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Wade Colwell Wildfire Technologist 403 844-5495  Rocky Mountain House 
Wally Zapisocki Meat Inspector 780 853-8113  Vermilion 
Wally Sawchuk Production Systems Technologist 403 381-5820  Lethbridge 
Walter Dunnewold Energy Management Engineer 403 948-1526  Airdrie 
Wanda Aubee Executive Director, Food Safety 780 641-9084  Edmonton 
Ward Henry Agricultural Technologist 403 381-5897  Lethbridge 
Wayne Werstiuk Wildfire Technologist 403 845-8341  Rocky Mountain House 
Wayne Lazaroff Senior Technologist, Molecular Biology 780 415-6543  Edmonton 
Wayne Takahashi Meat Inspector   Lethbridge 
Wei Wu Greenhouse Technologist 403 362-1319  Brooks 
Wendell Pozniak FireSmart Forest Management Specialist 780 644-7164  Edmonton 
Wendy Machan Information Specialist 780 427-1129  Edmonton 
Wendy Yeomans HR Specialist 780 422-4423  Edmonton 
Wendy Peach Cook 780 865-8255  Hinton 
Wendy Bouchard Administrative Support 780 865-8227  Hinton 
Wendy Grosfield Executive Advisor 780 422-1799  Edmonton 
Wendy McCormick Director 403 340-5306  Red Deer 
Wendy Wass Project Coordinator 780 427-4187  Edmonton 
Wes Nimco Wildfire Manager 780 675-8230  Athabasca 
Wiebe Buruma Environment Research Specialist 403 340-5375  Red Deer 
Wilf Hewlett Processing Technologist 780 980-4877  Leduc 
William Chapelsky Forest Officer 780 712-2175  Hinton 
William Betts Inspection Specialist - Athabasca 780 675-8227  Athabasca 
William Oag Meat Inspector Trainee 780 853-8235  Vermilion 
Winston Norton Warehouse Service Supervisor 780 491-3810  Edmonton 
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