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Nalder, Derek   Information Systems Management Analyst 403 381-5889  Lethbridge 
Nanninga, Charlotte   Administrative Assistant 780 422-0288  Edmonton 
Nebo, Jesse   Vegetation Inventory Analyst 780 422-3476  Edmonton 
Dr. Neeser, Chris   Weed Research Scientist 403 362-1331  Brooks 
Neeser-Carazo, Raquel   Survey Technician   Brooks 
Neigel, Shane   Forest Economics Policy Advisor 780 644-9730  Edmonton 
Neitsch, Courtney   Administrative Assistant 780 415-1696  Edmonton 
Nelson, Virginia   Director 587 486-1010  Lethbridge 
Nelson, Mary Ann   Resource Agent 403 742-7901  Stettler 
Newman, Mark   Wildfire Management Specialist 780 743-7213  Fort McMurray 
Nguyen, Son   Food Safety Surveillance Specialist 780 644-1047  Edmonton 
Nguyen, Shelly   Trade and Relations Officer - Europe 780 422-7103  Edmonton 
Nibourg, Ted   Business Management Specialist 403 742-7566  Stettler 
Nicholson, Sean   Forest Officer 780 624-6150  Peace River 
Nimchuk, Nick   Section Head 780 427-8181  Edmonton 
Nimco, Wes   Wildfire Manager 780 675-8230  Athabasca 
Nitschelm, Jennifer   Director, Basin Water Management and Irrigation Secretariat 403 381-5796  Lethbridge 
Nitschelm, Jennifer   Director 403 381-5176  Lethbridge 
Nolan, Sheilah   Climate Change Specialist 780 427-3719  Edmonton 
Normand, Michelle   Investment Attraction Manager 780 644-5756  Edmonton 
Norton, Winston   Warehouse Service Supervisor 780 491-3810  Edmonton 
Dr. Novak, Susan   Executive Director, Animal Health and Assurance 780 643-2998  Edmonton 
Nucom, Mary Everlyn   Section Administrator 780 422-4175  Edmonton 
Dr. Nyachiro, Joseph   Plant Breeder Research Scientist 403 782-8692  Lacombe 
Nyandoro, Ronald   Plant Pathology Technologist 780 415-2316  Edmonton 
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