Forestry Applications & Tools

Forest Harvest Operations How Alberta adheres to the principles of sustainable forest management and responsible stewardship.
Micro Logscale System Forest Harvest Operations This program helps mills calculate log volumes using Smalian in an approved format, which is then submitted to the Timber Production and Revenue System (TPRS).
GYPSY Growth and Yield Projection System This system is used to forecast the growth and yield of stands of trees on a per hectare basis.
Permanent Sample Plots This database search tool provides land standing listings, including contact information, maps and descriptions, for clients applying to utilize Crown land.
Tree Cutting Permits Purchase a tree cutting permit and view previously purchased permits.
March of the Mountain Pine Beetle Learn about the history of mountain pine beetle outbreaks, signs of pine beetle activity and methods used to track and manage the spread of this invasive insect.
Living on the Edge - Alberta's Whitebark and Limber Pine Information about the endangered whitebark pine and lumber pine species, their benefits to other animals and conservation efforts undertaken by volunteers, agencies and government departments.