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Ed Trenchard Wildfire Management Specialist 780 778-7224  Whitecourt 
Dr. Eduardo Beltranena Monogastrics Research Scientist 780 427-4567  Edmonton 
Edwin Woodrow Research Technologist 403 786-1224  Lacombe 
Eileen Kotowich Farmers' Market Specialist 780 853-8223  Vermilion 
Elaine Lacroix Centre Administrator 403 782-8020  Lacombe 
Eleanor Morin Reforestation Seed Program Assistant 780 656-5074  Smoky Lake 
Elizabeth Chapman FireSmart Analyst 780 422-7228  Edmonton 
Elizabeth Kendrick Client Services Support 780 865-8317  Hinton 
Elizabeth Melnichuk Food Safety Manager 780 980-4872  Leduc 
Ellen Taylor Transportation and Logistics Policy Analyst 780 427-3082  Edmonton 
Emile Desnoyers Wildfire Technologist 780 524-8554  Valleyview 
Emily Olson Apiculture Inspector   Edmonton 
Emily Ironside Writer/Editor 780 427-2224  Edmonton 
Emmanuel Laate Senior Crop Economist 780 422-4054  Edmonton 
Emmanuel Broni Manager, Planning and Measurement 780 427-5003  Edmonton 
Emy Chan Scientist, Inorganic Chemist 780 427-8390  Edmonton 
Ennia Kabyn Revenue Analyst 780 422-4763  Edmonton 
Erica Samis Director 780 644-1734  Edmonton 
Erica Holm Animal Health Program Services Specialist 780 644-3247  Edmonton 
Erin Fraser Senior Reforestation Specialist 780 415-0027  Edmonton 
Erin Cook Area Forester 780 624-6491  Peace River 
Erin Beraskin Technologist, Molecular Biology 780 427-8277  Edmonton 
Erin Benson Meat Inspector 403 382-4261  Brooks 
Erin Collier Research Extension Coordinator - Crops 403 877-0953  Stettler 
Erinn Smith Research Technician 403 782-8690  Lacombe 
Erminia Guercio Section Administrator 780 422-7101  Edmonton 
Ervin Prommer Technologist, Inorganic Chemistry 780 422-0181  Edmonton 
Estelle Joyce Wildfire Logistics Coordinator 780 743-7293  Fort McMurray 
Esther Tolani Section Administrator 780 643-2241  Edmonton 
Etienne van Straaten Trade Development Officer - South Asia, Middle East Africa 780 638-9421  Edmonton 
Eugene Liu Geomatics Technologist 780 644-8901  Edmonton 
Eva Chow Scientist, TSE and Immunology 780 427-8339  Edmonton 
Evan Miller-Tait Trade Policy Analyst 780 422-1567  Edmonton 
Evan Buie International Initiatives Officer 780 422-7839  Edmonton 
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