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Bryconn Dev. Inc.   Ardrossan, AB Phone:  780-922-3586 
53066, Rge. Rd. 215
Ardrossan, AB    T8E 2E5
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Phone:  780-922-3586    Fax: 780-922-5800    Toll Free:  N/A   [email]   
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
President/Production: Arnie  Morris
General Manager/Sales: Shirley  Morris
Products:   Fresh Quail Eggs (Table Ready), Fertilized Eggs, Breeding Stock   
Brands:   Bryconn Dev. Inc.   
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Kastelen Sausage & Fine Meats   Ardrossan, AB Phone:  780-922-5322 
21339 Twp. Rd. 524
Ardrossan, AB    T8G 2G2
Phone:  780-922-5322    Fax: 780-922-5325    Toll Free:  N/A   [email]   
# of Employees:  1 to 25   
Owners: John & Susan  Kastelen
Products:   Custom Slaughter, Custom Cut & Wrap, Custom Meat Processing, Various Sausage, Pepperoni, Smokies, Hamburger Patties, Bison Products, Smoked Meats, Strudels, Ukrainian Food (Perogies, Cabbage Rolls, Dry Garlic Ribs, Hot Wings)   
Brands:   Kastelen Sausage   
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