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Daina, Lynn   Area Information Coordinator 780 743-7265  Fort McMurray 
Dairo, Bola   Policy Researcher 780 422-5171  Edmonton 
Dalpe, Simone   Research Technologist 403 362-1348  Brooks 
Damert, Juliana   Mountain Pine Beetle Crew Member   Hinton 
Dancause, Darrell   Assistant Deputy Minister Strategy, Planning and Governance Division 780 415-8975  Edmonton 
Daniels, Greg   Senior Plant Pathology Technologist 403 362-1304  Brooks 
Davidson, Kathie   Pulse / Special CropsTechnologist 403 362-1341  Brooks 
Davies, Samantha   Wildfire Technologist 780 926-5403  High Level 
Davis, Cory   Provincial Wildfire Operations Coordinator 780 638-3850  Edmonton 
De Costa, Tammy   Land and Genetics Conservation Specialist 780 422-4550  Edmonton 
DeClercq, Susan   Executive Assistant 780 644-2707  Edmonton 
DeKinder, Raine   Greenhouse Assistant   Smoky Lake 
DeSmit, Dallas   Inspection Specialist - Lethbridge 403 381-5106  Lethbridge 
Degrazia, James   Wildfire Ranger 780 773-5473  Wabasca 
Dekens, Randy   Supervisor, Water Pumping Program 403 382-4511  Lethbridge 
Del Colle, Michele   Energy, Utilities and Policy Specialist 780 427-2350  Edmonton 
Deo, Ashwin   Technologist, Molecular Biology 780 427-8277  Edmonton 
Derry, Roland   Wildfire Technologist 780 523-6514  High Prairie 
Desilets, Stephan   Senior Inspection Officer 403 754-3810  Red Deer 
Desnoyers, Emile   Wildfire Technologist 780 524-8554  Valleyview 
Dessiye, Getachew   Senior Trade Policy Analyst 780 644-3783  Edmonton 
Detmers, Tim   Heavy Equipment Technician 403 382-4511  Lethbridge 
Dewar, Jacquie   Wildfire Ranger 780 268-5175  Whitecourt 
Dhital, Narayan   Forest Economics Policy Advisor 780 415-2590  Edmonton 
DiFiore, Patti   Wildfire Dispatch Supervisor 780 723-8931  Edson 
DiMaria, Aldo   Sr. AgroMeteorological Technologist - North 780 427-0511  Edmonton 
Diegel, Jennifer   Meat Inspector 403 948-8515  Airdrie 
Dietrich, Janet   Agri-Environmental Partnership (AEPA) General Manager 780 427-3629  Edmonton 
Diiwu, John   Forest Hydrology Specialist 780 422-4567  Edmonton 
Dijanovic, Snezana   Technologist, Food Microbiology 780 427-2452  Edmonton 
Dip, May   Senior Budget Analyst 780 422-5497  Edmonton 
Dittrich, Darlene   Director 780 427-6815  Edmonton 
Dobbie, Q.C., Peter J.   Farmers' Advocate and the Property Rights Advocate 780 644-5365  Edmonton 
Dober, Sue   Administrative Coordinator 780 415-9626  Edmonton 
Dobransky, Glenn   Provincial Timber Scaling Supervisor 780 644-5085  Edmonton 
Dobson, Clinton   Director, Innovation Agriculture Grants 780 638-2334  Edmonton 
Docherty, Cassandra   Agriculture Research Technician 780 203-1687  Edmonton 
Dodds, Peter   Research Technician   Lacombe 
Dodgson, Shelly Ann   4-H Specialist 780 853-8115  Vermilion 
Douglas, Jason   Grant Specialist 403 948-1520  Airdrie 
Downes, David   Wildfire Investigator 780 719-6431  Edmonton 
Honourable Dreeshen, Devin   Minister of Agriculture and Forestry 780 427-2137  Edmonton 
Dryer, Buck   Provincial Air Attack Officer 780 644-5517  Edmonton 
Dubitz, Trina   Pulse Research Technologist 403 782-8618  Lacombe 
Dublanko, Mikki   Biological Safety Officer/Senior Technologist, Safety and Services 780 644-5376  Edmonton 
Ducharme, Lynn   Wildfire Applications Specialist 780 427-0521  Edmonton 
Duering, Ava   Competitiveness Analyst 780 422-4170  Edmonton 
Duffy, Tricia   Executive Assistant 780 422-7401  Edmonton 
Duggan, Tim   Senior Data Management Technologist 403 782-8047  Lacombe 
Duncan, Michael   Mechanic 403 845-8258  Rocky Mountain House 
Dundas, Scott   Manager, Business Financial and Workforce Unit 403 556-4245  Olds 
Dunn, Christian   Provincial Telecommunications Technician 780 884-6935  Edmonton 
Dunnewold, Walter   Energy Management Engineer 403 948-1526  Airdrie 
Dwyer, Kevin   Forest Officer 403 297-4100  Calgary 
Dyck, Dean   Farm Business Management Specialist 403 742-7958  Stettler 
Dyer, Michael   Refurbishing Supervisor 780 491-3806  Edmonton 
Dysart, Brent   Planning Forester 780 643-6778  Edmonton 
de Herdt, Olivia   Apiculture Technician 780 644-8746  Edmonton 
deMilliano, Krista   Crop Assurance Extension Specialist 780 643-0702  Edmonton 
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