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You may want to try attending more
than one market at a time. The
advantage to multiple markets is:
• it gives you the opportunity to see
which market is best for you
• if you raise perishable items for
sale at market, you may need more
than one outlet to market all of your
• it allows you to spread any capital
costs you have made to attend
farmers’ markets over more market
Products and
Look at what is being sold at each
market you visit. If the market already
has five vendors selling strawberries
and you grow mostly strawberries, it
may be difficult for you to sell enough
volume to make it profitable.
Are the other vendors selling products
(strawberries) at a price that will make
you a profit if you were to sell at that
Market Customers
Look at the customers attending the
market. Would they be interested
in what you plan to grow? Are they
mostly young people with young
families or are they seniors? Is there
an ethnic group that you might be able
to service with unique products? Are
the customers “good spenders” who
buy in volume? Are they shopping for
price, or are they looking for the best
quality products?
Is there adequate parking close by, so
customers don’t have to walk too far
with their purchases?
Market Rules
Speak to the market manager to get a
copy of their rules. Ask if you would be
allowed to sell at their market. They
may have a rule saying five are all
they want selling a particular product
(e.g. strawberries).
See if you have to grow everything
you sell. Some markets are strict
about this while others are more