those just getting started. By Local Food Marketplace 2018

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