Page 25 - Business Basics for Alberta Food Processors

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Food Processing
Do I need a permit or a license? All three levels of
government have legislated acts and regulations
dealing with food safety, packaging, labeling,
licensing and taxation.
General Municipal
Business Licensing
Most food processing businesses require a municipal
license. Fees vary depending on the specific
The licensing department will refer your application
to the local board of health, fire and police
departments for their approval.
As well, all businesses must conform to zoning and
by-law regulations designated by municipal
governments. Construction and leasehold
improvements require prior approval by the planning
and building departments as well as your local health
authority. Municipalities require a development
building permit prior to issuance of any business
Know your area’s zoning laws and obtain your
permits before you build or sign a lease.
Contact the building or planning department in your
municipality for information on the development
permit process and steps in applying for a business
Alberta Environment
Alberta Environment requires that most food
processing facilities be either approved or registered
with the government department.
Contact the approvals engineer in your region for
more information on the approval or registration
Lethbridge – 403-381-5322
Calgary – 403-297-7602
Red Deer – 403-340-7052
Edmonton – 780-427-7617
Grand Prairie – 780-538-5351
Food Safety Requirements
All food processors in Alberta are subject to the
Public Health Act
and the Food
Regulation (AR 31/2006), administered by Alberta
Health Services. An inspection of a food processing
facility by Alberta Health Services is required prior
to commencement of operations. A food sales permit
is also required and obtained from Alberta Health
Services. For further information, contact a public
health inspector at your local community health
services office.
Chinook Regional Health Authority, Lethbridge,
Palliser Regional Health Authority, Medicine Hat
office, 403-529-8042
Calgary Health Region, Calgary,