Agricultural Processing Industry Directory

Did you know that Alberta’s Agricultural Processing Industry Directory is the most comprehensive database of food processing industry and its associations in Alberta? 
It has been in publication for over 40 years and is extensively used by the business community, government agencies and other interested parties not only in Alberta but in Canada and internationally as well. 
The directory is available on line and updated every year in a pdf format. 
Why should you be included in the directory? 
  • It provides visibility that could lead to additional business opportunities, 
  • It is used as a resource for finding co-packers or establishing partnerships based on your business area or your plant or product unique attributes (e.g. Halal, Kosher, Organic), 
  • It provides an understanding of various business sectors and their sizes which various government agencies use for future programming or to determine extension activities that could benefit your business.
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Supplementary company or product information is defined as follows:
AFPA Member: company or organization is a member of the Alberta Food Processors Association.
Halal: indicates availability of meat products from animals slaughtered according to Islamic Rites.
Kosher: indicates Kosher product or Kosher version available. For more information on Kosher authenticity, please contact: Rabbi G. BROJGES | Orthodox Union – Kashruth Division, Cellular: 204-333-5878 | SKYPE: gbrojges | C300-123 Doncaster St., Winnipeg, MB Canada R3N 2B2.

Considerable effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the company listings and information shown and we regret any errors or omissions. The directory was prepared by the collation of information made available to the Rural Development Division of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and neither the Department nor any of its employees assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information. The listing of any company or product in this directory does not reflect an endorsement of the company or product by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

Requests for correction of this information or addition of new information may be directed to:
Ag Info Centre 310-3276