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Invasive plants are a threat to Alberta’s environment, economy and society. They have the potential to degrade habitats, reduce biodiversity, increase erosion, enhance wildfires, reduce property value, create obstacles to international trade and cause a reduction in productivity of agricultural land.

Under the Alberta Weed Control Act, Prohibited Noxious weeds need to be destroyed, when found. Eradication of Prohibited Noxious weeds from Alberta is possible, if found as early as possible and reported. Noxious weeds need to be controlled. Noxious weeds are more commonly found but still need to be controlled to lessen their impact to Albertans.

Please familiarize yourself with Prohibited Noxious species and be sure to report occurrences to the Alberta Pest Surveillance System (APSS) to ensure the appropriate action is taken. 310-2777(APSS) Prevention of these species, in most cases, is our only current defense.

Consult with an agronomist on other noxious and common agronomic weeds. Effective control measures can’t be implemented until you know what species you are dealing with.

Detailed information on the Alberta Weed Control Act and your obligations, can be found at www.agriculture.alberta.ca/weedcontrol-act.

This Weed Selector Tool has the ability to hold vast amounts of content on listed species. It is a work in progress.
  • Summer 2013 Phase 1 is set to have a picture library for knowledge and comparison of occurrences in the field. You are welcome to these images for any weed initiatives or publications; contact Nicole Kimmel for high resolution copies.
  • Winter 2013/4 Phase 2 will share known occurrences of weeds, preferably by a map, when possible.
  • Ongoing Phase3 will undertake a detailed biology and control options for each species with references.

Additional information is available on the Weed Information Home Page.


The use of a pesticide in any manner not published on the label or registered under the Minor Use of Pesticides regulation constitutes an offence under both the Federal Pest Control Products Act and Alberta’s Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

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