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30 minutes mist the produce with
water. The water will increase the
humidity around the produce which
will slow down wilting. Misting will
also cool the produce making it last
• Bring a couple of insulated coolers
to the market full of crushed ice
for leafy produce items. Sprinkle
a light covering of ice below each
layer of produce as you build your
displays. Ice is better than misting
because it will cool the produce
more and, as the ice melts, the
freezing water will prevent wilting
for a longer period of time.
- don’t mist or use
crushed ice on beans as it will
cause them to rust.
Create ambience
and give your stall
character and warmth. For example:
• Have an upright board where you
post pictures of your family and
your farm.
• If you are marketing preserves,
bring a couple of hutches that can
sit on a table to display several
rows of jams and jellies.
• Grow cut flowers and use them
to decorate your stall. They will
not only look attractive, but they
will draw people wanting to buy
cut flowers to your stall. There
are lots to choose from: gladiola,
snapdragons, dahlias, zinnias, etc.
• Paint your display tables a flat (no
gloss) darker colour like brown or
hunter green. If you have white
tables, consumers’ eyes will be
drawn to the table rather than the
products on it.
• If you use a table cloth, ensure it is
a dark colour with no pattern, which
can be distracting.
• Add character to your displays by
incorporating miniature bales of
straw. Buy a few extra because
people will want to purchase them
for decorating their own homes.
Product Offerings
Be unique
. Being the only source
for something helps build a loyal
customer base quickly at a farmers’
• If you grow strawberries, maybe
plant a few Cabot (a very
large fruited variety). Offer fall
raspberries, or multi-coloured
beets. Charge a premium for these,
but also have traditional varieties
as well.
table legs
Diagram 2: Cross-section of a display table, showing how a riser creates three