Livestock Applications & Tools

Alberta Farm Input Prices Monthly survey of prices of farm inputs including presentation of survey results in graphical and tabular formats over a five year period.
Ammonia Emissions Estimator This calculator provides an approximation of ammonia emission based upon currently available information from USDA NRCS Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook and LPES Lesson 21: Manure Storage Structures.
Ammonia Losses from Liquid Manure Applications Calculator This calculator estimates of whole-farm ammonia emissions suggest that as much as 35% of the total ammonia emissions may occur during land application of manure depending on manure characteristics and environmental conditions.
Average Daily and Annual Water Requirements The average daily and annual water requirement numbers can be used for estimating the amount of water used on a farm.
MMP V0.310 Software This software helps producers make manure nutrient decisions based on livestock operation, storage capacity, application equipment, landbase, soil test results and crop selection.
Manure Composting Calculator This calculator determines the amount of carbon source material and water needed to create a good compost mix. The calculator is primarily intended for manure composting, however it can be used for other materials as well.
Manure Transportation Calculator This calculator can be used to determine the net impact of using (transporting and applying) manure or chemical fertilizer as a nutrient source in selected fields under different rotational systems.
Nutrient Loading Calculator (NLC) for In-Field or Extensive Livestock Winter Feeding Systems It is designed to help land managers plan detailed feed and cow management strategies to achieve an acceptable or target animal unit density per acre based on appropriate nutrient additions in the field.
Rural Water Quality Information Tool This on-line tool assesses the quality and suitability of raw water sources for livestock, irrigation or mix water for chemical spraying.
Valuing Feeds On Moisture Content This calculator will enable you to determine the adjusted weight or adjusted nutrient content when moisture content of a sample changes.

BeefAIChoice BeefAIChoice is a spreadsheet based partial budgeting program that allows you to compare the expected results from the use of synchronization and artificial insemination (AI) with that of natural service for a beef herd.
Beef Feed Value Calculator This calculator can help you to price livestock feeds based on both energy and protein content. Depending on feed ingredient proportions of digestible energy and crude protein, feeds can be priced based on the contributions they make to the ration.
CowProfit$ CowProfit$ is designed as a starting point for producers to develop and use their own basic cost and returns profiles with the main emphasis on cow herd.
Creep Feeding Calculator This calculator is intended to assist producers to determine whether creep feeding will be economically beneficial to the operation. Often, the decision is based solely on "the weight gain" expected. This calculator will show the economic gain expected.
Feeding Systems Cost Evaluator This calculator compares the costs, on a dry matter basis, of: pit silage, bagged silage, bale silage, and dry hay. It calculates the costs from a standing crop to animal-ready product in the yard, factoring in standing crop value, equipment costs as well as field and storage losses.
Swath Grazing Calculator The Swath Grazing Calculator is designed to provide a cost comparison between conventional wintering feeding systems and swath grazing.
Barley Silage Calculator This calculator enables you to calculate the value of a barley crop as standing greenfeed and provides a value for the silage.
Beef Breed Investment Calculator This calculator computes the NPV value for a breeding beef female.

Barley Energy for Swine Calculator This calculator enables you to determine the Barley Digestible Energy and Amino Acids for Swine Feed
Hog Shipping Evaluator The Hog Shipping Evaluator allows farm managers to evaluate their shipping effectiveness based on the weight distribution and average index of the hogs shipped. It is available for free download from this web page.
Wheat Energy for Swine Calculator This calculator enables you to determine the Wheat Digestible Energy and Amino Acids for Swine Feed